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BBS Hosts Second Annual Kuwait Debate League

Al-Bayan Bilingual School Proudly hosted the second annual Kuwait Debate League (KDL) Season. It was a season that saw expansion and exciting conclusion. Below is a map to BBS, site of this year's KDL.
A map of Hawally and BBS.

Another view


At the first coaches meeting in November, the KDL adopted the rule changes below. In summary, they bring KDL practice closer to that of stateside norms.

(1) The maximum length for constructive speeches is eight minutes.
(2) The maximum length for rebuttals is four minutes.
(3) Counterplans are now allowed.
(4) Each tournament judge mustjudge once prior to the tournament.
(5) Schools new to debate or the league can choose to enter a "j.v. division" for the tournament only.


The Kuwait Debate League opened its second season at BBS. BBS principal, Mr. Jihad, gave a brief opening speech followed by a longer speech by league coordinator, Daniel R. Fruit. Mr. Fruit's speech emphasized the fact that debaters in Kuwait constitute an elite few within the country. While Mr. Fruit, again, invited all English curriculum schools within Kuwait to join the KDL, he emphasized that those which actually participate would remain a minority.

The featured event as a sample debate on topic between BBS (affirmative) and GES, negative. The affirmative BBS team of Adel al Omar and Abdullah al Asousi carried the day over the negative team of GES's Altaf Malallah and Dina.

After this debate, UAS's coach read his ballot for the match. Following this, Mr. Dan led a coaches and judges' seminar while Saad al Ghawas and Nabil al Khaled, BBS debaters, led a question and answer session for new debaters.

The following schools attended this opening match:
American Creativity Academy
Al-Bayan Bilingual School Varsity
Al-Bayan Bilingual School Junior Varsity
Farwaniya Wataniey Indian School
Gulf English School
Jabriya Indian School
Kuwait National English School
National English School
Universal American School

GULF ENGLISH SCHOOL and BBS DOMINATE ON MARCH 7th ***********************************************************

The Kuwait Debate League opened its formal season on March 7th. In the early going, BBS's A team showed considerable strength, winning all of its matches. Meanwhile, Gulf English School (GES) wrapped up wins of its own, finishing the night with a perfect record.

Universal American School, UAS, and BBS's JV team got off to a slower start. While UAS debated several times, it didn't win a match. BBS's JV, similarly, won only a single match against UAS. A number of BBS JV squads scrimmaged to round out the schedule.

League newcomer, New English School (NES), had a suprizingly sucessful evening. They won both first round matches against UAS before losing both matches to BBS's to two A team squads.

Round 1
BBS 1 (Saad/Nabil) defeat UAS1 (Onaisa/Nourhan)
BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustafa) defeat BBSJV (Dana/Fahed)
GES 1(khade/Ahbul) defeat BBSJV (Ghazi/Shadi)
GES 2(Altaf/Nadine) defeat BBSJV (Ahmed/Aziz)
NES 1 (Sophia/Sally) defeat UAS 3 (Ayad/Fajer)
NES 2 (Maesha/Sana) defeat UAS 2 (Ghassan/Rania)
BBS 3 Adel/Abdullah defeat BBSJV (Latifa/Yousef)

Round 2
BBSJV (AJ/Abdullah) defeat UAS3 (Ayad/Fajer)
BBSJV (Bader/Hamad) defeat BBSJV (Abdulrahman/Sulaiman)
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat NES 1 (Sofia/Sally)
BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustafa) defeat NES 2 (Maesha/Sana)
GES 1 (Khad/Abdul) defeat UAS 1 (Ayad/Nourhan)
BBSJV (Talal/Sarah) defeat BBSJV (Faisal/Zooman)
BBS 3 (Adel/Abdullah) defeat UAS 2 (Ghassan/Rania)
BBSJV (Khaled/Khaled) defeat BBSJV (Haya/Fatema)

BBS A 6-0
GES A 3-0
NES A 2-2
UAS A 0-6


After a vote to cancel the week of March 7th due to conflicts with vacation schedules, BBS hosted an "open practice" on March 14th. UAS and NES elected not to attend. GES attended to debate matches against BBS.

The highlight of the evening proved the match between BBS's two top A squads. Saad Al Ghawas and Nabil Al Khaled emerged the victors over rival Mustafa Malaki and Mohammad Fakhral-Deen. Meanwhile, GES won the rematch of the opening, sample debate with the negative defeating BBS 3 (Adel Al Omar and Abdullah Al Asousi).

Meanwhile, GES lost its first matches of the season other than the demonstration debate. It would be fair to characterize these matches as junior varsity face-offs.

Round 1
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat BBSJV (Aziz/Kulaib)
BBS 2 (Mod/Mustafa) defeat BBSJV (Hamad/Bader)
GES 1 (Alt/Nadine) defeat BBS 3 (Abdullah/Adel)
GES 2 (Hamd/Khad) defeat BBSJV (Abullah/AJ)
BBSJV (Shadi/Ghazi) defeat BBSJV (Dana/Sarah K)
BBSJV (Talal/Sarah) defeat BBSJV (Abdularhaman/Sulaiman)
BBSJV (Yusef/Abdullah) defeat GES 3 (Yasmine/Hebe)

Round 2
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustafa)
GES 1 (Nad/Alt) defeat BBSJV (Bader/Hamad)
GES 2 (Hmad/Khadeeja) defeat BBSJV (Khaled/Khaed)
BBSJV (Latifa/Nada) defeat BBSJV (Zooman/Faisal)
BBS 3 (Adel/Abdullah) defeat BBSJV (Ahmed/Aziz)
BBSJV (Shadi/Ghazi) defeat BBSJV (AJ/Abdullah)
BBSJV (Haya/Fatema) defeat GES 3 (Hebe/Yasmine)

GES A 4-0
BBS A 5-1
GES B 0-2

BBS DOMINATES ON MARCH 14th WHILE NES UPSETS. **********************************************************

The regular season ended with a flourish. On this night, BBS actually hosted more debates that occurred in the entire tournament two years previously. BBS's A team continued as the "team to beat" with devisive defeats of GES.

Meanwhile, UAS and NES continued to improve leading up to the tournament. NES 's second team of Sophie and Sally Mansour defeated GES's second squad along with defeating a BBSJV squad. UAS's second squad of Ayad Sbeit and Mohammad Al Ghanim posted back to back wins.

Discounting scrimmages, BBS's JV actually posted their strongest evening of the season winning matches against both NES and UAS.

Round 1
GES 1 (Alt/Nad) defeat NES 1 (Maesha/Sana)
NES 2 (Soph/Sally)defeat GES 2 (Khadeej/Abdulhamad)
BBS 2 (Moh/Mustafa) defeat BBSJV (Shadi/Ghazi)
BBS 3 (Abdul/Adel) defeat UASJV (Shaima/Fajer)
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat UAS 1 (Onaisa/Fatima)
BBSJV (Talal/Sarah) defeat BBSJV (Fahaed/Nada)
BBSJV (Yousef/Abdullah) defeat BBSJV (Haya/Fatema)
BBSJV (Zooman/Faisal) defeat BBSJV (Hamad/Bader)
UAS 2 (Ayad/Mohd) defeat BBSJV (Khaled/Khaled)

Round 2
NES 2 (Soph/Sally) defeat BBSJV (Talal/Sarah)
BBSJV (Ghazi/Shadi) defeat NES 1 (Maesha/Sana)
BBSJV (Aziz/Kulaib) defeat UAS 1 (Onaisa/Fatima)
UAS 2 (Ayad/Mohd) defeat BBSJV (Abdullah/Ahmad)
BBSJV (Haya/Bader) defeat BBSJV (Dana/Hessa)
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat GES 1 (Altaf/Nadine)
BBS 2 (Musta/Mohd) defeat GES 2 (Khadeeja/Abdul)
BBSJV (Abd/Ahmad) defeat BBSJV (Sulaiman/Abdulra)
BBSJV (Nada/Latifa) defeat BBSJV (Khaleds)
BBS 3 (Adel/Abdullah) defeat UASJV (fajer/Shaima)

BBS A 6-0
NES A 2-2
UAS A 2-2
GES A 1-3

SEASON STANDINGS **********************************************************

Hence, the regular season ended with BBS's A team solidly in first place. GES scored a significant improvement in coming in second. Counting the practice matches puts GES more firmly in second. Meanwhile, NES makes a stong first year appearance. UAS, as last year, started slowly, but proved much stronger in the tournament. The JV teams gained valuable experience for the years ahead.

The numbers below discount scrimmage matches and the March 14th unofficial debates. Those results are in parenthesis.

Season Standings
1. BBS A 12-0 (17-1) (100%/94%)
2. GES A 5-3 (9-3)(66%/75%)
3. NES A 4-4 (4-4)(50%/50%)
4. BBSJV 3-7 (5-12)(30%/29%)
5. UAS A 2-8 (2-8)(25%/25%)
6. UASJV 0-2 (0-2)(0%/0%)
6. GES B NA (0-2)

Top Seven Squads (discounting scrimmages)
1. BBS 1 (Saad/Nabil) 6-0 (100%)
2. BBS 3 (Adel/Abdul) 6-1 (87%)
3. BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustaf) 5-1 (84%)
4. NES 2 (Sophy/Sally) 3-1 (75%)
5. GES 2 (Khad/Abdu) 4-2 (66%)
6. GES 1 (Alt/Nadine) 4-2 (66%)
7. UAS*2 (Ayad/Mohd) 2-0 (100%)
* I had to somewhat discount the percentage due to the fewer matches debated.

The BIT/KDL TOURNAMENT **********************************************************

This deserves a separate page. Click here to read about the results of the tournament.

KDL DEBATES THE ENVIRONMENT **********************************************************

At the behest of the Kuwait Science Center, two KDL teams, UAS and BBS, debated the final debate of the season for earth day. They debated on the topic

Resolved that the Kuwait government should reduce pollution within its national boundaries

Below is the official press release:

Lead Debate Teams from UAS and BBS Debate
Pollution Problems in Kuwait at TSC

League Founder and KFS Education Center Director

Local leaders in the Kuwait Debate League squared off to conduct a verbal battle aimed at solving Kuwait's pollution problems in the Scientific Center's Earth Day Debate on Sunday, April 22nd.

Opening remarks by Mr. Mijbil Al-Mutawa

"Events like Earth Day help us forward our environmental and educational mission," explained Mr. Mijbil Al-Mutawa, Chairman and Managing Director of the Scientific Center of Kuwait. "Our mission is to advance the sciences and the cultural heritage of Kuwait, and to stimulate interest in, promote knowledge and awareness of, and increase public commitment to the care and conservation of the wildlife and ecosystems of the Arabian Gulf region."

Mr. Daniel Fruit, Chair of the Kuwait Debate League, invited the audience to try judging the debate for themselves, using simplified score sheets. At the end of the debate, the audience could then compare their results to the judges'. He then offered some opening remarks.

"What do we do when man attacks his own environment? Does the sky above Kuwait belong to Kuwait alone? How do we prevent man from committing brutality against the planet? These are some of the issues we must consider as the teams tonight debate the statement 'Kuwait should change its policy towards pollution within its national boundaries.'"

A packed audience listens intently

"The role of the affirmative team is to suggest and defend a change from the status quo. The negative team must disprove the need for this change," explained Mr. Fruit. "If the negative team can bring any doubt to the argument of the positive team, they will win the whole argument."

Al-Bayan Bilingual School, current champion of the recent Kuwait Debate League Tournament, defended the status quo. Universal American School, the 2nd place team in the recent tournament, suggested a change is necessary, and produced a plan that would make changes possible.

The students from BBS and UAS quickly supplied answers to Mr. Fruit's opening questions.

"Kuwait should set a target of recycling 20% of its waste," proposed UAS student Alan Chihwaro. "Other Gulf countries have successfully begun recycling programs, and European nations have set recycling targets as high as 15%."
Alan presents UAS's plan

Nabil cross-examines Alan.

Diana Seavill, GES and David Reid, UAS, judge

"Just setting the target will not make it happen," countered BBS team member Saad Al-Ghawas. "Telling people they must now recycle will not make it a reality."

The audience listens.

Other issues brought for discussion included use of landfills, conversion of landfill sites to recreational areas, and installation of scrubbers on industrial facilities to combat airborne pollutants. A discussion of methane gas production and the possible harmful effects of methane gases in Kuwait was particularly lively.

UAS's Ghassan defends their plan.

"Can you prove methane gas is harmful to humans?" questioned BBS student Nabil Al-Khaled.

"Methane gas is harmful to the ozone layer," countered UAS's Ghassan Haddad. "The effects of the growth of the hole in the ozone layer are only now being calculated, but it is known that methane gas negatively effects the ozone layer. The hole in the ozone layer is believed to have extremely harmful effects on humans."

Saad cross-examines

"But can you clearly verify the harmful effect of the methane released from Kuwait's landfills on the people of Kuwait?" continued Al-Khaled. "If we don't know it's hurting the people of Kuwait, why should we spend an undetermined amount of money to fix it?"

Both teams had conducted extensive research into current policy in Kuwait, and into practices in other Gulf countries. Examples from industrialized nations in the West were also cited.

In the end, the panel of three judges concluded that both arguments were very strong. However, in light of the insufficient, detailed information on how the affirmative team's plan would work, the victory in this debate went to the BBS team.

Nabil receives his pin

Saad receives his pin

"It has been a pleasure to see the future of Kuwait so carefully considered in these discussions tonight," commented Mr. Mijbil at the conclusion of the debate. "These students and their schools can be proud of how they represented themselves here tonight."

The audience then viewed the IMAX theater presentation courtesy of an invitation offered by the Kuwait Science Center. All pictures above were furnished courtesy of the Kuwait Science Center.


Congratulations all KDL schools on a sucessful season. Newcomers are always welcome for next year. Join the excite, meet the challenge, become part of the elite: Debate!

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