Country: Russia

Event: Mini-MUN 1999
Student: Hamad Sultan


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The Russian National Anthem


Country Profile

Political Structure:

Russia is the largest country in the world. Obviously for that known fact then it must have amazing People and Government. There are over 100 languages spoken in Russia. Fortunately for the Russians the republics have declared a new language called the Russian Language. The Russian language was established during the Soviet period. Hopefully now Russians speak their native language. And 1989 only 4.1 per cent of Russians throughout the former USSR could speak another indigenous language.

Unfortunately Russia was the Last Republic from the Former USSR to form itís own government, which means that the Russian government doesnít always know the solution to a problem within Russia. Russia failed to develop many of the administrative and cultural institutions that other Soviet republics could characterize. During the last two years, the USSR was such Soviet institutions as a Congress of Peopleís Deputies and a Supreme Soviet, a Communist Party structure, and a KGB (Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, Russian for "Committee for State Security") established in Russia. Even with these institutions, until the dissolution of the USSR real power in Russia continued to be exercised largely by the ethnically Russian-dominated central authorities of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU).1

In Russia when a person says the word president, nowadays, everyone becomes afraid. That is whatís bad with the Russia these days, the president has all the power. Whatever money the country gets from oil or other, the presid ent chooses to whom it will go .




Natural Resources:

Russia can also be known for itís natural vegetation and soils. An important factor that makes this work is the climate. Over 45 percent of Russian land is Forest where most vegetation and soils are found. Much of Russia is either too cold or too dry for cultivation. The part that can be cultivated in limited, in terms of the foods, that can be grown.
Russia is also famous for the mineral resources it has. Russia is famous for that for one reason only, It is the largest Country with reserves of mineral resources. It is especially rich in mineral fuels, containing the worldís largest natural gas reserves, second largest coal reserves, and eighth largest oil reserves. It is also among the world leaders in deposits of iron ore, asbestos, zinc, nickel, cobalt, diamonds, potassium, lead, gold, platinum, and uranium.


Cultural Factors:

Russia has an enormous cultural legacy, notably from the 19th century. Russia has had many achievements in music, ballet, drama, literature, and film. All of these are particularly renowned. Russia has produced some of the most famous names in 19th and 20th century music, such as the composers Aleksandr Borodin, Mikhail Glinka, Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Rachmaninov, Nicolay Rimsky Korsakov, Aleksandr Scriabin, Igor Stravinsky, and Peter Illich Tchaikovsky. Other famous names are the singer, Chaliapin and the musicians Vladimir Horowitz, Anton Rubinstein, and Emil Gilels. Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky are among the Russian composers who had a close association with the ballet.
There have been many known religions in Russia but 4 that hold over 90% of the people, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism. Most Russians are orthodox Christians. This religion was adapted during the 10th Century from Byzantine Empire. 24% of the people in Russia are Orthodox Christians while the other 76% are from many different religions.



In 1994 Russia Gross Domestic Product was about $279,000,000,000. Russiaís main Economic Products are Agriculture, Fishing, Mining, and Manufacturing industrial equipment and food. There has been a large Employment Breakdown In Russia. 38% for Manufacturing and Industry 42%, for Trade and Services, 15% for Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry, and 5% for other Occupations. Russia Major Exports are Natural gas, Petroleum, and Petroleum Products. Minerals and Metals, Chemicals, timber and paper products, and machinery. Meanwhile Russiaís Major Imports are Machinery, Consumer Goods, Medicine, Foodstuff, Chemical Products, textiles, leather, and metals. Russia's Major Trading Partners are other members of the commonwealth of Independent states, Germany, Italy, United States, United Kingdom and, China. Russiaís current Currency is the Rouble



It is not an unknown fact, that Russia is one of the permanent five. The fall of the Soviet Union had a great effect on the structure of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces used to be controlled by the military command. However, Russia acted quickly and formed itís own military structure. Even the CISís power was greatly reduced it continued to function for another year after the fall of the Former USSR. Then it was finally abolished in June 1993. The Russian Army is about 1.52 million troops. In Russia it is part of the law for an 18 year old man, or older to go and train in the Army for 18 months or 24 months in the Navy or Air Force. The Russian Army and itís power is no surprise to anyone. Russia, probably has this large Army due to family care that the soldierís get. But during the cold war Russia needed everyone to serve to get a larger army. With this large Army Russia sometimes tries to threaten smaller neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan.

View on World Problems:
Missing sadly



Russia has been known for itís long History. But what will always be remembered is the Soviet Union. In 1922 Russia Comprised the largest part of the soviet Union which was, perhaps, the most powerful communist Country in the World until itís break up on December 1991. 13 states declared independence from the Soviet Union. Russia then became Part of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
In 1993 President Boris Yeltzin bombarded the White House parliament building to crush resistance by legislaters. Latter In 1996 Boris Yeltzin defeated the cummunist party candidate Gennody Zyuganov in the presidential elections. Peace Treaty negotiated with rebel forces Chechenya in late august. This ended 21 months of fighting in which over 40,000 lives were lost.
In 1997 President Boris Yeltzin resumed full time presidential duties after heart bypass surgery, and Russian forces left Chechnya in January which followed by presidential elections in which Yeltzin was rechosen as president. In May, Yeltzin sighed a co-operation accord with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).




Policy Statment:

ISSUE:Sanctions against Iraq

Russia is one of the most sympathetic countries to what is happening to Iraq. Sanctions against Iraq, are what the UN or the Security Council wants. A Sanction is an authoritative approval. In other words whatever goes out of Iraq or comes in has to bee with the permission of the UN. Iraq has always been one of the highest Countries that have been buying weapons and other goods from many world countries. Other World countries including Russia have a large effect on the Iraqi sales. If Sanctions against Iraq were placed then many of the people in Russia would have a large decrease in their salary as well as the people in Iraq. If the UN were to respect the innocence of the Iraqi people, then many of Iraqís people and others would be happy

ISSUE 2. War in South Africa between DPR Congo and itís neighbors

The current War in South Africa between DPR Congo and its neighbors has a high effect on the world and on the economical position for Africa. Russia hopes that this war will end soon because this has also effected the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China. Countries such as Rwanda and Uganda have stopped buying many goods from Russia and other countries because those countries are too busy with the war. This forces all of those countries to sell their goods to other countries at a cheaper price. Negotiating is the only way in which the War in South Africa between DPR Congo and its neighbors can be stopped.

ISSUE 3 The Status of the Kurdish people

The Kurds have no Standing Status. Every month The Status of the Kurdish people changes. From Terrorist attacks to slavery. No one can predict what will happen to these people. Russia is very concerned for these people because many of the People that live in Russia are Kurds. The Kurdish people need to have their own country with their own government. That is the only way in which The Status of the Kurdish people can stay the same.


ISSUE 4:Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction

One of Russiaís greatest fears is a nuclear war in which will be the result of weapons of Mass Destruction. Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction means getting rid of mass destructive weapons. Many countries such as Iraq that have Weapons of Mass Destruction are using them in a wrong way. Iraq is using their weapons by threatening neighboring countries or by proving their strength. At the end all of these countries will not be trusted anymore and sanctions will be put on them. This will effect Many countries such as Russia because Russia will then have to sell their goods to other countries and will have to buy their goods from others. At the end the Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction will be the only solution for countries other than the Permanent five. The Permanent five should be the only countries in the world with Weapons of Mass Destruction. And to reduce the sales of these weapons the Permanent Five members need to have UN inspectors to inspect what they are selling.


ISSUE 5:Reform of the Security Council

The Reform of the Security Council may be in the best interest for minor countries but it is defiantly not in the permanent fiveís best interest. To reform is to make better and In this case the only way a UN Security Council can be better is by allowing those minor countries to be part of this Council. This isnít in Russiaís best interest or any other Permanent member because this weakens the countries power in the Security Council and it may even decrease what has to be said. So, it will be a lot better if The Security Council stays the same



FORUM:Security Council
QUESTION OF:Sanctions Against Iraq

Defining Sanction. An authoritative, approval in which authoritative permission or recognition is allowed.

Realizes Resolution 687, which allowed United Nations Special Commission to destroy Iraqi weapons of Mass Destruction.

Disappointed because of the economic sanctions that were placed on Iraq, In which any trade was banned.

Concerned about the Iraqi people, and those that have suffered for their governmentís actions. (CNN Search)

Congratulates the UN for the agreement in which food can be brought in to Iraq. Resolution 673

Denounces the Security Council for shutting Major airports in Iraq.

Urges the UN Security Council to help the Iraqi people by:

1-Lifting Economic Sanctions against Iraq.
a) Allowing food trades with neighboring countries.
b) Allowing oil sales for food and other goods.
c) Lifting the Sanction of no trades.
d) Allowing Iraq to join oil trade organizations.

2-Lifting the No Fly sanctions by:
a) Reopening all major airports in Iraq.
b) Allowing other airlines to fly into Iraq.
c) Allowing Iraqi citizens to leave Iraq.
d) Giving Iraq the Complete Control of the Airline schedule and Airports.

3-removing all UN inspectors to allow Iraqi people to live freely.
a) Quoting Iraqi sources "Iraq has already gotten rid of all of their Weapons of Mass Destruction

4. Encourages the UNís children found to help the Iraqi people.

5. Urges the UN to help the Iraqi people and to supply them for with what is needed.

6. Hopes all countries can welcome Iraq in any organization Iraq wishes to enter.

7. Wishes that the UN Security Council go over this Resolution

8. Resolves that Iraq will be willing to allow UN inspectors, Inspect for any biological weapons

9. Guarantees


Opening Speech:

Good Afternoon,

Russia is very happy to be here and very proud of it. Russia welcomes The Permanent members and the Temporary members to this Security Council Meeting. Russia regrets missing the last Meeting and hopes to make up for it today by reaching a solution with the other members in which the dream of World peace.

Russia would like to highlight the Issue of Imposing Sanctions on Independent Countries. Even though this may help neighboring countries it will do harm to many of the countries that have a strong relations with that country. If a certain country is threatening itís neighbors, then Sanctions should be countries itís threatening. Not banning it from having any relation what so ever with any country. If a countryís leader disobeys the UNís condition, then the leader should be punished. Why punish his nation when he is the mistaken one. The UN have had Sanctions put on various countries because of their leader. It is now time for the UN to think about that countryís citizens.