The Kuwait Debate League
Year 2000 Season

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A map of Hawally and BBS.

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The New League Begins!

The Kuwait Debate League started its first season with an enthusiastic group of schools, coaches, and judges. For all, it proved to be a learning experience as Kuwait began its first concerted approach to policy debates.

Before the season opened, league coordinator Daniel R. Fruit made a concerted attempt to recruit schools and acquaint them with policy debate. To that end, he attended the KFSAC Fine Arts Coordinators' meeting and attempted to get schools involved in the new league. He also hosted a seminar at the PEAK conference at which he taught other schools about American-style policy debates. In addition, he circulated tapes of BBS' team the previous year.

Week One: Coaches Meeting and Sample Debate ****************************************************

BBS hoped for a better turn-out, but Gulf English School, Universal American School, and English School for Girls all attended this sample debate. BBS debaters Saad al Ghawas, Mustafa Malaki, Nabil al Khaled, and Mohammad Fakraldeen all took time away from Model United Nations THIMUN preparations in order to provide the debate. Universal American School's David Reid provided judging along with co-ordinator Daniel Fruit. The debate proved a lot hotter than antipicated as both squads proved well-prepared despite the short time available to get ready. Saad and Mustafa prevailed, a pattern that would continue through their undefeated season. Both judges concurred that they had won though a close debate.

After this initial debate, the coaches and judges met to discuss the schedule and other matters. At this meeting, they set the format for the BIT, Bayan Invitational Tournament. They also decided that ASK, despite not participating in the BIT, would qualify for all awards, including that of overall winner.

Week Two: Intra-School Debates Begin ****************************************************

Both Universal American School and English School for Girls elected to observe this first week, rather than to debate. This left BBS and GES. Gulf English School's team of Altaf and Dina established themselves as a force by defeated BBS for the first (but not the last time). However, BBS won a majority of its matches and set itself as "the team to beat" for this season.

Week Three: Intra-School Debates Conclude ****************************************************

Universal American School entered the fray for the first time. BBS continued to dominate the league, winning, again, the majority of its matches. GES's team of Dina and Altaf continued to make progress, again defeating BBS squads. UAS didn't win a match this week but gained some valuable experience that they would exploit, to good effect, in the tournament to come.

Season Records: Kuwait Debate League*

Overall Records*

1. BBS 8-3 72.7%
2. GES 3-5 37.5%
3. UAS 0-3 0.0%
(*This does not include BBS intra-murals or a match or one or two where BBS never received a final ballot).

Rankings by Squad (this excludes BBS intramural)

1. BBS: Mustafa/Saad 2-0 (4-0 overall).
2. GES: Dina/Altaf 3-1
2. BBS: Mohd/Ghazi 2-0
4. BBS: Nabil/Abudllah 1-0
4. BBS: Nabil/Shadi 1-0
4. BBS: Saad/Abdullah 1-0
7. BBS: Nouf/Hessa 1-0
8. GES: Nadina/Sally 0-1
8. BBS: Mais/Maryem 0-1
8. BBS: Adel/Besma 0-1
8. BBS: Nada/Mais 0-1
8. UAS: Dina/Onaisa 0-1
13. UAS: Nola/Hamad 0-2
14. GES: Sally/Refria 0-3

Week One*

*In all matches, the WINNER is on the left.
(BBS)Saad/Mustafa-> Nabil Mohammad(BBS)

Week 2

Round One
(BBS) Shadi/Nabil->Nadine/Sally (GES)
(GES) Dina/Altaf->Mais/Mariam (BBS)
(BBS) Saad/Mustafa->Adel/Besma (BBS)

Round Two
(BBS) Saad/Abudllah ->Dina/Altaf (GES)
(BBS)Adel/Besma->Mariam/Nada (BBS)
(BBS)Nouf/Hessa->Sally/Refria (GES)

Week 3

Round One
(BBS) Mohd/Ghazi-> Hamad/ Nola (UAS)
(GES) Dina/Altaf->Nada/Mais (BBS)
(BBS) Abdullah/Nabil->Sally/Refria (GES)
(BBS) Saad/Mustafa-> Dina/Onaisa(UAS)

Round Two
(GES) Dina/Altaf-> Adel/Besma (BBS)
(BBS) Nouf/Hessa-> Mariam/Nada (BBS)
(BBS) Mohd/Ghazi->Hamad/Nola (UAS)
(BBS) Saad/Mustafa-> Sally/Refria (GES)

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