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The 2002 Season

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Returning Team members:

In a way, it makes no sense to list the debate team members since they so varied by event. Hence, I'll list them with each event.

BSKIAC, The Kuwait Schools Debate Championship

This was BBS's first experience with "world style" (British style) debate. Altogether six students participated in the effort:

Abdullah Al Sayer
Abdullah Bourhamah
Latifa Ben Essa
Nabil Al Khaled
Nouf Al Fraih
Saad Al Ghawas
Talal Al Rashoud

From this group, Saad and Nabil became the team chosen to represent BBS while Abdullah Al Sayer and Abdullah became the BBS "B" team. While the "Abdullahs" lost to BSK, Abdullah Al Sayer earned a lot of positive recognition.

Saad debates against FAIPS.

Nabil debates.

FAIPS team in action.

Abdullah defends child labor.

Abdullah answers BSK.

BSK: Eventual tournament winners

Nabil and Saad made it past the first "group of four into the second round." However, they didn't advance beyond that point, losing an interesting match to BSK which the judges scored a bit less close than the audience.

Nabil tells BSK: "Don't give me some shallow economic concept..."

Saad thinks he has the judges sold.

Subsequently, Latifa and Nouf debated against Abdullah Bourhamah and Talal Al Rashoud at BBS. While the judges (Mr. Jihad and I) thought Latifa and Nouf won, the audience of students thought the girls won.

1. BSK A 378
2. KES A 362
3. FAIPS A 356
4. BBSA 351 (Saad/Nabil)
5. BSK JV 347
6. GES A 339
7. NES A 336
8. BBS B 333 (Abdullah Al Sayer/Abdullah Bourhamah)
BSK 185
KES 182
BBS 170 Saad/Nabil

1. BSK
2. KES


Talal/Abdullah defeat Latifa/Nouf


This event took the place of the EMAC tournament. While ASK invited all of the BIT schools, only BBS attended along with ASK and AIS.

The event debated the resolution: "Resolved that the tobacco companies should take responsibility for the the health effects of smoking."

This involved four different squads:
(1) Latifa Ben Essa and Nouf Al Fraih (3-0)
(2) Hessa Malallah and Khaled Shahroor(1-2)
(3) Sarah Al Dukair and Yousef Dashti (2-1)
(4) Abdullah Bourhamah and Bader Al Tukhaim (0-3)
and substitutes: Nada Al Abduljader and Abdullah Asousi

BBS came in second among debate schools. ASK came in first with records as follows:

ASK 8-4
BBS 6-6
AIS 1-5

Had BBS won a single match more, it would've tied ASK. As it was, two absent students essentially cost BBS its chance by throwing two squads into disarray. Latifa and Nouf's squad, however, came through the tournament with the best record, undefeated. Further, Latifa came in second place in oratory.

The entire ASKIAC group

Latifa preparing her oratory.


2002 KDL Season

For BBS, the season marked a progressive transition from older debaters to younger debaters. At the beginning of the season, seniors Saad and Nabil started out the season and, later, Mustafa and Abdullah Al Sayer debated also. At different points, Nouf, Latifa, Ghazi, and Yousef, juniors as well as Abdullah Bourhamah and Sarah Al Dukair all debated before withdrawing for various reasons. Talal Al Rashoud, however, debated from first debate to last debate, coming in decimal points away from first place among all debaters and spearheading the BBS efforst. During the course of the season, BBS made an attempt at having a debate club. Irregular meetings and conflicts with other activities eventually cancelled this.

Meanwhile a group of new freshmen gradually learned how to debate. At first, they debated as the "jv team," but by the end of the KDL season, debaters such as Saja Fakhal-Deen, Khaled Al Rubei, Amna Al Sager, Zaineb Al Mousa and, especially, Hamad Al Essa, emerged as strong debaters.

Despite the many changes in personnel, BBS established itself as "the" team to beat during the regular season. Apparently Talal could win with just about anyone. Further, from a fairly shaky start, the JV emerged, eventually, as the third strongest team in the KDL. This proved important as the best members of the junior varsity would earn promotion and debate in the varsity tournament.

To read all about the KDL, click here,

Sarah adds the scores.

Scrimmage Matches
BBSJV Mohd/Hamad defeat BBS JV Sarah/Manal
BBSJV Alaa/Nasser defeat BBS JV Sajah/Khaled
BBSJV Amna/Zaineb defeat BBS JV Muneera/Shaima

Sample Debate
BBSV Talal/Latifa defeat Yousef/Ghazi

The sample debated pitted Yousef and Ghazi (from the newspaper)

....against (winners) Latifa and Talal

Week One

Round 1
BBSV Yousef/Ghazi defeat GES 2 Safayet/Haitham
BBSJV Khaled/Sajaa defeat GES 1 Abdulhameed/Raitham
BBS JV Mohd/Hamad defeat ESF 1
BBSV Saad/Nabil defeat BBSJV Manal/Sarah
GES 2 Haithm/Safayet defeat ESF 2 Hassan/Fatima
BBSV Talal/Latifa defeat BBSJV Alaa/Nasser
Round 2
ESF 1 defeat BBSV Saad/Nabil
BBSV Talal/Latifa defeat ESF2 Hassan/Fatima
BBSJV Mohd/Hamad defeat BBSJV Amna/Zaineb
GES 2 Safayat/Haithem defeat BBSJV Shaima/Muneera
BBSJV Mohd/Hamad defeat GES 1 Abdulhameed/Raithem

Sample Debate Number Two
BBSV Nouf/Abdullah defeat Hamad/Moh'd

Week Two

Round 1
GES 1: Raitham/Abduhameed (a) defeat BBSJV Shaima/Muneera
GES 2: Safayet/Haitem defat BBSJV Mohd/Hamad
BBSJV Nasser/Allah defeat BBSV Abdullah/Nouf
GES 4: Saeed/Caroline defeat BBSJV Saja/Khaled (close)
BBSV Sarah/Talal defeat BBSJV Manal/Sarah
BBSV Mustafa/Abdullah defeat BBSJV Amna/Zaineb
Round 2
GES 1: Rosham/Abdulhameed (n) defeat BBS Talal/Sarah (close)
BBS V: Mustafa/Abudullah defeat GES 3: Dana/Yasmeen
BBSV: Abdullah/Nouf defeat GES 4: Caroline/Saeed

Week Three

Round 1
BBSV3: Mustafa/Abdullah defeat GES2: Safayet Haithem
BBSJV4: Amna/Zaineb defeat GES3: Dana/Yasmeen
BBSJV3: Alaa/Nasser defeat BBSJV5: Sarah/Manal
BBSV1: Talal and Talal defeat BBS JV2: Sajah/Khaled
BBSJV1: Mohammad/Hamad defeat BBSJV6: Muneera/Shaima
Round 2
BBSJV1: Mohammad/Hamad defeat GES3: Dana/Yasmeen
BBSV1: Talal/Bader defeat GES2: Safayet/Haithem
BBSV3: Mustafa/Abdullah defeat BBSJV2: Khaled/Sajaa
BBSJV3: Alaa/Nasser defeat BBSJV4: Amna/Zaineb
BBSJV6: Muneera/Shaima defeat BBSJV5: Manal/Sarah

Week Four

Round 1
GES1: Abdul/Abdulhameen defeat FAIPS1: Anirud/Anjali
BBSJV: Alaa/Nasser defeat GES3: Dana/Yasmeen
GES4: Caroline/Saad defeat NES Abdul/Bilal
BBSV1: Bader/Talal defeat: ICS1: Sara/Rosita
BBSJV: Saja/Khaled defeart ICS2: Tahara/Sara
BBBS2: Nouf/Abdullah defeat ICS3: Aahrar/Evelyn
BBSJV: Manal/Sarah defeat BBSJV: Amna/Zaineb
Round 2
GES1: Raithem/Abdullah defeat ICS2: Tahara/Sara
BBSJV: Manal/Sarah defeat NES
BBSJV: Khaled/Saja defeat BBS3: Abdullah/Nouf
BBSJV: Amna/Zaineb defeat FAIPS1: Anirudh/Galatin
BBSJV: Alaa/Nasser defeat GES4: Saaed/Caroline
BBSV: Sara/Talal defeat FAIPS2: Adiya/Gayatin
GES3: Dana/Yasmeen defeat ICS3: Ashrar/Evelyn


The In-School Tournament

Probably the most exciting of the In-School tournaments of the past three years, this event served as a 9th grade championship as well as selecting the tournament team for the BIT. Ms. Carol Al Awadi and Mr. Dan judged on a very long Thursday. The varsity match proved something of an anti-climax. Mustafa's workman-like performance as a negative exposed some of the weaknesses of Talal/Latifa's plan and showed the work needed before the tournament.

The junior varsity portion of the event featured four squads (Saja/Khaled, Hamad/Mohammad, Amna/Zaineb, and Alaa and Nasser) of roughly equal abilities. Further, as these ninth graders knew, the top students would get to debate in the varsity, not the junior varsity, BIT. While Mohammad and Hamad emerged as the winners of their half of the draw, Amna and Zaineb put in a very strong performance in the other draw. This set the stage for a dramatic battle.

The girls plan, eliminating Germ Line Gene Therapy, proved to have more going for it than the negative could destroy in 20 minutes. Amna and Zaineb won. Zaineb, Amna, Hamad, and Saja claimed the top four speaker awards.

JV/Varsity Intra-School Tournament
Draw 1:
JV2: Mohd/Hamad defeat JV5: Manal/Sarah
JV3: Sajaa/Khaled defeat JV5: Manal/Sarah
JV2: Mohd/Hamad defeat JV3: Khaled/Sajaa

Draw 2:
JV1: Alaa/Nasser defeat JV6: Muneera/Shaima
JV4: Amna/Zaineb defeat JV6: Muneera/Shaima
JV4: Amna/Zaineb defeat JV1: Alaa/Nasser

Varsity Final
V2: Mustafa/Sajaa defeat V1: Alaa/Talal

JV Final
JV4: Amna/Zaineb defeat JV2: Mohd/Hamad

Top Speakers JV
1. Zaineb Al Mousa
2. Amna Al Sager
3. Hamad Al Essa
4. Saja Fakhral-Deen

Top Squads
1. Amna/Zaineb
2. Mohammad/Hamad
3. Saja/Khaled
4. Alaa/Nasser
5. Manal/Sarah
6. Muneera/Shaima

Top Speakers Varsity
1. Mustafa Malaki
2. Talal Al Rashoud

The 2002 BIT

The BIT lived up to its reputation as one of the most exciting events BBS sponsors. After the second round, as per usual, it appeared BBS might not even make the final, but hard-fought wins by the A and C teams put BBS ahead of arch-rival GES, but a single point behind the surprizingly good FAIPS team.

The junior varsity team, composed of Alaa Al Farra/Nasser Al Aujan and Manal Al Musallam/Sara Abu-Saleh kept the jv championship at BBS. Sarah (1st) and Manal (2nd) claimed the top squad and speaker awards as well.

The finals found BBS in the unfamiliar position of needing to come from behind to win. FAIPS's A team debated a familiar plan: GM foods. BBS put up a tough negative, but it didn't prove enough to convince both judges, the requirement for winning. FAIPS claimed a split ballot, which won them the tournament.

BBS came in second. Still, it came in a close second. A single judges' vote in the finals would've won the tournament. Further, had BBS even split one more of its preliminary matches, it would've come in first in the preliminaries and, hence, won the finals with the same split ballot. The team of Hamad Al Essa (6th among speakers) and Talal Al Rashoud (2nd) claimed the second best squad award. Talal missed the top speaker award by .2. All of the team tried their hardest and made the school proud.

Sarah Al Dukair and Bader Al Tukhaim deserve some special recognition. Sarah served as student organizer and, at times, debated. In fact, she did a little of everything. Bader assisted her.

To read all about the BIT, click here,

Saja and Khaled relax before a match.

Hamad prepares to debate.

Hamad cross-examines FAIPS.

Talal debates FAIPS.

Talal cross-examines FAIPS.

Seriously considering the tournament finals

Dr. Lance congratulates BBS on second place.

Manal and Sarah came in first in JV.

Bader worked for the KDL.

Sarah talks on the phone.

The team at the end: Alaa Al Farrah, Saja Fakhral-Deen, Nasser Al Aujan, Khaled Al Rubei, Shaima Watami, Hamad Ben Essa, Sarah Abu-Saleh, Tal Al Rashoud, (front): Zaineb Al Mousa, Amna Al Sager, Muneera Al Nibbarri, Manal Al Musallam, Sirene Saddedin (judge), and Mohammad Al Sager (front)


Preliminary Round 1

BBSA: Talal/Hamad defeat ICA: Sara/Amanda
GESA: AbdulHameed/Roshan split with FAIPSA: Anjali/Anirudh
FAIPSB: Adiya/Gatri defeat GESB: Safayet/Haithem
GEC: Dana/Yasmeen defeat BBSC2: Alaa/Nasser

Preliminary Round 2

FAIPSA: Anjali/Anirudh defeat: BBSA Talal/Hamad
GESA: AbdulHameed/Roshan defeat: ICA: Sara/Amanda
BBSB: Amna/Zaineb defeat: FAIPSB Aditya/Gaytri
BBSJV2: Manal/Sarah defeat: BBSJV1: Alaa/Nasser

Preliminary Round 3

BBSA: Talal/Hamad defeat: AbdulHameed/Roshan
FAIPSA: Anirudh/Anjali defeat: ICSA: Sara/Amanda
GESB: Safayet/Haithem defeat: BBSB: Amna/Zaineb
BBSC: Saja/Khaled defeat: GESC: Yasmeen/Dana


BBSA: Talal/Hamad defeat: GESA: AbdulHameed/Raithem


FAIPSA: Anirudh/Anjali tie: BBSA: Talal/Hamad
Due to the tie, FAIPS wins since it had the better record.

Season Records by Squad

BBS Varsity
V1: Mustafa/Abdullah 5-0
V2: Talal/partners 11-3
V3: Nouf/Abdullah B. 3-2
V4: Yousef/Ghazi 1-2
V5: Saad/Nabil 1-1
TOTAL = 21-8, discounting scrimagges (2) = 19-6

BBSJV (parenthesis are non-scrimmages)
JV1: Alaa/Nasser 6-4 (3-2)
JV2: Moh'd/Hamad 7-3 (3-2)
JV3: Amna/Zaineb 7-5 (3-3)
JV4: Sajaa/Khaled 5-5 (4-2)
JV5: Manal/Sarah 3-7 (1-2)
JV6: Muneera/Shaima 1-6 (0-2)
TOTAL = 22-23, discounting scrimmages = 14-11

Team Rankings
1. BBSV = 19-6 75%
2. GESV = 9-7-1 56%
3. BBSJV = 14-11 56%
4. FAIPS = 3-5-1 38%
5. GES JV = 4-8 33%
6. ESF = 1-3 25%
7. ICS = 0-8 0%
8. NES = 0-2 0%

Thank you to the following people for assisting BBS:

Adminstrative help:
Dr. Lance, school director
Mr. Jihad, high school principal
Ms. Debbie McIntosh, middle school principal

Joan Dunne
Jason Hunt
Nehme Kourani
Tina Lancor

The BBS PTA, including
Ms. Laila
Ms. Lamia
Ms. Janelle

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