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The Genoa Model United Nations 2008

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The Italian National Anthem

GEMUN 2008

Selected members of the MUN group will go to important and historic GENOA for GEMUN.

8 Al-Bayan students will travel to Geno, Italy, for GEMUN, the Genoa Model United Nations. Sophomore Dalal Al-Jassim will serve as an officer at the event, one of the few non-Genoese excepted in such a position.

An all-star group of girls will represent Pakistan. These include Sara Abu Sha'ar, ambassador, who won the top debater position in the KDL last year. She's joined by fellow sophomore Nour Ghadanfar, who served as an officer at AMMUN and freshman Eithar Al-Rushaid, who just completed a season as British style debater. It's an experienced group that must guide a troubled, though important country through a rough period.

Another less experienced group will try to bring glory to BBS through representing Angola, a regional power and newly rich state in Southern Africa. These include Bader Ben Salem, provisional ambassador, Mohammed Al-Ghanim, and Hamad Al-Awadhi joined by returning veteran junior Munira Al-Jouan.

All in all, this should be an exciting an historical trip for BBS.

Official Press Release by the GEMUN Staff

A Map of the GEMUN area.

The map of Italy, highlighting Genoa


MUN Director: Ms. Dina Kotelnikova

GeMUN 2008 - We invite you to Genoa

Dear visitors,

This site is dedicated to the Model United Nations developed by a group of Schools and the University of Genoa, Italy

This was GENOA at its height.

GEMUN Committee:

1. Istituzione Deledda International School, Civico Liceo Linguistico Paritario "G. Deledda"
2. Deutsche Schule Genua
3. Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Statale "L. Einaudi- G. Casaregis-G. Galilei"
4. Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Statale Commerciale e Industriale "Primo Levi"
5. Liceo Scientifico "Nicoloso da Recco" (Recco) and Liceo Classico e Linguistico "Da Vigo" (Rapallo)
6. American International School of Genoa

1. FacoltÓ di Scienze Politiche - Faculty of Political Sciences
2. FacoltÓ di Lingue e Letterature Straniere - Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature
3. FacoltÓ di Giurisprudenza - Faculty of Law

A regional map of Italy

The BBS students arrived at Amsterdam airport safe and sound after a long and tiring plane ride. The weather was cold and rainy. The Holiday Inn hotel in Leiden was adequate for keeping them alive for the next 6 days. It turned out not many of the students wanted to sleep even though many hadn't slept all on the airplane. We all went to Leiden town and ate Subway subs while touring the very pretty little town's beautiful old churches and local shops and cheese stands. As it got dark outside and the chill was too much to bear, we went down to a little restaurant by the canal and nearly fell asleep in the steak.


Human Rights Committee (HR-Com)
Disarmament Committee (Disarm)
Special Conference on Planet Earth IYPE [International Year of Planet Earth](Sp.Con)
Economic and Social Council
Security Council (SC)
Mediterranean Conference (MedCon)

The City of Genoa


Wednesday, February 27th
1000-1230 City tour for delegates or Aquarium Tour 1 - free or additional cost
1000-1300 Workshop/meeting for chairs
1300-1800 Registration of delegates
1400-1500 Delegates and staff available for journalists
1400-1600 Community housing starts
1400-1600 City tour or Aquarium Tour 2 - free or additional cost
1500-1600 Press meeting

Thursday, February 28th
0800-0900 Last registration
0900-1230 Lobbying
1000-1130 MUN Directors orientation meeting
1230-1330 Lunch break
1300-1400 MUN Directors welcome
1300-1330 Ambassador meeting
1330-1400 New delegates meeting
1400-1700 Opening Ceremony
1900-2100 Dinner for delegates and officers [Additional cost]
0900-1230 HRCom, Disarm, Sp.Con, SC, ECOSOC, MedCon in session
0930-1530 Cultural Programme for MUN-Directors
1300-1330 Lunch break
1330-1700 HRCom, Disarm, Sp.Con, SC, ECOSOC, MedCon in session
1730-1900 Aquarium Tour 3 - additional cost
Saturday, March 1st
0900-1200 HRCom, Disarm, Sp.Con, SC, ECOSOC, MedCon in session
1200-1300 Lunch break
1300-1630 HRCom, Disarm, Sp.Con, SC, ECOSOC, MedCon in session
1430-1530 Workshop: MUN in your school (international education) for MUN Directors
1630-1730 Closing ceremony
2100-2400 Dance party (Disco)

Sunday, March 2nd
0900-1300 Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso, Historical Centre Tour 4 - free
0900-1900 Trip to Pisa and Florence by ISCRA Viaggi Tour 5 - additional cost**
0900-1900 Monte Carlo Nice by ISCRA Viaggi Tour 6 - additional cost**

For further information please see the cultural program **Optional excursion: Half day to Portofino and Santa Margherita: 27 Eur per person
Full day to Nizza Monte Carlo: 38 Eur per person
Full day to Florence and Pisa: 53 Eur per person
Optional transfers: Malpensa airport/ Genoa Htl: euro 280 by minibus 8 seats euro 350 by minibus 16 seats euro 430 by bus 30 seats Apt Genoa/Htl Genoa or Htl Genoa/ Gemun seat: euro 100 by minibus 8 seats euro 130 by minibus 16 seats euro 165 by bus 30 seats Restaurants: Lunch and dinner starting from 12 euro per person Important information: the excursions will be confirmed only if there are at least 25 participants for each trip. If you want to book these services or for further information, don't hesitate to contact Iscra Viaggi at

Schools Registered

Already registered for GeMUN 2008 are:

Austria: Vienna International School, Vienna
Bangladesh: Northern University, Dhaka
China: Jiaotong University Affiliated School, Xi'an
Egypt: New Cairo British International School
Germany: Bamberg HS
Italy: (1) Italy Civico Liceo Linguistico A. Manzoni, Milan
(2) Italy Civico Istituto Duchessa di Galliera, Genoa
(3) Italia Deutsche Schule Genua, Genoa
(4) I.S. Einaudi Casaregis Galilei, Genoa
(5) Liceo Linguistico Internazionale G. Deledda, Geona
(6) International School of Genoa, Genoa
(7) Liceo Scientifico Statale, "G.D.CASSSINI," Genoa
(8) Canadian College, Lanciano
(9) Sir James Henderson School, Milano
(10) L.S.S. "Nicoloso Da Recco" sez ass L.C.S. "Da Vigo," Reco
Kuwait : Al-Bayan Bilingual School
Qatar: Qatar Leadership Academy, Al-Khor
Saudi Arabia: Dhahran High School, Al-Khobar
Spain: International College Spain, Madrid
Sri Lanka: Ananda College, Colombo
Turkey: Kadikoy Anadolu LisesiIstanbul, Istanbul
United States: (1) Burlington High School, Vermont
(2) Regional High School, Holden, Massachusetts
(3) Edison High School, Huntington Beach, California
(4) Mount Hermon, Santa Ana, California
(5) Century High School, Tustin, California

Student Officers

(they will nominated until the 29th January 2008)

Secretary General
Chair of the General Assembly
Two Co-chairs, Deputy chair of the General Assembly
Chair, Co-chair, Deputy chair of the Special Conference on Energy
Chair, Co-chair, Deputy chair of the Security Council
Chair, Co-chair, Deputy chair of the Economic and Social Council
Chair, Co-chair, Deputy chair of the Meditterranean Committee

For more information of the conference we refer to

GEMUN 2008 Issues

GEMUN 2008 Topics

Human Rights Committee, GA (HR-Com)
1. Ethical principles and human rights linked to the issue of bioethics
2. Prevention and treatment of HIV infection with a special focus on its social impact
3. Guaranteeing the right of education to children to reintegrate those associated with groups and/or armed forces

Disarmament and International Security Committee (Disarm)
1. Guaranteeing respect of the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction
2. Defeating transnational organized crime
3. Measures to curb the availability and subsequent possession and proliferation of small arms & light weapons (SALW) in the African Countries

Special Conference on Planet Earth IYPE [International Year of Planet Earth] (Sp.Con)
1. New strategies to approach global warming
2. Measures of raising social awareness of the values of natural resources to safeguard the planet
3. Measures of promoting the realisation of scientific achievement

Security Council (SC)
1. Open agenda (It will be decided in Jannuary)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
1. The problem of oil and gas resources
2. World Information society: risk and opportunity
3. The creation of an international programme of cooperation in order to promote the intellectual exchange between all Nations

Mediterranean Conference (MedCon)
1. The ecological disasters in the Mediterranean area focusing on fires and floods
2. Create an international syndicate to protect the production "Made in the Mediterranean"
3. The implementation of an effective Mediterranean partnership to support a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis

Newspaper Article By

Newspaper Article By Dr. Daniel R. Fruit
As appeared in the Arab Times

Overall Acheivements

The following some measures of the group's success. 9% of the total participants.

The General Assembly debate the following students' resolutions.

GA 1- Angola
GA 1- Pakistan
GA 2- Palestine

Country by Country Highlights

Munira Al-Joan-HR and Ambassador
Adam Ben Salem-Disarmament (Internatinal Security)
Hamad Al-Awadhi-ECOSOC
Mohammad Al-Ghanim-Special Conference on the Mediterranean

The Republic of Angola

Statements of Delegates

Angola (Click here to read the Ambassador's briefing book) is particularly proud of its acheivements.

Sara Abu Sha'ar-Special Conference and Ambassador
Eithar Al-Rushaid-Defense (International Security)
Nour Ghadanfar-Human Rights

The Republic of Pakistan

Statements of Delegates

Sarah Abu Sha'ar

As the ambassador of Pakistan (click here to read the Ambassador's briefing book) for the GEMUN Event, Pakistan.

Muneera Al-Mujalhem-Special Conference

The Palestinian National Authority

Statements of Delegates

Angola (Click here to read the Ambassador's briefing book) is particularly proud of its acheivements.

All Roads Leave to Rome (but none of them)
ever arrive on time: Exploring Italia

The group got a lot of chances to see the country. We saw a lot of dikes (the kind that hold water anyway), rivers, lakes, oceans, sprinklers, etc..


Geno has a lot of history. At one time, it and Venice divided the world's commerce and seas between them.

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