Country: Mauritania

Event: Pearl-MUN 2006

Khaled Al-Mutawa

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The Mauritian National Anthem


Country Profile

Political Structure:

Mauritania is a republic, and is counted as a state. The country does not have much freedom, and has lot of problems with other countries. The country has poverty all around the region, and still is paying millions of billions of dollars each month, just to get more and more protection and more weapons.



Mauritania is in Northern Africa, The country is bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Senegal and Western Sahara, Algeria is at the northern East Side of the country, and Mali is at the east side.

The country is a desert, so that means that the climate they've got is constantly hot, dry, and dusty, sirocco wind blows primarily in March and April.


Natural Resources:

Mauritania has lots of caves, mines, and tunnels, where the country can get iron ore, gypsum, copper, phosphate, diamonds, gold, oil. But unfortunately, all the money and goods are given either to the tourists that come or the French merchants that have all their businesses their. An other natural source is the ocean the country has, which is the North Atlantic Ocean, where fish and pearls are located.


Cultural Facts:

Mauritania is considered as a Muslim country, where the Muslims are more than 50%. Mauritania has 100% Muslims, and no other religions.

Mauritania has a cultural event each year, which is having the blacks dance and African song, with their wives. That dance is called by "La Twestaque D'ónqu". This means that either the man or male of the family is getting support behind him no matter what happens.

Each and every member of the family usually dances this dance; the family members who are bragging about their strength and power against other communities and people usually dance the dance. After a while of having the dance, the men usually fight, and the winner wins money and food to live with his family happily ever after, and the loser loses his life and dies.



Mauritania is known as a poor country, some people don't even have the money to get food. Some people have the maximum of 11$ as a salary for a month.

50% of the population still depends on agriculture and livestock for a livelihood, even though many of the nomads and subsistence farmers were forced into to go to the cities in the 1970s and 1980s. Mauritania has lots of deposits of iron ore, which are approximately 40% of total exports.

Mauritania has one of the world's coastal waters among the richest fishing areas in the world, but foreigners threaten this key source. The country's first deep-water port opened near Nouakchott in 1986. In the past, drought and economic mismanagement resulted in a buildup of foreign debt, which now stands at more than three times the level of annual exports.

In 2001, exploratory oil wells in tracts 80 km offshore indicated potential extraction at current world oil prices.

Mauritania has an estimated 1 billion barrels of proven reserves. Substantial oil production and exports are scheduled to begin in early 2006 and may average 75,000 barrels per day for that year.



The Mauritanian Armed Forces are: Army, Navy (Marine Mauritanienne; includes Naval Infantry), Air Force (Force Aerienne Islamique de Mauritanie, FAIM)

The Mauritanian government spends over $19.32 million per year for all the types of weapons.

The appropriate ages that the Mauritanian Movements accept are 18-49 years of age conscript service obligation for two years; majority of servicemen believed to be volunteers; service in Air Force and Navy is voluntary.

The males that wanted to enter the army from ages 18-49: were 606,463 men approximately at June 2005, and the ones that were accepted were 370,513 men approximately. That means that half were not as good as the governments wanted them to be.


View on world problems:

The Mauritanian Government claims that The Western Sahara is theirs, so there is a conflict between them, Spain, and Morocco on the land.

Like all Arab countries, Mauritania wants peace and to stop the war in Palestine, so that all the Arab countries and Muslim countries can get the free Palestine they all dreamt of for the past 50 years.

Mauritania also thinks that it is incorrect to have the United States of America and some European countries "invade" Iraq, and also thinks that they should leave at the fastest time possible.



Mauritania is a country that was under the force of France in the paste, where in 1960, the country got its freedom, but part of the country was missing. In 1976, the country got the Western Sahara after many difficulties. Maaouya Ould Sid Ahmed TAYA was the first to run for president at 1984. There were a lot of parties that were facing problems with him at that time, after working hard to get the presidential job, he failed the task and no one ran for president till 1991. Mauritania now is facing a huge problem, which is solving the problems between the big population of blacks and less amount of population of Barbar Arabs.




Policy Statements





Issue 1: Development in African Countries
Country: Mauritania
Person: Fawaz Al-Khalid

Having studied that 21% of African countries are 75% developed. A regular African would live with 11$ per month, for a family with five, six, or maybe seven members in a family

Alarmed by these Africans don’t even have a shelter to live in, nor the food or pure water to drink from.

Expressing its appreciation Thanks to H.R.O.P.N Humanitarian Rehabilitation Organization for the Poor and Needy), which is a non-governmental organization, which is located in the Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia. It was given to both the African people who were facing problems in their daily lives, and to the governments who are facing poverty as a daily problem. This organization is giving money to the homeless, and is trying to pay most of the loans of the poor with no repaying

Deeply disturbed that Africans are not having the opportunity to work, nor have the enough knowledge needed to work with, and still have people who are lazy to work,

Believing that most of the Africans can get the chance to live a happy and successful life, where they would get the food they like, and the houses and homes needed,

Taking into full consideration that if this committee is located in other poor countries in Africa, other than the countries listed upwards, the Africans would live a happier life, a more decent one, where they would live happily ever-after,

Expressing it satisfaction we, as a Muslim and Arabian country, would like to have branches in Mauritania and other Arabian and Muslim countries who are facing life problems, like Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Niger, Ethiopia,

1. Declares the formation an organization called AOFD (African Organizations for Development);

2. Draws the attention that this organization will be committed to do the following things:
A) Visit the most "undeveloped" countries in Africa, where the organization is going to have the money donations to the people and not to the governments,
B) Have branches in most of the African continent,
C) Will have branches out of Africa, so that the stress of money and banking would be in a developed country or continent near Africa, so that the money loans wouldn’t get robed, and the security management would be dealing very well with the money given to the people.

3. Notes that governments are not allowed to be in these organizations, and the UN is going to:
A) Check if the amount of money is given to the right people at the right time,
B) Decide weather the country citizens really need the money to develop their daily lives, and not anything besides that,
C) Go around the African Union countries, and visit the poor and needy only,
D) Choose the suitable person to be in charge of how the money is spent, in which country it is spent, and who is really going to deserve the money;

4. Draws the attention that not all the poor people who come to the organization deserve the money, the money given is not going to be given at ounce, but at least after a week or two, to check the economy of the people and families;

5. Urges that the money given is not to be returned from the people, because this organization is willing to give the Africans a respectful life for once, but most important is to get them the food they should of ate a long time a go;

6. Further proclaim that in order the people or family get the money, they must:
A) Give the organization detailed information about each and everyone of them,
B) Be a group of two or more, the priority would be given to the groups at first and then to an individual,
C) Information about how the money is going to be used;

7. Further Resolves that the outer branches are going to be sending the money that is needed each day, the money may take 2-3 days of shipping;

8. Affirms that the UN is going to be responsible for the shipping at all the times, and the UN is going to choose a suitable African manager to take care of the money and how it is spent;

9. Draws full attention to the fact that the people who are receiving the money will have to report to the branch located in their country, showing the responsible staff over their how their body functions are changing, and how they are living a happier life, and then tell the staff what they need, and what is missing, and if there is something missing, the UN is going to be responsible for the money lost or ungiven;

10. Takes note that the money consumers are going to get the money they need as a monthly rate, which means that they will get the money they requisitioned on as a monthly salary, every month, 12 times a year, until they get their feats on the ground and start their businesses and jobs;

11. Further proclaims if these people did not come to the every two week "meeting", then the UN will hire an African and a staff of his/her who will take over coming to their own shelter, if they had one, and will:
A) Make sure that the money is used properly,
B) Check why the group did not appear on the meeting,
C) Check if the group needs more money or not,
D) Inform the groups about new information about the money and about the organization,
E) Give successful ideas to the groups, about how to use the money wisely, and what to do with it (like studying, building a house, getting exact amount of food not more, so that they would use the money left in a better way;

12. Confirms that the "investigators" should be Africans, and the country of that person should rotate from an African country to an other every two years, which means that all the countries will have a turn of taking that job, and the African Union is the one who decides who is good enough to take on the responsibility;

13. Emphasizes that the people who are not using the money wisely and in a good way, the money is going to be taken away from them, and would be given to an other group;

14. Further proclaims if the money is used in a wise and good way, then the organization is going to give a scholarship to the best group, and the group is going to choose a subject that they would be needing it for, like education, building houses, having their own businesses;

15. Trusts that with the working hands of those Africans, the continent may grow and grow in the future, and may be an independent continent that does not need the mercy and help of other countries;

16. Supports that this organization will be a big help on the economy of the countries, and the successful lives of the people who are living there;

17. Calls upon all countries and delegates to vote for this successful resolution, which is trying to help the African people’s lives, and has no relation with governments, and still is willing to help the governments. If you were an African country, your vote should be added to this, and if you weren’t an African country and still want Africa to be independent, vote for this resolution.




Opening Speech

In the African continent, where all the love and poverty meet at the same place, where the good and bad are living, and the poor are dying, where having a tough and risky job that may have you lose your life, and still can not be enough to get an old drenched pencil to write about their fears over the nights, and the hard times to be faced at the afternoons, and the hunger they would face at the mornings.

The tears of adorable children turning from vague to the crimson color, the color of the fathers that are dying each day from the war they have, or maybe of the blood that isn't having the path of food or water to pass through their veins, or maybe when seeing a loved person, like their moms, die in front of them, just to give their only children the food that was given to the cow they had in the past, the cow that was giving them the milk and meat, the cow that either died from the decreasing amounts of water and food, or that was stolen by a rich person that did not receive the loans that were given from him to these poor people. What a life, ha? No shelter to prevent the heat of the burning summer, no shelter to prevent the cold days of winter, no shelter to protect them from enemies, no shelter to give them the privacy each one of us needs, no, no, no, and no would probably be a good word to be said to them at all times. May god bless Mauritania and the Mauritanians for the precious time and precious lives that are dedicated to the will of "I CAN SURVIVE!"