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The KDL 2004 Season


BBS Wins Third National Championship.

Al-Bayan Bilingual School Wins Kuwait
National Debate Championship.

As appeared in the Arab Times

On April 8th, Al-Bayan Bilingual School’s Varsity Debate Team (BBS) won its third national championship in American style, policy debating. Fahahaeel Wataniyeh Indian Private School came in a close second to BBS in the varsity division. This win gave Bayan its fourth victory in the Bayan Invitational Tournament (the BIT) and a third national championship in five years. BBS’s varsity also compiled the league’s best record for a fifth straight year.

Preliminary round action.

The BIT championship marked the ending of an entire season of debate which began in January and included over fifty matches. All teams debated the resolution: "Resolved: That the United States should make a plan to Substantially Reduce World Terrorism." Affirmative plans ran the gamut from media restrictions, to Pakistani madressa reform, to Iraqi disarmament proposals and terrorist courts as well as plans specfically tailored to combat Abu Sayyef, Fedayeen Saddam, Al-Qaeda, and the GIA/GSPC. This proved a very demanding topic to debate as new evidence became available daily and could make two matches on the same topic end differently.

Fatema makes a passionate point.

Senior Khaled Shahroor received recognition as the best individual debator at the BIT. He and his partner, Dheidan Al-Shammari, also won the top squad award. BBS juniors Hamad A-Essa (2) Saja Fakral-Deen (3), Dheidan Al-Shammari (4), and Fatemah Boukadour (tied for fifth) also earned speaker awards. Hamad Al-Essa and Saja Fakral-Deen represented BBS in the finals as well as taking the second place squad award.

Mahdi encourages the judges.

Shruti Senapati and Robin George Abraham came in third among all squads as well as debating in the finals for FAIPS while the pairing of Prerna Kaul and Hrishank Jhidyal came in fourth among squads. Shruti Senapati also tied for a fifth place speaker award.

Nouf compares judging strategies with Nouf.

Ahmed and Abdullah prepare for their match.

American Academy for Girls won their first national title in the junior varsity division of the tournament, defeating the BBS Junior Varsity. The two teams split the four matches, but AAG emerged with the higher spaker points to break the tie. Sidra Shahid of AAG took the top speaker award while she and her partner, Fatimah Bu Khamseen, took the top jv squad award.

AAG's team poses for the camera.

The BBSJV team of Ahmad Al-Jouan and Abdullah Mdaires came in second among squads with the two boys, respectively, coming in second and third among speakers. BBS’s JV also compiled the better junior varsity record for the regular season.

Khaled poses with two JV squads.

Al-Bayan Bilingual School hosts both the BIT championship and the Kuwait Debate League.

The two school's B squads.

FAIPS "B" squad.

Dheidan and Abdullah test the mikes.

Kuwait Debate League Season
Ends with Al-Bayan Triumph

Students Debate the Topic of Terrorism

The following should've appeared in the Kuwait Times

While politicians in the United States talked about sending more troops, and people in Spain and Iraq reeled from attacks, students from across Kuwait assembled at Al-Bayan Bilingual School assembled to debate solutions to the following topic:

"Resolved that the United States should create a policy that substantially reduces world terrorism."

Ala'a and Dr. Anthony wait for the final.

Said League Coordinator and founder, Dr. Daniel R. Fruit: "I wanted a topic that would require students’ supreme efforts at research, argumentation, and rebuttal. Our League certainly showed these qualities in their plans. However," he added, "debate involves more than creating plans. Each squad must, in its turn, defend the current policy. This makes American style policy debating not challenging but also intellectually valuable. "

AAG can't wait to watch the finals.

Al-Bayan Bilingual School’s varsity team certainly proposed a plethora of solutions. Its "B" team of Dheidan Al-Shammari and Khalid Shahroor came up with a plan for dealing with Algerian/European terrorism. For their efforts, the two emerged as the top squad at the event, and both won speaker awards with Shahroor placing first and Shammari fourth. BBS’s A team of Hamad Al-Essa and Saja Fakhal-Deen’s squad plan involved disarming Iraqi militants; this squad came in second with Hamad (2) and Saja (3) also winning speaker awards. Fatema Al-Boukhadour (5) rounded out the BBS award winners. The BBS varsity emerged as the overall winner and, hence, national champions. Several Kuwait academic experts and a former Kuwait Minister of education went so far as to endorse Boukhadour’s and partner Ahmad Al-Shamari’s plan to reform Pakistani madressas.

Dheidan is pleased with the results.

All of the Fahaheel Wataniyeh Indian Private squads used a single plan. Their proposal called for the redirecting of American foreign anti-terrorism policy towards negotiations and away from armed intervention. FAIP’s A team of Shruti Senapati and Robin George Abraham came in third among all squads while the squad of Prerna Kaul and Hrishank Jhidyal came in fourth. Shruti Senapati also tied for a fifth place speaker award.

Khaled listens to every speech.

In the junior varsity division, the American Academy for Girls proposed a new terrorism court to deal with the prisoners such as those at Guantanamo Bay. AAG’s squad of Sidra Shahid and Fatimah Bu Khamsen won both the JV first place squad award and the JV championship. Sidra also earned the junior varsity top speaker award.

The FAIPS A Team prepares to debate.

The BBSJV team of team of Ahmad Al-Jouan and Abdullah Mdaires came in second among squads. The boys proposed a plan to eliminate the threat of Abu Sayyef, a terrorist organization in the Philippines. Al-Jouan (2) and Mdaires (3) both won speaker awards, and their squad placed second.

Saja and Hamad on stage for the last debate.

Al-Bayan Bilingual School hosts both the BIT championship and the Kuwait Debate League.

Saja speaks with vigour.




BBS (Hamad/Saja) defeats FAIPS (Shruti/Robin) on a split ballot ballot.


School Rankings-Prelims
1 BBS 21
2 FAIPS 11
Total 32

1 AAG 2-2
2 BBSJV 2-2

FAIPS' Shruti on the stand.

averages only

Award Winners = numbers 1-6
1 Khaled Shahroor 26.88
2 Hamad Al-Essa 25.13
2 Saja Fakral-Deen 24.88
4 Dheidan Al-Shammari 23.75
5 Shruti Senapati 22.25
5 Fatemah Boukhadour 22.25
7 Prerna Kaul 21
8 Robin George 20.63
9 Jalaj Joshi 20.5
10 Hrishank Jhidyal 19.38
11 Neha Sundaran 17.5
12 Ahmad Al-Shammari 16.0

Hamad speaks for BBS.

(points and speaker average)
Award winners=1-4
1 BBS B: Dheidan/Khaled 9 49.13
2 BBS A: Saja FD/Hamad 8 50.13
3 FAIPS A: Shruti/Robin 8 44.63
4 FAIPS B: Prerna/Shruti 6 38.50
5 BBS C: Fatema/Ahmad 4 38.25
6 FAIPS C: Jalaj/Neha 0 38.00

Robin makes a point for FAIPS.

Round by Round Results*

(In all cases but one, the winner is on the left. The number of points per side are in parenthesis)


BBSA Saja/Hamad defeats FAIPSA Shruti/Robin
BBSB Dheidan/Khaled splits with FAIPSB Prerna/Shruti
BBSC Ahmad/Fatema defeat FAIPS Jalaj/Neha


Robin waits before responding.


FAIPSA Shruti/Robin defeats BBSA Hamad/Saja
BBSB Dheidan/Khaled splits defeats FAIPSB Prerna/Shruti
BBSC Ahmad/Fatema defeat FAIPS Jalaj/Neha


The JV team on stage.


Round One

Round 1
AAG1 Sidra/Fatema defeats BBSJV1 Abdullah/Ahmed
BBSJV2 Mays/Sarah takes a forfeit from AAG2


AAG's team accepts its winning certificate.

Round Two

Round 2

AAG1 Sidra/Fatema defeats BBSJV2 Mays/Sarah
BBSJV2 Mays/Sarah takes a forfeit from AAG2


Final Debate

Round 2

BBS Hamad/Saja split with FAIPS A Shruti/Robin BBS wins.

Khaled and Dheidan accept their second place certificates.

Junior Varsity Records
1 AAG 1 1 48
2 BBSJV 1 1 40

Top 1-4 receive awards

1 Sidra Shahed 26.75
2 Ahmad Al-Jouan 25.00
3 Abdullah Al-Mdaires 24.00
4 Fatimah Bu Khamseen 21.25
5 Sara Fakral-Deen 17.00
6 Mays Abdulaziz 14.00

These are the top five speakers.

Top squad receives awards

1 AAG1: Sidra/Fatima 100 58
2 BBSJV1: Abdullah/Ahmed 50 49
3 BBSJV2: Sara/Mays 50 31
4 AAG2: NA 0 00.0

FAIPS, second place varsity team.

Special Thanks

BBS post-graduates Nouf Al-Fraih, Nada Al-Abduljader, Hessah Al-Malallah, and Sara Al-Dukair all helped with judging this season. Nouf is particularly appreciated for having judged the final debate. Sarah also helped by purchasing the tournament's trophy.

BBS overall winner.

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