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The Best Made Plans
of Mice and Men

This page is provided to link all of available information together on debate.

David Loserman's:Ten Quotes to Use in Your Next Speech(es)

(1) Logic is NOT a form of evidence.
(2) That guy's no expert; he's simply a journalist.
(3) Do you have any evidence to prove that?
(4) My partner will bring that up!
(5) Are we supposed to believe the best minds in government can't come up with something as good as you, a couple of kids.
(6) Since I think they didn't hear us before, let me repeat...
(7) Wouldn't you agree that....?
(8) My opinion doesn't matter!
(9) How does this effect them in Bhutan?
(10) Yokota (BBS?) Debaters always come up with the most outrageous plans.

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Source Materials:
Mailroom: Email Members Past and Present
A Quick Intro to Debate
The Kanto Plains' Rulebook
The Kuwait Rulebook
A Quick Intro to Debate Judging
Additional Debate Prep Materials including "How to Write a Debate Plan"
Intro to Debate for Middle Schooler

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