Shakespeare Doesn't Work Here Any More!

From the first folio:

Artful but with a Fruity taste

The Second Collection of Poems, Plays, and Songs
by Daniel R. Fruit

This is my second collection of plays, songs, and poems. My first, "Recycled Poems" is currently unavailable though the immortant "Rapman" appears in both. Some of the plays here were performed at Stevenson Junior High School and Yokota High School. Some of the poems appeared in various magazines including SUN 17, THE SPYGLASS, and others.

I feel I must comment a little on the plays. In the summer of '91, I was told by an organization on base they wanted to perform one of my works (possibly). As time went on, however, the requirements as to parts kept changing. Hence I ended up with some plays with children, some without, etc. In the end, they performed none of them. I'm sure had William S. had this kind of a group with which to work, he would've written at least twice. If you perform one of these, I ask only that you inform me. That would be payment enough.

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