Places That Awarded
Me With a Degree

(And Have the Money $to Prove It)!

These are the colleges that have awarded me with the many degrees I now hold. Most graduates would say they owe everything to their universities. Thankfully, I don't, and that's why a lot of them have the funds to build new buildings!

Albion College gave me my first degree, a B.A. in English and history. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Mu Alpha, and a bunch of other acronyms. I would still recommend it to anyone I know, but it's not cheap.

Indiana University awarded me my first master's degree in English. It's a good school.

Cal State-Dominquez helped me to earn the first half of my MS (master of science) in education. Forget Cal State-LA, this is the real pride of the Cal State system.

Troy State University allowed me to finish my master's at Yokota Air Force Base. Professors were professional and helpful. However, I should say that I couldn't find a decent picture on their website, so this is from a branch campus.

Central Texas College awarded me my "hackers' degree," an A.S. in microcomputer program system analysis. I liked the fact that classes gave a good mix of theory and application. Generally, I'm only offering Stateside websites, but the one is Texas is either unreachable or incredibly slow, so this is the Pacific site.

The University of Maryland allowed me to take more computer classes and consolidate the mass into a B.S. in computer studies.

Oklahoma University awarded me my second master's degree, an MPA, a master's in public administration. If you actually go there (not just an extension as I did), it's something of a bargain compared to schools further east.

Boston University will hopefully present me with an E.D. (educational doctorate) in two years. ISTI students or fellow scholars if you want to exchange papers and resources email me at Boston as I'm there every summer. If that doesn't work, write to my main address. With the money I'm paying, they're liable to donate a building to me or at least anoter wall, a brick wall or at least....

another brick
in the wall.

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