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The following appeared in the Kuwait Times

Kuwait Debate League Season Ends With Al-Bayan Victory

The Kuwait Debate League season ended just as it began almost three months ago with Al-Bayan (BBS) students Saoud Al-Sabah and Abdullah Al-Mdaires on stage debating. This particular match, however, determined the Kuwait national championship, and Al-Bayan proved victorious, winning their fourth national championship in the six years of the League's existence and fighting off an extremely strong challenge from arch-rivals, Fahaheel Wataniyieh Indian Private School, who came in a very strong second.

The Kuwait Debate League invites the best English-curriculum schools, whether English or American, bilingual or monolingual, Pakistani or Indian, CBSE, EMAC, ISAAC, or KFSAC to participate in American-style policy debates. Over seventy schools received invitation to participate in the League of which only five schools answered the challenge. Commented League founder and Coordinator Dr. Daniel R. Fruit:

"Policy debating is probably the ultimate academic challenge. It says a lot that certain schools can and will debate every single year. I feel sad that so many schools feel either incapable of or uninterested in participating at this academic level, but I guess that's a safe choice."

FAIPs' Sonal in a typically florid gesture.

In the preliminary rounds which included three squads form each participating school, Al-Bayan Bilingual School won more points than any other school. This set the stage whereby FAIPS needed to win the final match on both judges' scoring sheets to come from behind and win, yet the team of Mdaires and Al-Sabah overcame the efforts of FAIPS final match team of Sonal Sharma and Manu Hegde. The BBS A team of Mdaires and Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa also claimed the top squad award. Mdaires came in second among all debaters while B team debater Sarah Fakhral-Deen came in fourth.

FAIPS hauled home a high number of awards. The FAIPS B team of Vineeth Valsan and Shubhangi Nayak came in second among all squads while FAIPS A team of Hegde and Sharma came in first. Sharma placed the highest among all speakers while Hegde came in third. FAIPS also wracked up the second best record in the League after BBS.

Manu emphasizes a point.

BBS's JV team also won its own national championship. The squads of Ahmad Abdulmugni and Mishal Karam and Dana Khader and Sulaiman Al-Khaled posted equal records, but the former squad outscored the latter by 1/2 speaker points. Karam earned the top speaker award while Al-Khaled came in second. No other school contested the JV championship. Concluded Fruit:

"I can't think of a more challenging academic activity than policy debating. BBS and FAIPS well-earned their awards today, and I congratulate them on their success.

Junior Varsity Results 2006

Top School

BBS Varsity wins by Default

Junior Varsity Rankings By Squad
1. JV 1 Mishal/Ahmad 1 point, 48.5 average
2. JV 2 Dana/Sulaiman 1 point, 48.0 average

Junior Varsity Debaters Ranked by Score
1. Mishal Karam 25.5
2. Sulaiman Al-Khaled 24.5
3. Dana Khader 23.5
4. Ahmad Abdulmugni 23.0


Round 1
BBS A Mdaires/Mutawa tie FAIPS A: Manu/Sharma
FAIPS B Vineeth/Shubhangi defeat BBS B: Sara/Mays
BBS C: Saoud/Zaid defeat FAIPS C: Rahul/Ritika
BBS JV1Mishal/Ahmad defeat JV2 Dana/Sulaiman

Round 2
BBS A Mdaires/Mutawa defeat FAIPS A: Manu/Sharma
BBS B Sara/Mays tie FAIPS B: Vineeth/Shubhani
BBS C: Saoud/Zaid defeat FAIPS C: Rahul/Ritika
BBs JV2Dana/Sulaiman defeat BBS JV1Mishal/Ahmed

Preliminary Results
1 BBS Varsity 19
2 FAIPS 13
Mdaires criticizes the FAIPS plan.

Final debate

BBS Saoud/Mdaires defeat FAIPS A: Manu/Sharm both ballots.

Sonal queries Mdaires.

An evidence confrontation.

Award Winners = numbers 1-4
Top Speakers points
1 Sonal Sharma 24.6
2 Abdullah Mdaires 24.3
3 Manu Hedge 22.9
4 Sarah Fakrhral-Deen 22.1
4 Zaid Al-Marzuq 27.5
4 Saoud Al-Sabah 27
6 Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa 19.3
8 Shubhangi Nayak 18.9
9 Vineeth Valsan 18.9
10 Mays Abdulaziz 17.4
11 Rahul Ramchandran 15.3
12 Ritika Singh 15

Top debater: Sonal.

Sonal and Mdaires in a confrontation.

(points and speaker average)
Award winners=1-3
1 BBS_A 12 84: Mdaires/Aziz
2 FAIPSB 09 74: Veneeth/Shubhangi
3 FAIPSA 04 89.5: Manu/Sonal
4 BBS_C 04 109: Saoud/Zaid
5 BBS_B 03 81.5: Sarah/Mays
6 FAIPSC 00 81: Rahul/Ritika
1 BBS: Saoud/Mdaires 2 ballots; 102 points
2 FAIPS: Manu/Sonal 0 ballots; 88 points

The Bayan team takes possesion of the trophy.

The trophy will stay at BBS this year anyway.