The Kuwait Debate League
Year 2007 Season

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This year's anthem:
"You Load 16 Tons."

BBS Will Host the SIXTH Annual Kuwait Debate League

Al-Bayan Bilingual School proudly hosts the Kuwait Debate League. Again, the debate league invites all English language curriculum schools within Kuwait to attend and participate in its upcoming season which will culminate in the combined BIT/KFSAC Kuwait junior varsity and varsity championship.

This Season's Resolution

"Resolved that the United States should subtantially change its policy towards energy."

Click here on Energy for an introductory reading.

A Shortlist of Acceptable Debatable Subareas
for Plans within this Larger Topic

1. Alternative forms of energy
2. Political Energy Policies
3. Conservation
4. Increased Supply

1. Nuclear power generation 2. Conflicts with specific nations over oil supply
1. Iraq except in terms of oil
If you're not sure about a topic, email me.

This Season's Schedule

Jan 31 (We) BBS KDL Sample Debate
Feb 07 (We) BBS KDL Practice Week 1
Feb 21 (We) BBS KDL Practice Week 2
Mar 07 (We) BBS KDL Practice Week 3 (Alternative Week)
Mar 14 (Th) BBS In-School Debate Tourn
M 19 or 20 (M/T)BBS KDL Practice Week 4
Apr 13-14(WTh) BBS KDL/BIT Tournament
May 16-17(WTh) BBS Pearl-MUN

Tournament Rules for 2007 (continued)

The following were adopted in 2004 and tried in the League that year. Coaches will have the option of voting to continue them or discontinue them.

(1) Tournament Match Scoring

At the meeting, the coaches adopted an altered form of scoring for the tournament. Each school's "A," "B" etc. team will be put in a pool of similarly designated teams. Points for matches then will be awarded as follows (in the event of a split ballot, each team would get half).
1. A team matches = 8 points
2. B team matches = 6 points
3. C team matches = 4 points
4. D team matches = 2 point

(2) Junior Varsity Tournament Age limit

The junior varsity age limit for the tournament would be set at 16. During the regular season, as in the past, varsity and j.v. squads will intermix. However, any school totally new to the League can participate as a junior varsity team regardless of the age of the students involved.

(3) Debate off

This will be retained for this season.

Maps to Al-Bayan Bilingual School Hawally

Note that our elementary and KG are still in Jabriya. That's NOT where we're debating. Within a year, the entire Al-Bayan school will be located at Hawally. This is why you'll see so much construction on our site, but the high school IS open.

A map of Hawally and BBS.

Another view

You're Never Too Young:
Middle School Debates

Some schools have expressed interest in Middle School Debates. These will likely follow generally-accepted rules, except with shorter speeches, say 5 minutes instead of 8 and 3 minute rebuttals

The topic selected for Middle Schools is:

Resolved: That the United States school substantially change its policy towards Iran.

For a reading I prepared specifically for Middle Schools click here.

Schools interested in participating in this activity should email me at dfruit@hotmail.comdirectly.


All will appear here eventually.


See also the BIT 2006 page.

Did you NEED to know more? Email me at