The Kuwait Debate League
Year 2006 Season

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This year's anthem:
"You Make Me Feel Brand New"

BBS Hosted the FIFTH Annual Kuwait Debate League

Al-Bayan Bilingual School proudly hosts the Kuwait Debate League. Again, the debate league invites all English language curriculum schools within Kuwait to attend and participate in its upcoming season which will culminate in the combined BIT/KFSAC Kuwait junior varsity and varsity championship.

Sonal speaks as Mays listens intently.

This Season's Resolution

"Resolved that the United States should subtantially change its policy towards the Muslim World."

Click here on Muslim World for an introductory reading.

A Shortlist of Acceptable Debatable Subareas
for Plans within this Larger Topic

1. Domestic Security versus rights involving Moslem citizens
2. Immigration
3. Louis Farrakan and "The Nation of Islam."
4. Student visas for Moslems
5. Freedom of speech and mosque "sermons"
6. [Islamic finance]
7. Public image of Islam within the United States
8. Islamic education in the United States

1. Iran's religiously based government and the spread of its ideology
2. Religiously based parties in Turkey, Egypt (Moslem brotherhood), Pakistan, and the Sudan
3. Islamic militias in Iraq: SCRI, Sadr's Maadi army, other?
4. Islamic resistance groups that are also political parties: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizballah
5. The Saudi Tafriq ideology and its spread
6. Prostelization in Africa and Asia
[7. Islamic finance, domestic and international]
8. The public image of the United States within the Moslem World.
9. Islamic eduaction in other counties

1. Irag other than mentioned above
2. Terrorism itself
3. Islamic theology, particularly mainstream except as its effects the above
4. Immigration and Student visas, other than for Moslems
5. The detention of people at Guantamo Bay if actual terrorists

If you're not sure about a topic, email me.

Sarah speaks at FAIPS students take furious notes.

This Season's Schedule

Jan 25 (We) BBS KDL Sample Debate
Feb 08 (We) BBS KDL Practice Week 1
Feb 22 (We) BBS KDL Practice Week 2
Mar 08 (We) BBS KDL Practice Week 3 (Alternative Week)
Mar 16 (Th) BBS In-School Debate Tourn
Mar 22 (We) BBS KDL Practice Week 4
Apr 13-14(WTh) BBS KDL/BIT Tournament
May 17-18(WTh) BBS Pearl-MUN

Tournament Rules for 2006 (continued)

The following were adopted in 2004 and tried in the League that year. Coaches will have the option of voting to continue them or discontinue them.

(1) Tournament Match Scoring

At the meeting, the coaches adopted an altered form of scoring for the tournament. Each school's "A," "B" etc. team will be put in a pool of similarly designated teams. Points for matches then will be awarded as follows (in the event of a split ballot, each team would get half).
1. A team matches = 8 points
2. B team matches = 6 points
3. C team matches = 4 points
4. D team matches = 2 point

(2) Junior Varsity Tournament Age limit

The junior varsity age limit for the tournament would be set at 16. During the regular season, as in the past, varsity and j.v. squads will intermix. However, any school totally new to the League can participate as a junior varsity team regardless of the age of the students involved.

(3) Debate off

This will be retained for this season.

Sara argues with Sonal

Maps to Al-Bayan Bilingual School Hawally

Note that our elementary and KG are still in Jabriya. That's NOT where we're debating. Within a year, the entire Al-Bayan school will be located at Hawally. This is why you'll see so much construction on our site, but the high school IS open.

A map of Hawally and BBS.

Another view

Sonal and Manu confer.

Bayan Wins Championship; FAIPS Second

The following article appeared in the Arab Times

Al-Bayan Bilingual School Debate National Champion at the BIT.

After a year's hiatus, the Kuwait Debate League season ended as it ended two years before with an Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS) triumph over an extremely formidable team from Fahaheel Wataniyieh Indian Private School (FAIPS) in the Bayan Invitational Tournament (BIT). However, neither varsity squad included a single member of their team of years ago, a testimonial to the strength of both schools.

Alone among competitive academic activities in Kuwait, the Kuwait Debate League invites English language curriculum schools regardless of their League affiliation for an academic activity, i.e., an entire season of grueling, policy debates. Past national champions and runner's-up include British, American, Indian, and bilingual schools from EMAC, ISAAC, KFSAC, KDAA, and the CBSE. Commented League founder and Coordinator Dr. Daniel R. Fruit:

Sonal confronts Mdaires at the final.

"We have a process of selection. We invite all English language curriculum, schools, fifty or so this year, and those schools who come select themselves, deciding if they have the academic strength, work ethic, and courage to debate for a season. We have, sadly, few such schools in Kuwait."

The final match of the year pitted BBS students Saoud Al-Sabah and Abdullah Al-Mdaires against the FAIPS A team of Sonal Sharma and Manu Hegde. Since BBS compiled the better preliminary record, FAIPS needed to win on the ballots of both judges. BBS, however, responded to the challenge, sweeping both ballots and the victory. The BBS A squad of Mdaires and Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa also won the tournament's top squad award. Mdaires also came in second among all speakers while B team debater Sarah Fakhral-Deen came in tied for fourth with BBS C team members Saoud Al-Sabah and Zaid Al-Marzuk who won the fourth best squad award. Mays Abdulaiz also debated for the winning BBS varsity which also compiled the best season record.

Manu speaks

FAIPS walked off with a plethora of awards as well. The FAIPS B team of Vineeth Valsan and Shubhangi Nayak came in second among all squads, and FAIPS A, Hegde and Sharma, came in first. Sharma won the top speaker award while Hegde came in third. FAIPS varsity also included Rahul Ramchandran and Ritika Singh and compiled the second best record in the League after BBS.

Manu makes a point as BBS takes notes.

BBS's JV team also emerged with a national championship, its 4th. The BBS JV1 squad of Ahmad Abdulmugni and Mishal Karam compiled a record equal to that of BBS JV2 Dana Khader and Sulaiman Al-Khaled but outscored the latter by a scant 1/2 speaker points. Karam earned the top speaker award while Al-Khaled came in second. Commented Fruit:

"I can't think of a more challenging academic activity than American-style policy debating. Both FAIPS and BBS deserve credit for a hotly contested battle for first place and for putting on an exciting final debate."

Congratulations from a team of good sports.

Al-Bayan Bilingual School hosts both the KDL and BIT.


Sample Debate

BBSV1 (Saoud/Mdaraies) defeats BBSV2 (Mays/Sara)

Week 1

Round 1
BBSJV1 (Mishaal/Ahmad) defeats V1 (Saud/ Mdaires)
BBS V2 (Mais/Sara) defeats BBS JV2 (Yousef/Abdullah)
BBS JV4 (Sara/Alia) defeats ESG2 (twins)
BBS JV5 (Dana/Sul.) defeats ESG1 (Tasmeen/Maryam)

Round 2
BBSV3 (Zaid/Mutawa) defeats ESG 1 (Tasmeen/Maryam)
BBSV2 (Ahmad/Mishaal) defeats JV 1 (Mishaal/Ahmad)
BBSV1 (Saud/Mdaires) defeats ESG 2 (twins)

Week 2

Round 1
Assorted (Alia/Abdullah)defeats BBS JV2 (Yousef/Abdullah)*
Assorted (Saoud/Mutawa) defeat BBS JV5 (Dana/Sulaiman)*
BBSV1 (Mays/Sara) defeats BBS JV 6 (Danny/Thenyan)

Round 2
BBSV1 (Sara/Mays) defeat BBS JV 5 (Dana/Sulaiman)
BBSJV 6 (Mishaal/Ahmed) defeats BBS JV 6 (Danny/Thenyan)
* matches not contented in the statistics

Week 3

Round 1
Dana/Sulaiman defat Abdullah/Yousef
Abdullah/Yousef defeat Danny/Thenyan
Zaid/Mutawa defeat Sara/Mays

Round 2
Saud/Mdaires defeat Mutawa/Zaid

Week 4

Round 1
Manu/Sanal (FAIPS1) defeat Mais/Sarah (BBS1)

Round 2
Zaid/Aziz (BBSV3) dfeat Vineet/Shubhaihi (FAIPS2)

The Bayan Invitational Tournament/
KDL Championship

See also the BIT 2006 page.

JV Debates
Mishal/Ahmad defeat Dana/Sulaiman
Dana/Suliaman defeat Mishal/Ahmed

Round 1

BBS A Mdaires/Mutawa tie FAIPS A: Manu/Sharma
FAIPS B Vineeth/Shubhangi defeat BBS B: Sara/Mays
BBS C: Saoud/Zaid defeat FAIPS C: Rahul/Ritika
BBS JV1Mishal/Ahmad defeat JV2 Dana/Sulaiman

Round 2

BBS A Mdaires/Mutawa defeat FAIPS A: Manu/Sharma
BBS B Sara/Mays tie FAIPS B: Vineeth/Shubhani
BBS C: Saoud/Zaid defeat FAIPS C: Rahul/Ritika
BBs JV2Dana/Sulaiman defeat BBS JV1Mishal/Ahmed

Preliminary Totals
BBS Varsity 19
FAIPS Varsity 13

Final debate
BBS Saoud/Mdaires defeat FAIPS A: Manu/Sharm both ballots.

Season Records, Squads and Schools

With so many intramurals, this was hard to track

BBS Varsity (12-4-2, 75%)
V1 (Mdaires/Saud) 3-1-1 (7-2)
*V2 (Mays/Sara) 4-2-1 (6-4-1)*
V3 (Zaid/Mtawa) 2-0 (2-1)V1 tournment (Mutawa/Mdaires) 1-1
V3 tournament (Zaid/Saoud) 2-0

FAIPS (2-5,-2 22%)
FAIPS 1 (Manu/Sanal) 1-2-1
FAIPS 2 (Vineet/Shubrhajih) 1-1-1
FAIPS 3 (Rikita/Rahul) 0-2

BBS JV1 (4-8, 33%)
JV 1 Ahmad/Mishaal 2-1 (1-3)
JV 2 Dana /Suliaman 1-3 (4-4)
JV 3 Alia/Sara 1-0 (2-0)
JV 4 Yousef/ Abdullah 0-2 (1-4)
JV 5 Danny/Thenyan 0-3 (0-5)

ESG (0-4, 0%)
ESG 1 (Tasmeen/Maryam) 0-2
ESG 2 (two sisters) 0-2


1. BBS V 80%
2. FAIPS 50%
3. BBS JV 33%
4. ESG 00%

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