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The Egyptian National Anthem


Due to the War, Bayan did not attend this event. However, students did complete their written work posted here.

Hopefully, we'll return to Egypt another day.

ECOSOC Assignments

Australia-Zaineb Hassan
Egypt-Sarah Al Dalali
Libya-Mishal Al Rashoud


1. Food security and effects increasing agricultural production.
2. Economics of tourism and government incentives for foreign investment in large scale construction projects to attract foreign visitors.
3. Spurring trade bloc integration and closer regional economic ties.
Action paper/presentation: Review of the ethics of globalization and the role of NGOs.

International Court of Justice Assignments

Lead Attorney: Hamad Al Essa
Second Attorney: Ahmad Al Shammari

Click hereto read the trial preparation documents

Case: DR Congo versus Rwanda
Action paper/presentation: Review of appropriate compensation for prisoner slave laborers and restitution of cultural property removed during wars in the 20th century.

General Assembly Assignments

To read the written work, click on the students' name below.

Deputy Chair: Abdullah Bourhamah (B)
Deputy Chair: Muneera Al Nibari (A)

China-Noufah Al Sabah
Cuba-Khaled Al Rubei
Germany-Hamad Al Sager
Iraq-Nasser Al Aujan
Malaysia-Abdullah Al Bourhamah
Morocco-Muneera Al Nibari
Russia-Russia Abdullah Al Asousi
Turkey-Turkey Dalia Al Awadi

General Assembly Issues

GA "A"

1. Prevention and spread of the deadly diseases of Ebola, Marburg Virus, and Smallpox, including international scientific cooperation to expedite the search for vaccines and measures to insure the worldwide availability of affordable patent medications, and address the social and economic costs of epidemic breakouts.
2. Human rights and welfare of indigenous peoples, including promoting their status within countries and building a network to assure that human rights are not abridged and cultural contributions are acknowledged.
3. Action paper/presentation: Review of modern sanctuary and asylum methods as a means of safeguarding lives and protecting property.

GA "B"

1. Control of racism and incitement to violence and anarchy on the internet.
2. Biodiversity and protection, conservation and reintroduction of endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, including implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
3. Action paper/presentation: Review of economic sanctions as a means of compulsion imposed upon countries to encourage or punish domestic activities.

Security Council Assignments and Issues

The United States-United States-Talal Al Rashoud
Ireland-Ireland-Amna Al Sager

Security Council Issues
1. Risk of nuclear proliferation and high tech weapons transfers to the Middle East and Central and South Asia.
2. Review of the complex emergency situation in Somalia. 3. Elimination of international terrorism.
4. Special humanitarian and disaster relief assistance in Afghanistan.
5. Other crisis issues as the Security Council may choose to address.
6. Action paper/presentation: Review of humanitarian justifications for violating sovereignty and interceding in domestic affairs of respective countries.

Guarding the Dojo

FAO-Fatema Boukhadour
OPCW-Faisal Al Ibrahim
UNAIDS-Noura Al Khaled Boukhadour
UNDP-Mohammad Ben Essa
UNESCO-Saja Fakhral-Deen
World Bank-Yousef Dashti

From Bowling to Boating: Exploring Cairo

Okah, so these are not pictures of the trip since we didn't go yet, but these show some things we might see on the trip.

Egyptian football

Egyptian hospitality.

The world's biggest sign for horseback riding.

The lone rangers?

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