Organization: The UNDP

Student: Mohammad Ben Essa

Event: AISMUN 2003



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Organization Profile:
The United Nations
Development Program


UNDP Functions

UNDP's work in democratic governance the UNDP works with of over 166 offices around the world with democratic governance institutions. UNDP helps the idea of human poverty, social addition, women's empowerment, and respect for human rights matter for poverty reduction. To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and reduce its impact, developing countries need to mobilize all governments and societies, the UNDP is planning to build mobilized clines in undeveloped countries to help reduce the amount of people dying.



The UNDP was first announced in 1945, since 1975, the UNDP decided to enlarge and improve its appointment with civil society performer.

Later as the UNDP has expanded and more developed, promises by UNDP has extend since then, as CSOs have come to be supposed as new in meeting community needs, awareness of local traditions and situation. This change in awareness was reflected in 1986 when at the case of UNDP's Governing Council a separate division, now at liberty the Civil Society Division, was established at headquarters with the specific objectives of attractive UNDP's involvement with organizations of civil society.

In the 1990's have proven fundamental for UNDP's approach with civil society organizations, the World Summit of Social Development held in 1995 that called upon the international community, including all performers of civil society to completely contribute their own share of efforts and resources toward supporting with the global objective of poverty decreasing. It is from this commitment that UNDP gets it permission to enlarge its work with CSOs. The concept and practices of Civil Society Organizations are now firmly well-established as an integral part of UNDP's work at country, regional, and global levels.

The United Nations Development Program gets its permission to work with civil society from the guiding law of the UN system. The UNís principle has been strengthened by UNDP Administrative decisions to make a maintaining human development and poverty eradication the overriding goals of UNDP.



Budget considerations

Most of the budget of that UNDP comes from that allies budget, the countries help the organization with its budget and the organization helps the country to solve is problem in various ways. And the rest of the budget comes from projects done by the UNDP, in countries that are in need of help. UNDP spends a lot of money over the years since it was issued, there isnít a fixed amount that the UNDP pays over a year or so, but it all depends on the projects that are taking place, different project costs different amount of money like for example UNDP to fund conservation on Mount Kenya this is one of the projects that the UNDP funded, and in total the UNDP spent $5.2 million dollars.

Some of the budget is by donations from the ally countries, the democratic countries, because the UNDP helped some of these countries to get rid of their problems, poverty, and helping the country become a democratic country. As the UNDP has helped some countries so the countries helped them by donations and some of the budgets come from regular payments.



Political Allies

The UNDP has a lot of allies, allies is to place in a friendly association, as by treaty

1. The United States of America
2. Thailand
3. Norway
4. Sweden
5. Austria
6. India
7. The United Kingdom
8. Cuba
9. Switzerland
10. Canada
11. New Zealand
12. Indonesia
13. The Netherlands
14. The republic of Korea
15. France
16. Japan
17. Denmark
18. Australia
19. Italy
20. Saudi Arabia
21. Spain
22. Finland
23. Ireland
24. China
25. India
26. Germany
27. Japan
28. Sri Lanka
29. Belgium

The UNDP has a lot of allies, most of the countries that are allies with the UNDP organization are democratic countries, these democratic countries have signed a treaty with the UNDP on Thursday, 16 Aug. 2001, on the to promote open and democratic access to the Internet in developing countries to foster development. And have shared projects over the years about how to solve the problem of poverty worldwide, and other projects that would help the UNDP reach its goal.



Strengths and Weaknesses


All organizations have strength and weaknesses, but some of them are doing really good, and they are improving yearly over, they are really landing on their feet, when I say this I am usually talking about the UNDP, the UNDP is a well organized organization they is lead by a group of people representing each country and states (if needed), the UNDP is developing specific proposals to strengthen its co-ordination role within the UN system.

After a campaign by environmentalists, human rights groups, labor unions and other non-governmental organizations a leading UN agency abandoned its perilous partnership with a group of transnational corporations whose tarnished human rights, environmental and development records threatened to rub off on the world body.

One of the UNDP weaknesses that it cannot control the human rights of other countries, some countries do not give the people their rights, and some countries give only the men their rights but a man and a women is the same they have to have equal rights.




Draws the attention that the UNDP mainly focuses on helping other countries that are most needed for help not only solving the problems also helping them set a new project that would benefit their country,

Takes note of the most successful projects that the UNDP organized to help other countries like the international day for the eradication of poverty that was help on October 17th 2002,

Calls upon all the great projects that the UNDP did in favor of other countries, like Indonesia, the UNDP helped Indonesia in Radio broadcasts on world poverty and UNDP public service announcements, and in the Workshop series on the environment,

Encourages all the organization to have successful projects that would benefit the country and to benefit them in some way,

Calls upon that the UNDP in some projects bail or give up on it and they would leave the country with a huge problem, then the country would fail and it would suffer more that it is already suffering,

Expresses it hopes that the UNDP will be more socialized and would be more into successful projects, rather than being in bad failing projects,

1. Draws the attention to the fact that in order to have a perfect organization the first thing that should be done is an increase in the budget;

2. Supports that organizations that are sharing their projects with other organization in order for the other organization to help other countries;

3. Requests that the UNDP will hire one hundred specialized people, in planning the project before it being studied;

4. Calls upon that the UNDP will hire two hundred specialized people, in studying the projects before it would be started.





Opening speech

Greeting all fellow delegates and organizations, this is the UNDP (United Nation Development Program) the UNDP stands here before you to help improve the world, make the world a better place, make peace every where, peace, peace is "The absence of war or other hostilities", the UNDP is not a perfect organization because there is no organization perfect all of them needs improvement. One of the most successful projects that the UNDP organized is that the UN mandate of providing humanitarian assistance continues to prevail in Iraq, a Country Strategy Note and a Country Co-operation Framework do not exist.

The UNDP would like to congratulate some of the organization for doing an excellent job like the IMF (International monetary fund), for funding some popular projects that are successful, and the UNDP would like to congratulate UNICEF is a successful organization, UNICEF helps children around the world, children unfortunate enough to be facing world hunger, famine, disease, and even the inevitable death.