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What is a Model United Nations "Briefing Book?"

A briefing book is something that a diplomat takes to an important meeting. Usually his staff prepares the book though, of course, he/she'd had some familiarity with the issues on the agenda. A good briefing book should help that diplomatic know how to conduct the business of meeting with diplomats of other countries and advancing his/her nation's interests.

I have adapted that concept for MUN purposes. For MUN, a delegate completes at least part of his own briefing book, all of it if he's a delegation of one. Hence, he's acting as his own staff. When a group of people represents a single country, as at THIMUN (the Hague Model United Nations) or KFSAC (the Kuwait Fine Arts and Activities Council), the briefing book servers another purpose: it allows delegates to coordinate their positions so that they consistently present their country. A third purpose of a briefing book, and also a test of a good briefing book, is this: a good MUN student should be able to take another student's briefing book and participate nearly as well at an MUN event. I have seen that happen in case of absence.

How to Use the Library

This file lists all of the briefing books made over the years. You can also reach the same files by accessing them through the year-by-year histories.

They are listed in the following format. First, though I would love to have the countries organized on some more rationAl-basis, I have simply alphabetized them.

Next to each country, you will see the student's name and the event, i.e., "AISMUN," "AMMUN," "KFSAC," "Pearl-MUN," "THIMUN," "TIMUN," or "Mini." After that, you'll see a two digits number, i.e. "98," "99," "00," etc. This refers to the team history, so that you can also look at the entire history and see the book in context. Simply click on the link. From any book, you should be able to return to this page. An asterisk, "*", indicates an incomplete briefing book. In the case of groups, I've generally listed the ambassador's name first. For pair projects, I've listed names alphabetically by first name. A number, "(2)" indicates multiple briefing books; these I have in order of completion.

I've also included some other files of interest. Under "C," you'll find our crisis situations listed in alphabeticAl-order. Also, the officer's reports, some of which include merged resolutions also appear below.


First, the entire concept for this, basically, stems from the THIMUN InstructionAl-Handbook. However, I have modified and expanded the concept to make it better fit the analogy of the "briefing book."

Second, I have made only minor changes to student work. This is the best work that the student could do. Some of the work here is exceptional, and some of it is not quite so good. It is posted here for educationAl-purposes, not as a "standard."

Third, I personally and BBS as a school, do not encourage plagiarism. I consider all of the work posted here as copywrited by the students, not only because that is their work but also because copying another student's briefing book, in whole or in part, defeats the entire purpose of preparing the book. Copying teaches nothing.

Hence, read, reflect, and enjoy.

Dr. Daniel R. Fruit, BBS MUN-Director

The AU Ahmad Al-Shammari (Yale04-04)

(1) Faye Al-Tukhaim (CACMUN99-00)*
(2) Noufah Al-Sabah and Hamad Al-Essa (AMMUN02-02)
(3) Ahmed Al-Shammari (Pearl04-04)
(4) Wesley Liu (HSIN13-14)

Mariam Dashti, Munira Al-Jouan, Dana Khader, and Abdullah Al-Saleh (LEMUN05-06)

AI Laila Arafe and Nour Gandanfar (AMMUN06-06)


(1) Nasser Al-Aujan, Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Dheidan Al-Shammari, Hamad Al-Essah, and Mays Al-Sa'ad (KITMUN03-03)
(2) Minra Al-Jouan, Adam Ben Salem, Hamad Al-Awadhi, and Mohammad Al-Ghanim (GEMUN08-08)
(3) CK Saur, Jonathon Chen, and Emily Liao (HSINMUN13-14)

(1) Saad Al-Ghawas (CACMUN00-01)
(2) Zaineb Hassan (Pearl02-02)
(3) Amna Al-Sager and Hessa Al-Malallah (AMMUN02-02)
(4) Abdullah Al-Ibrahim (AAG05-05)

Arab Fund For Economic and SociAl-Development Faisal-Al-Obeid (SAIMUN02-02)


(1) Adel Al-Omar, Besma Al-Mutawah, Ghazi Al-Sharhan, Nada Abduljader, Nasser Al-Shaya, Sarah Al-Dukair (TIMUN00-01)

(2) Noura Al-Khaled (Pearl02-02)
(3) Nouf Al-Fayez (Pearl06-06)

Abdullah Al-Asousi (AMMUN02-02)


(1) Shahd Dashti (CACMUN99-00)
(2) Dalia Al-Awadi (Pearl02-02)
(3) Zainab Hassan (AISMUN03-03)
(4) Ahmad Al-Qamlas (Pearl03-03)
(5) Laila Arafe (Pearl06-06)

Khaled Al-Rubei (Pearl01-01)


Sara Al-Dalali (Pearl02-02)
Khalid Al-Mutawa* (AMMUN06-06)

(1) Sukaina Fakhral-Deen (CACMUN00-01)
(2) Fahed Al-Sultan (Pearl02-02)
(2) Bader Al-Saleh (Pearl03-03)*

(1) Abdullah Al-Asousi-GA (CACMUN00-01)
(2) Adel Al-Omar-SC (CACMUN00-01)
(3) Bader Al-Mailem (Pearl03-03)
(4) Yousif Al-Qassar (Pearl04-04)

Not finished (Qatar07-07)

Not finished (Qatar07-07)

(1) TalAl-Al-Rashoud (Pearl01-01)
(2) Sara Fakhral-Deen (AAG05-05)

FaisAl-Al-Shatti (CACMUN99-00)

Bolivia Nada Abduljader (CACMUN00-01)

Bosnia Tareq Al-Rubie (CACMUN00-01)

(1) Khaled Al-Humaidhi (Pearl01-01)

(2) Noufah Al-Sabah (Pearl02-02)

(3) Sarah Al-Sayer (Pearl06-06)
(4) Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Dalal Al-Jassim, and Sara Al-Sayer (AMMUN06-06)

Bulgaria Abdulaziz Al-Qattami (Pearl04-04)

The British Commonwealth of Nations Dheidan Al-Shammari (Yale04-04)

(1) Nabil Al-Khaled (CACMUN99-00)
(2) Haya Al-Anjari (Pearl01-01)
(3) Dalia Al-Awadi (Pearl03-03)
(4) Khaled Shahroor and Mays Al-Sa'ad (AMMUN03-03)
(5) Hamad Al-Saqer (Pearl06-06)

Central African Republic Sarah Al-Dukair (CACMUN00-01)

(1) Adel Al-Omar, FaisAl-Al-Ibrahim, Abdullah Bourhamah, and Khaled Humaidhi (DHOW/KFSAC01-02)
(2) Ghaidi Al-Rifae (Pearl02-02)
(3) Najeeba Hayat, Ala'a Al-Shamlan, and Muneera Al-Jouan (AMMUN06-06)

(1) Ghazi Al-Sharhan (Mini00-00)
(2) Hamad Al-Sager (Pearl03-03)

(1) Nabil Al-Khaled (Mini99-99)
(2) Adel Al-Omar* (Mini00-00)
(3) Nabil Al-Khaled, Abdullah Al-Asousi, Aziz Al-Ateeqi, Hessa Al-Malallah, Nouf Al-Fraih, Rakan Al-Bahar, (TIMUN00-00)
(4) Ghazi Al-Sharhan (Pearl01-01)
(5) Abdullah Al-Bourhamah* (Pearl02-02)
(6) Khaled Al-Rubei and Muneera Al-Nibari (AMMAN02-02)
(7) Noufah Al-Sabah (AISMUN03-03)
(8) Sara Fakral-Deen (Pearl04-04)
(9) Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Mays Abdulaziz, Bader al Omairi, Abdulaziz al Qatami, and Ahmed al Mughni
(10) Sara Al-Muzaini (AAG05-05)
(11) Lulu Al-Rodaina (Pearl06-06)

Colombia Hashim Hassan (Pearl04-04)

Costa Rica
(1) Alia Al-Humaidhi (Mini99-99)
(2) Huda Al-Mousa (CACMUN99-00)

Cote D'Ivoire
(1) Lamia Al-Loughani(Pearl03-03)
(2) Mohammad Ben Essa, Ahmad Al-Jouan, Bader Al-Mailem, and Maha Sartawi (KIMUN03-03)

Crisis Situations

Caviar and Kimche
Mustafa Malaki and Nabil Al-Khaled (Mini00-00, SC)

Countdown to Conflict
Daniel R. Fruit (CACMUN99-00)

Counting Qat
Daniel R. Fruit (KFSAC01-02)

Cyprus Implodes: The European Nightmare
Hamad Al-Essa (Pearl04-04)

Diamonds in The Rough
Daniel R. Fruit (Dhow-MUN01-02, ECOSOC/SC)

The Greenpeace and Spratley Crisis
Shadi Al-Suwayeh (Pearl01-01, ECOSOC)

The "I's" Have It: Israel Versus Iran Dr. Daniel R. Fruit (Pearl06-06, ECOSOC/SC/Arab League)

Iraq and a Hot Place
TalAl-Al-Rashoud and Yousef Dashti (Pearl02-02)

Russian Rendezvous and the Treat of Magnum Opus
Mohammad Fakhral-Deen (Pearl01-01)

The Taiwan Crisis
Mohammad Fakhral-Deen (Mini99-99)

Yen and Dong
Daniel R. Fruit (Mini00-00, ECOSOC)

(1) Muneera Al-Nibari (Pearl02-02)
(2) Khaled Al-Rubei (AISMUN03-03)
(3) Saud Al-Subaie (Pearl03-03)
(4) Besma Behbehani, Amna Al-Sager, and Fahad Al-Rushaid (AMMUN03-03)
(5) Zaid Al-Marzooq (Pearl04-04)
(6) Yasmeen Dashti, Mohammad Al-Mailam, Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Reem Al-Thekair (KITMUN05-05)
(7) Yousef Khalef (Pearl06-06)

The Czech Republic Abdullah Al-Mishari (Pearl03-03)

(1) Besma Al-Humaidhi (Pearl04-04)
(2) Yvette Ohanion (AAG05-05)
(3) Ibrahim Abu Saleh, Mays Abdulaziz, and Othman Al-Othman (Qatar06-06)
(4) Najeeba Al-Hayat (Pearl06-06)

DR Congo
(1) Nada Al-Mousa (Pearl01-01)
(2) Maha Sartawi (Pearl03-03)
(3) Farah Al-Mesbah (Pearl04-04)
(4) Sara Abu Sha'ar (Pearl06-06)

The Dominican Republic Hamad Al-Sager, Ala'a Al-Sayer, and Lamia Al-Loughani (KITMUN03-03)

East Timor Abdullah Al-Mdaires (Pearl03-03)


(1) Shaima Al-Qatami (Pearl02-02)
(2) Sarah Al-Dalali (AISMUN03-03)

El Salvador Ahmad Al-Mughni (Pearl04-04)


(1) Saad Al-Ghawas (CACMUN99-00)
(2) May's Al-Saad (Pearl03-03)
(3) Ahmad Al-Jouan (AAG05-05)
(4) Not finished (Qatar07-07)

Hessa Al-Malallah, Latifa Ben Essa, and Sarah Al-Dukair (DHOW/KFSAC01-02)

The European Union
Dalia Al-Awad and Abdullah Bourhamah (AMMUN02-02)

Fatema Boukhadour (AISMUN03-03)

Saja Fakhral-Deen (Pearl01-01)

(1) Mustafa Malaki (Mini99-99)
(2) Huda Al-Mousa, Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, Nabil Al-Khaled, Saad Al-Ghawas, and Shadi Al-Suwayeh (KFSAC99-00)

(3) Mohammad Fakhral-Deen* (CACMUN00-01)
(4) Abdullah Al-Asousi [SC] (Pearl01-01)
(5) Mohammad Matrouk [ECOSOC] (Pearl01-01)
(6) Saja Fakhral-Deen [SC] (Pearl02-02)
(7) Altaf Al-Dukair [EC] (Pearl02-02)
(8) Amna Al-Sagar [SC] (Pearl03-03)
(9) Khaled Al-Rubei, Mishal Al-Rashoud, Nasser Al-Aujan, and Altaf Al-Dukair (AMMUN03-03)
(10) Mariam Dashti (AAG05-05)
(11) Zaid Al-Marzouq (AAG05-05)
(12) Mishal Karam (Pearl06-06)
(13) Reem Al-Thekair, Dana Khader, Laila Arafe, Sarah Shahin, Yasmeen Dashti, and Othman Al-Othman (KITMUN06-06)

Georgia Sarah Fakral-Deen (Pearl03-03)

(1) Hamad Al-Sager (AISMUN03-03)
(2) Hamad Al-Essa [SC] (Pearl03-03)
(3) Saad Behbehani [GA] (Pearl03-03)
(4) Nezar Al-Essa [SC] (Pearl04-04)
(5) Reem Al-Thekair and Khalid Al-Mutawa (AMMUN06-06)

Greece (the Hellenic Republic)
(1) Nada Al-Mousa (Pearl02-02)
(2) Fatema Abdul-Kareem (Pearl03-03)
(3) Sarah Al-Muzaini (Pearl04-04)
(4) Ibrahim Abu Saleh (AAG05-05)

Greenpeace Hamad Al-Saleh (TIMUN00-00)

Guatemala Najwa Al-Bishir (CACMUN99-00)

Guinea Ahmad Al-Jouan, Maha Sartawi, and Lamia Al-Loughani (AMMUN03-03)

The GCC Noufah Al-Sabah (Yale04-04)

Honduras Rakan Mukhazeem (Pearl04-04)

Hungary Rakan Al-Bahar (CACMUN00-01)

Iceland Sarah Abdul-Kareem (Pearl03-03)

The IMF Mustafa Malaki (TIMUN00-00)

(1) Mais Sartawi (Mini00-00)
(2) Abdullah Al-Asousi, Zooman Al-Mesbah, Abdulrahman Al-Shatti, and Mohammed Al-Essa (DHOW/KFSAC01-02)
(3) ManAl-Al-Musallam (Pearl02-02)
(4) Saja Fakhral-Deen and Ahmad Al-Shammari (AMMUN02-02)
(5) Rashid Al-Ghamidi (Pearl03-03)
(6) Abulaziz Al-Bahar (Pearl04-04)

(1) Ahmad Al-Qamlas, Amna Al-Sager, Fahad Al-Rushaid, and Nouriya Al-Sager (KITMUN03-03)
(2) Yasmeen Dashti (Pearl04-04)

(1) Saad Al-Ghawas (TIMUN00-00)

(2) Yvette Ohanion (Qatar06-06)

International-Court of Justice Trials

(1) India versus Pakistan Besma Al-Mutawa and Maryem Al-Hamad (CACMUN00-01)

(2) Iran versus the United States (oil rigs)Nada Al-Abdjader and Maryem Al-Hamad (Pearl01-01)

(3) The United States versus Baathist Iraq Khaled Shahroor and Ahmad Shammari (Pearl03-03)

(4) The United States versus The Islamic Republic of Iran (WOMD and terrorism) Khaled Shahroor [Chief Justice] (KITMUN03-03)

(4) Rwanda versus France, the USA, and Burundi [genocide charges] Khaled Shahroor [Chief Justice] (Pearl04-04)

Interpol Mohammad Fakhral-Deen (TIMUN00-00)

(1) Mustafa Malaki, Adel Al-Omar, FaisAl-Al-Shatti, and Shahd Dashti (KFSAC99-00)

(2) Hessah Al-Malallah (CACMUN00-01)
(3) Fatma Al-Ibrahim (Pearl01-01)
(4) Abdullah Behbehani (Pearl03-03)
(5) Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Abdulaziz Al-Bahar, Ahmad Abdul-Mugni, and Reem Al-Thekair (LEMUN03-06)

(1) Hamad Al-Sager (Pearl02-02)
(2) Nasser Al-Aujan (AISMUN03-03)
(3) Zaineb Hassan [GA] (Pearl03-03)
(4) Ahmad Shammari [ICJ Advocate] (Pearl03-03)
(5) Saja Fakral-Deen (Chief Administrator), Iraq Governing Council, with contributions from Dr. Daniel R. Fruit, Sarah Al-Shammari, Jalaj Joshi, and Robin George Abrahams (Pearl04-04)
(6) Abdulaziz Al-Qatami (Qatar06-06) [US Ambassador to Iraq]
(7) Reem Al-Thekair [AL] (Pearl06-06) [US Ambassador to Iraq]

Ireland (Eire)
(1) FaisAl-Al-Ibrahim and Hamad Al-Sager (AMMAN02-02)
(2) Amna Al-Sager (AISMUN03-03)
(3) Hissa Al-Sabah (Pearl03-03)
(4) Mohammad Al-Mailem (Pearl04-04)

(1) Noufah Al-Sabah (Pearl03-03)
(2) Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Reem Al-Thekair, and Ahmad Abdulmugni (Qatar06-06)

(1) Besma Al-Mutawa (Mini00-00)
(2) Yousef Dashti (Pearl01-01)
(3) MishAl-Al-Rashoud (Pearl02-02)
(4) Hassan Dashti (Pearl03-03)
(5) Laila Barghouti (Pearl04-04)
(6) Mays Abdul-aziz, Sarah Fakral-Deen, Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Nezar Al-Essa, and Aziz Al-Qatami (LEMUN05-06)
(7) Sarah Shaheen (Pearl06-06)

(1) Nouf Al-Fraih, TalAl-Al-Rashoud, Khalid Shahroor, Shadi Al-Suwayeh, Yousef Dashti, Bader Al-Tukhaim and Fahed Al-Sultan (SAIMUN02-02)
(2) Sayed Al-Rifae (Pearl04-04)

(1) Sukaina Fakhral-Deen (Mini00-00)
(2) Ahmad Abduljader (Pearl01-01)
(3) Nasser Al-Aujan (Pearl02-02)
(4) Altaf Al-Dukair (Pearl03-03)
(5) Hamad Al-Sager, Saud Al-Subaie, Dheidan Al-Shammari, and Altaf Al-Dukair (AMMUNl03-03)
(6) Yasmeen Dashti (AAG05-05)
(7) Najeeba Hayat (Pearl06-06)

Jordan Ibrahim Abu-Saleh (Pearl04-04)

Kazakhstan Nasser Al-Qatami (Pearl03-03)*

(1) Nouf Al-Fraih, Khalid Shahroor, and Fahed Al-Sultan (DHOW/KFSAC01-02)
(2) Nourah Al-Khaled and Fatemah Boukhadour (AMMUN02-02)
(3) Shoug Al-Ghunaim (Pearl04-04)

(1) Reem Behbehani (CACMUN99-00)
(2) Besma Behbehani (Pearl03-03)

(1) Saud Al-Subaie, Abdullah Al-Mdaires, Fatima Abdulkareem, and Laila Barghouti (KITMUN03-03)
(2) Yasmeen Qaddumi (Pearl04-04)

(1) Fatemah Boukhadour (Pearl02-02)
(2) Abdullah Al-Khamis (Pearl03-03)*
(3) Mohammad Al-Zabin (Pearl04-04)
(4) Saoud Al-Sabah, Ibrahim Abu Saleh, and Ibrahim Abu Saleh (KITMUN06-06) [ICJ Case]

(1) Nasser Al-Shayah (CACMUN00-01)
(2) Ghazi Al-Sharhan, Shadi Al-Suwayeh, Ahmad Al-Kulaib, and Hamad Sultan (DHOW/KFSAC01-02)
(3) Abdullah Al-Ibrahim (Pearl04-04)
(4) Sulaiman Al-Khaled and Ahmad Al-Shammari [ICJ] (Pearl06-06)

(1) MishAl-Al-Rashoud (AISMUN03-03)
(2) Sirene Saddedin (Pearl03-03)

(1) Adel Al-Omar (Mini00-00)*
(2) Abdullah Al-Bourhamah (AISMUN03-03)
(3) Abdullah Al-Ibrahim (Pearl03-03)
(4) Yousef Al-Qaoud, Sarah Fakral-Deen, and Nouriya Al-Sager (AMMUN03-03)

Mauritania Khaled Al-Mutawa (Pearl06-06)

Mauritius Khaled Shahroor (Pearl02-02)

(1) Zooman Al-Mesbah (Pearl01-01)
(2) Khaled Al-Mutawa (Pearl06-06)

Moldava Noor Al-Mutawa (Pearl04-04)

(1) Reem Behbehani, Faye Al-Tukhaim, and Najwa Al-Bishir (KFSAC99-00)
(2) Muneera Al-Nibari (AISMUN-03)

Mozambiqe AbdulRazak Al-Kazemi, Bader Al-Fulaij, Hamad Al-Mousa, Hamad Al-Mufarrej, and Thenyan Al-Yagout (LEMUN05-06)

Myanmar Sarah Al-Sayer (Pearl04-04)

Namibia Mustafa Malaki (CACMUN99-00)

(1) Nouriya Al-Sager (Pearl03-03)
(2) Bader Abdulaziz (Pearl04-04)
(3) Emily Wei, Grace Liu, and Iris Chen (HSINMUN13-14)

Nepal Bader Al-Omairi (Pearl04-04)

The Netherlands
(1)Dhari Al-Ajeel, Yousef Khalef, AbdulRazzaq Al-Razooqi, Othman Al-Othman, Sulaiman Al-Khalid, and Mishal Karam (LEMUN05-06)
(2)Andrew Lee, Jordan Lai, Brian Wu, and Karim Butt (HSINMUN13-14)

New Zealand
(1) Ghazi Al-Sharhan (CACMUN00-01)
(2) Mohammad Ben Essa and Sarah Al-Dukair (AMMUN02-02)

Nasser Al-Aujan and Mishal-Al-Rashoud (AMMUN02-02)
Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Dalal Al-Jassim, and Sarah Abu Sha'ar (AISMUN07-07)

(1) Adel Al-Omar (CACMUN99-00)
(2) Khaled Shahroor (Pearl01-01)
(3) TalAl-Al-Rashoud, Bader Al-Tukhaim, Nada Al-Abduljader, and Yousef Dashti (DHOW/KFSAC01-02)
(4) Amna Al-Sager (ECOSOC) (Pearl02-02)
(5) Zooman Al-Mesbah (EC) (Pearl02-02)
(6) Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa (Pearl03-03)
(7) Reem Al-Dukhair (Pearl04-04)
(8) Ala'a Al-Shamlan, Fawaz Al-Khalid, Reem Al-Thekiar, and Tareq Askenani (AISMUNl07-07)

North Korea
(1) Dheidan Al-Shammari (Pearl03-03)
(2) Luma Al-Fulaij (Pearl04-04)
(3) Abdullah Al-Saleh (Pearl06-06)

(1) Mohammad Al-Essa (Pearl01-01)
(2) Sarah Al-Dukair (Pearl01-01)
(3) Latifa Ben Essa (Pearl02-02)
(4) Anwar Al-Muzaini (Pearl03-03)
(5) Ahmad Al-Qamlas (Pearl04-04)

Officers' Reports

Commission One Pre-Report AMMUN 2003
Hamad Al-Essa (AMMUN-03)

KITMUN 2006 Chair Reports
Sarah Al-Muzaini, Abdulaziz Al-Bahar, and Ahmad Al-Jouan (KITMUN-05)

ECOSOC President Pearl-MUN 2001
Nouf Al-Fraih (Pearl01-01)

Governor-General-Mini-MUN 1999
Mohammad Fakhral-Deen (Mini99-99)

Governor-General-Mini-MUN 2000
Saad Al-Ghawas (Mini00-00)

Governor-Generals Pearl-MUN 2004
Hamad Al-Essa, Khaled Al-Rubei, Khaled Shahroor, and Saja Fakhral-Deen (Mini00-00)

Governor-Generals Pearl-MUN 2006
Mays Abdulaziz, Saoud Al-Sabah, Abdullah Al-Mdaires, and Sara Fakhral-Deen (Pearl06-06)

Security Council Co-Presidents' Mini-MUN 2000
Mustafa Malaki and Nabil Al-Khaled(Mini00-00)

Security Council Presidents' Prework AAGIAC 2003
Saja Fakral-Deen (AAGIAC-03)

OIC Abdullah Behbehhani (Yale04-04)

OPCW Faisal-Al-Ibrahim (AISMUN03-03)

(1) Saud Al-Aujan (Pearl02-02)

(2) Nasser Al-Aujan [SC](Pearl03-03)

(3) Khaled Al-Rubei, Abdullah Behbehani, Ahmad Al-Shammari, Besma Jilani, and Nasser Al-Qatami (KITMUN03-03)

(4) Najeeba Hayat(Pearl04-04)
(5) Sara Fakhral-Deen, Yvette Ohanion, and Zaid Al-Marzouq (KITMUN05-05)
(6) Sara Abu Sha'ar, Nour Ghadanfar, and Eithar Al-Rushaid (GEMUN08-08)

The Palestinian Liberation Organization
(1) Mohammad Ben Essa (Pearl03-03)
(2) Manayer Al-Mujalhem (GEMUN08-08)

Paraguay Amna Al-Sager, Noura Al-Khaled, Dalia Al-Awad, and Alaa Al-Farra (KFSAC02-02)

Peru Abdulrahman Al-Ghanim (Pearl04-04)

(1) Sara Al-Muzaini (Pearl03-03)
(2) Zaid Al-Marzook, Saoud Al-Sabah, Bader Al-Omairi, Yasmeen Dashti, and Ibrahim Abu-Saleh (LEMUN05-06)
(3) Abdulaziz Al-Qatami (AAG05-05)

Poland Nour Gandanfar (Pearl06-06)

(1) Hamad Al-Saleh (CACMUN00-01)
(1) Nada Al-Abduljader, Abdullah Al-Asousi, Abdullah Al-Bourhamah, and Ghazi Al-Sharhan (SAIMUN02-02)

(1) Alaa Al-Farra (Pearl02-02)
(2) Salma Saddedin (Pearl03-03)
(3) Fatima Habeb (Pearl04-04)
(4) Danny Ben Salem (Pearl06-06)
(5) Ruby Tang (HSINMUN13-14)

The Red Cross Yousef Khalef (AAG05-05)


(1) CACMUN 1999

1999 CACMUN Group: Faye Al-Tukhaim, Shahd Dashti, FaisAl-Al-Shatti, Nabil Al-Khaled, Huda Al-Mousa, Saad Al-Ghawas, Reem Behbehani, Mustafa Malaki, Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, and Shadi Al-Suwayeh (CACMUN99-00)

(2) CACMUN 2000

2000 CACMUN Group: Saad Al-Ghawas, Sukaina Fakhral-Deen, Abdullah Al-Asousi, Adel Al-Omar, Nada Abduljader, Tareq Al-Rubei, Sarah Al-Dukair, Rakan Al-Bahar, Hessah Al-Malallah, Nasser Al-Shaya, Ghazi Al-Sharhan, Hamad Al-Saleh, Hamad Sultan, Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, Nabil Al-Khaled, Mustafa Malaki, Nouf Al-Fraih

(3) DHOW-MUN 2001

2001 DHOW-MUN Successful Submitters: Abdullah Asousi, Abdullah Bourhamah, Fahad Sultan, Sarah Al-Dukair, Yousef Dashti, Nada Al-Abduljader, Khaled Al-Rubei, Khaled Al-Humaidhi, Latifa Ben Essa, Zooman Al-Mesbah, and Shadi Al-Suwayeh

(4) Pearl-MUN 2002

2001 Pearl-MUN Successful Submitters: Muneera Al-Nibari, MishAl-Al-Rashoud, Nasser Al-Aujan, Amna Al-Sager, and Mohammad Ben Essa

(5) AMMUN 2002

2002 AMMUN (including successful main submitters): Amna Al-Sager, FaisAl-Al-Ibrahim Hamad Al-Essa, Khaled Al-Rubei, Saja Fakhral-Deen, Sarah Al-Dukair,

(6) Pearl-MUN 2003

2003 Pearl-MUN (including successful main submitters): Saud Al-Subaie, Abdullah Behbehani, Fatema Boukhadour, and Fahed Al-Rushaid)

(7) KITMUN 2003

2003 KITMUN (including all main submitters): Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Dheidan Al-Shamari, Nasser Al-Aujan, Mays Al-Saad, Hamad Al-Essa, Bader Al-Mailem, Hamad Al-Sager, Amna Al-Sager, Nouriya Al-Sager, Abdullah Al-Mdaires, Saud Al-Subaie Ahmad Al-Shammari, Abdullah Bebehani, Khaled Al-Rubei, Sarah Al-Muzaini)

(8) AMMUN 2003

(9) 2003 AMMUN (including all main submitters): Khaled Shahroor, Mays Al-Saad, Besma Behbehani, Amna Al-Sager, Khaled Al-Rubei, Mishal Al-Rashoud, Nasser Al-Aujan, Altaf Al-Kukiar, Hamad Al-Sager, Saud Al-Subaie, Dheidan Al-Shammari, Mohammd Ben Essa, Sarah Fakhral-Deen, Laila Barghouti, Abdullah Al-Mdaires, Bader Al-Mailem, Muneera Al-Nibari )

(9) Pearl-MUN 2004

2003 Pearl-MUN (including successful main submitters Mohammad Al-Zabin, Maha Sartawi, Nouriya Al-Sager, Duha Al-Ramadhan, Yousif Al-Qassar, Omar El-Kayyali, Sarah Al-Muzaini, Laila Barghouti, Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Sarah Fakhral-Deen, Luke Shaire, Abdullah Mdaires, and Mays Al-Sa'ad)

(9) KITMUN 2005

2005 KITMUN (including successful main submitters, Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Mohammad Al-Mailem, Yasmeen Dashti, Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Zaid Al-Marzouk, and Sara Fakral-Deen)

(10) LEMUN 2005

2005 LEMUN (including successful main submitters

(11) Pearl-MUN 2006

2006 Pearl-MUN (including successful main submitters: Nourhan Abdullah, Tala Cheik, Noor Al-Fayez, Ahmed Hadi, Lulu Al-Rodaini, Yusef Khalaf, Ghada Habib, Mohammad Smoul, and Dana Khader-failed

(1) Hamad Sultan (CACMUN00-01)
(2) Al'aa Al-Sayer (CACMUN00-01)
(3) Fahed Al-Rushaid (Pearl04-04)
(4) Bader Al-Omairi (AAG05-05)

The Russian Federation
(1) Hamad Sultan (Mini99-99)
(2) Mohammad Fakhral-Deen (CACMUN99-00)
(3) Hessa Al-Malallah (Mini00-00)
(4) Bader Al-Tukhaim (Pearl01-01)
(5) Khaled Al-Rubei (Pearl02-02)
(6) Saja Fakral-Deen, Yousef Dashti, Noufah Al-Sabah, Hamad Al-Essa, and MishAl-Al-Rashoud (KFSAC02-02)
(7) Abdullah Al-Asousi (AISMUN03-03)
(8) Muneera Al-Nibari [SC](Pearl03-03)
(9) Abdullah Al-Mdaires (AAG05-05)
(10) Abdulrahman Al-Ghanim, Hamad Al-Sager, Liala Arafet, Nour Ghadanfar, and Sarah Shahin (AISMUN07-07)

(1) Fahed Sultan (Pearl01-01)
(2) Hamad Al-Essa and Ahmad Shammari [ICJ Advocates] (AISMUN03-03)
(3) Laila Barghouti (Pearl03-03)
(4) Fatema Boukhadour and Altaf Al-Dukair (Pearl04-04)

Saint Kitts and Nevis Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, Nabil Al-Khaled, Adel Al-Omar, Faye Al-Tukhaim, Mustafa Malaki, Najwa Al-Bishir, Shadi Al-Suwayeh (THIMUN00-00)

Santa Lucia Abdullah Al-Asousi (Mini00-00)

San Marino Najeeba Hayat (KITMUN06-06)

Saudi Arabia
(1) Nouf Al-Fraih (Mini00-00)
(2) Ahmad Al-Jouran (Pearl03-03)
(3) Amna Al-Sager, Hamad Al-Sager, Besma Behbehani, Altaf Al-Dukair, Khaled Al-Rubei, Bader Al-Mailem, Nasser Al-Aujan, Fahed Al-Rushaid, Hamad Al-Sager, Saud Al-Subaie, Muneera and Al-Nibari (Yale04-04)

Singapore Yvette Ohanion (Pearl04-04)

Slovakia Nour Gandanfar, Sara Abu Sha'ar, Hamad Al-Sager, Khaled Al-Mutawa, and Ala'a Al-Shamlan (KITMUN06-06)

Slovenia Sarah Al-Dalali and Zaineb Hassan (SAIMUN02-02)

The Solomon Islands Adel Al-Omar, Khaled Al-Rubei, FaisAl-Al-Ibrahim, Khaled Al-Humaidhi, and Saja Fakhral-Deen (SAIMUN02-02)

Somalia Hessah Al-Malallah, Latifa Ben Essa, Abdulrahman Al-Shatti, Mohammad Ben Essa, and Zooman Al-Mesbah (SAIMUN02-02)

South Africa
(1) Dana Al-Essa (Pearl01-01)
(2) Alaa Al-Sayer (Pearl03-03)
(3) Alia Al-Sager (Pearl06-06)

South Korea
(1) Mohammad Fakhral-Deen (CACMUN00-01)
(2) FaisAl-Al-Ibrahim (Pearl01-01)
(3) Ahmad Al-Shamari (Pearl02-02)
(4) Yousef Al-Qaoud (Pearl03-03)
(5) Muneera Al-Jouan (Pearl06-06)
(6) Vivian Cheng and Maggie Chen (HSINMUN13-14)

(1) Zooman Al-Mesbah (Pearl03-03)
(2) Nasser Al-Qatami (Pearl04-04)
(3) Ahmed Al-Jouan (Pearl04-04)
(4) Hamad Al-Mufarrej, etc. (AISMUN07-07)

Sri Lanka
Nouf Al-Fraih, Hessa Malallah, Nada Abduljadder, and Sarah Al-Dukair (KFSAC00-01)

Muneera Al-Jouan, Fawaz Al-Khalid, Sara Al-Sayer, and Dalal Al-Jassim (KITMUN06-06)

The Sudan
(1) Nabil Al-Khaled (CACMUN00-01)
(2) Sulaiman Al-Omar (Pearl01-01)
(3) Maha Sartawi (Pearl04-04)

Swaziland Muneera Al-Nibari, Fatemah Boukhadour, Sarah Al-Dalali, and Hessa Al-Malallah (KFSAC02-02)

Switzerland Fatima Al-Abdulkareem, Sara Al-Muzaini, and Laila Barghouti (AMMUN03-03)

Sweden Julia Semenyuk, Jamie Wu, and Stephanie Chen (HSINMUN13-14)

(1) Nada Abduljadder (Mini00-00)
(2) Khaled Al-Rubei, TalAl-Al-Rashoud, Zaineb Hassan, FaisAl-Al-Ibrahim, and Nasser Al-Aujan (KFSAC02-02)
(3) Mishal-Al-Rashoud (Pearl03-03)
(4) Abdullah Al-Mdaires, Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, and Ahmed Al-Qamlas (AMMUN03-03)
(5) Mishal Karam (Pearl04-04)
(6) Dana Khader (Pearl06-06)

Tajikistan Ahmad Shahroor (Pearl04-04)

(1) MishAl-Al-Rashoud, Altaf Al-Dukair, Sarah Fakhral-Deen, and Yousef Al-Quaid (KITMUN03-03)
(2) Dalal Al-Jassim (Pearl06-06)

(1) Areej Al-Bader (Pearl02-02)
(2) Mohammad Ben Essa, Ahmad Shammari, Abdullah Bourhamah, and Hamad Al-Sager (KFSAC02-02)
(3) Fatima Al-Abdulkareem (Pearl04-04)
(4) Sarah Shahin and Hamad Al-Sager (AMMUN06-06)

(1) Adel Al-Omar, Abdullah Al-Asousi, Ghazi Al-Sharah, Nasser Al-Shaya, Rakan Al-Bahar (KFSAC00-01)
(2) Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi, Sulaiman Al-Omar, Khalid Al-Rubie, and Saja Fakhral-Deen (DHOW/KFSAC01-02)
(3) Ala'a Al-Shamlan (Pearl06-06)

(1) Saud Al-Otaibi (Pearl02-02)
(2) Dalia Al-Awadi (AISMUN03-03)
(3) Lulu Al-Mishari (Pearl03-03)
(4) Nouriya Al-Sager (Pearl04-04)
(5) Dana Khader, Sara'a Abu Shaaar, and Fawaz Al-Khalid (AMMUN06-06)

Turkmenistan Nasser Al-Qatami, Bader Al-Mailem, and Abdullah Behebani (AMMUN03-03)

The Ukraine Thenyan Al-Yagout (Pearl06-06)

(1) Shadi Al-Suwayeh (CACMUN99-00)
(2) Ala'a Al-Sayer, Muneera Al-Nibari, and Noufah Al-Sabah (AMMUN03-03)

UNAIDS Nourah Al-Khaled (AISMUN03-03)

UNDCP Mohammad Ben Essa (Yale04-04)

(1) Sukaina Fakhral-Deen (TIMUN00-00)
(2) Hessa Al-Malallah (TIMUN00-00)

(3) Mohammad Ben Essa (AISMUN03-03)

UNESCO Saja Fakhral-Deen (AISMUN03-03)

The UNHCR Hamad Sultan (TIMUN00-00)

UNICEF Nasser Al-Qatami (Yale04-04)

The UNWRA Mishal Al-Rashoud (Yale04-04)

The United Arab Emirates Fatema Abdul-Kareem, Aziz Al-Mutawa, Yvette Ohanions, and Reem Al-Thekair (LEMUN05-06)

United Kingdom
(1) Mohammad Fakhral-Deen (Mini00-00)
(2) Mustafa Malaki (CACMUN00-01)
(3) Mustafa Malaki, Hamad Sultan, Maryem Al-Hamad, Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, Sukaina Fakhral-Deen (KFSAC00-01)
(4) Latifa Ben Essa (Pearl01-01)
(5) Mohammad Ben Essa (Pearl02-02)
(6) Mays Al-Saad (Pearl04-04)

United States
(1) Saad Al-Ghawas (Mini99-99)
(2) Mustafa Malaki and Nabil Al-Khaled (Mini00-00)
(3) Aziz Al-Ateeqi, [Security Council] (Pearl01-01)
(4) Abdullah Bourahmah [ECOSOC] (Pearl01-01)
(5) Hamad Al-Essa, [Security Council] (Pearl02-02)
(6) Zaineb Al-Mousa, [ECOSOC] (Pearl02-02)
(7) TalAl-Al-Rashoud (AISMUN03-03)
(8) Fatema Boukhadour (Pearl03-03) [GA]
(9) Khaled Shahroor (Pearl03-03) [ICJ Advocate]
(10) Abdullah Al-Asousi (Pearl03-03) [SC]
(11) Muneera Al-Nibari and Saja Fakhral-Deen (KITMUN03-03) [ICJ]
(12) Abdullah Al-Mdaires (Pearl04-04) [GA]
(13) Dheidan Al-Shammari (Pearl04-04) [SC]
(14) Abdulaziz Al-Bahar (AAG05-05) [SC]
(15) Abdulaziz Al-Qatami (Qatar06-06) [US Ambassador]
(16) Abdullah Mdaires, Sara Fakhral-Deen, Saoud Al-Sabah, Dhari Al-Jaleel, Mishal Karam, and Hamad Al-Mufarrej (Qatar06-06) [All]
(17) Dana Khader (Pearl06-06) [GA]

US Department of Homeland Security Saja Fakral-Deen (Yale04-04)

US Security Council Saja Fakral-Deen (Yale04-04)

Uruguay Noufah Al-Sabah, Besma Behbehani, and Sarah Al-Muzaini (KITMUN03-03)

The Vatican (the Holy See) Sara Al-Dalali (Pearl03-03)

(1) Maryem Al-Hamad (Mini00-00)
(2) Tareq Al-Rubei, Besma Al-Mutawa, Faye Al-Tukhaim, Hamad Al-Saleh, (Mini00-00)
(3) Fahed Al-Rushaid (Pearl03-03)
(4) Mariam Dashti, Hamad Al-Mufarrej, and Yousef Khalaf (KITMUN05-05)

WHO Tareq Al-Rubei (TIMUN00-00)

The World Bank Yousef Dashti (AISMUN03-03)

The World Food Program Mohammed Al-Mailem (Qatar06-06)

Yemen Anada Prabhan (Pearl06-06)

Yugoslavia [ICJ] Ahmad Al-Jouan, Hashim Hassan, Mohammad Al-Mailem, and Sara Al-Muzaini (KITMUN03-03)

Zambia Mohammad Al-Zabin (Pearl03-03)

Zimbabwe Nouf Al-Fraih (CACMUN00-01)

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