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Some days, you just have to sing the blues!

At BBS, this happens a lot because your school color is blue. Below, you see the "Blues Quartet in performance" at BBS in October 2001. They are, respectively, Abdullah, "Big Ab" al Sayer, "Tall Boy" Ahmad, "Queen" Fedha Al Mansour, and "Little Jaz Yas"mine Al Houli, and of course, "Nearblind Lemon" Fruit (me).

Sing the Bayan Blues
Below are the words written by the Quarter for its original composition, the BBS blues. Of course, the particular verses are made up on the spot.

Chorus of the BBS Blues

I go to school each day, you know that it's true.
I go to school eacy day, you KNOOW that it's true.
Guess that's the reason I'm so BB-S Blue.

Midi Blues
Sadly, most midi blues records are particularly bad and lifeless. Still, you can choose your background as you browse.

Ersatz Blues: George Thorogood and the Destroyers'

"Bad to the Bone"

Chicago Blues: The Blues Brothers'

"Sweet Home Chicago"

Detroit Blues: Big Bill Bronzy's

"Boom Boom"

Memphis Blues: BB King's
"Stormy Monday"

LA Blues: The Doors'

Roadhouse Blues

From the Performance

Roadhouse Blues

Give me that mike.

I've been downhearted since the day we met...

"Big Ab" Abdullah has a song in his heart.

The cue cards sure help.

I have the right to sing the blues.

Listen carefully.

Is that blue enough for you?


Heart and soul.

From l. to r.: "Big Ab" Sayer, "Sonny Boy Ahmad," "Blind Dan
Fruitman," "Queen Fedha," and "Little Jazz" Yaz

You're getting it.

Page two...

Eat your heart out Michael Jackson.

Harmony: We don't need no stinkin' harmony.

Take no prisoners!

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