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The 2004 Season

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Possible Team Members

Varsity Team members:

Abdullah Behbehani
Ahmad Al Shammari
Amna Al Sager
Fatema Boukhadour
Hamad Al Essa
Khaled Al Rubei
Khaled Shahroor
Lulu Al Mishari
Muneera Al Nibari
Nasser Al Aujan
Noufah Al Sabah
Saja Fakhral-Deen
Sara Dalali
Saud Subaie
Zooman Al Mesbah

Junior Varsity Team members:

Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa
Abdullah Al-Mdaires
Ahmed Al-Jouan
Laila Barghouti
Mays Abdulaziz
Reem Al-Dukair
Sarah Fakral-Deen
Yasmeen Dashti

KSDC, The Kuwait Schools Debate Championship

This was BBS's third experience with "world style" (British style) debate. Altogether five students participated in the effort, of which Lulu Al-Mishari only practiced. The team consisted of:

B Team
Ahmad Al-Shammari
Saud Al-Subaie

A Team
Khaled Shahroor
Saja Fakral-Deen

In the first round, BBS came in second place, a mere half place in front of BSK. The B team didn't do so well, but were experiencing British style debate for the first time. The judges particularly liked the performance of Khaled Shahroor.

In the second round, BSK and KES asserted their traditional dominance of this particular activity. BBS, however, came in an extremly close third mere points behind KES and the finals.

The last week of the season featured a try-out for the team. Khaled Shahroor came in second among all speakers, earning him a place on the team along with both BSK debaters, KES's debator, and either a debator from GES or the second KES debator. Saja came in about sixth or seventh. Had BBS entered in the finals, a victory by BBS would have resulted in her going to Germany also for the world championships.

The B team of Saud Al-Subaie and Ahmad Al-Shammari.

Saja and Khaled rest between matches.

Ahmad pondes the action.

1. KES 558
2. Bayan A 551.5
3. BSK 551
4. FAIPS544
5. NES 521.5
6. Bayan B 505

1. BSK
2. KES
3. BBS A

2. BSK

BBS Completes Successful 2004 KDL Season

Al-Bayan completed a sucessful 2004 KDL Season. For the fifth straight year, it amassed the best league record. In addition, BBS1, Ahmad and Hamad only lost a single match. While not the near perfect record of past seasons, this fit the team strategy of savings its supreme effort for the tournament.

Sarah and Mays ready for a match.

BBSV1 (hamad/Ahmad) defeats BBSV2 (Saja/Lulu)

BBS1 (Hamad/Ahmad) defeats AAG 1(Sabeeha/Trofha)
BBS2 (Lulu/Saja) defeats AAG 2 (Fatima/Jessica(?))

Round 1
BBS JV2 (Sarah/Mays) defeats AAG 4 (Sara/Fajer)
BBS JV3 (Abdullah/Ahmed) defeats AAG 2 (Fatima/Jessica)
AAG 3 (Masouma/Sidira) defeats BBSV4 (Alaa/Zaineb)
BBS JV1 (Aziz/Reem) defeats BBSV2 (Lulu/Saja)
BBSV3 (Dheidan/Fatima) defeats BBSV1 (Ahmad/Hamad) (intramural)

Round 2
BBSV3 (Dheidan/Fatima) defeats AAG4 (Sara/Fajer)
BBSV1 (Ahmad/Hamad) defeats AAG2 (Fatima/Jessica)
AAG3 (Masouma/Sidra) defeats BBSJV4 (Yasmeen/Laila)
BBSV4 (Alaa/Zaineb) defeats BBSV2 (Lulu/Saja)

BBS Intramurals
BBSV1 (Hamad/Ahmad) defeats BBSV2 (Fatima/Dheidan)
BBSV3 (Ala'a/Zeinab) defeats BBSV4 (Saja/Lulu)

Round 1
BBSV4 (Saja/Khaled R) defeats AAG1 (Jessica/Aisha)
BBSJV1 (Reem/Aziz) defeats AAG2 (Deem/Fatma)
BBSV1 (Hamad/Khaled S. sub) defeats AAG3 (Matsouma/Sidra)
BBSJV2 (Sarah/Mays) defeats BBSV3 (Zeinab/Ala'a)
BBSV2 (Deidan/Fatima) defeats BBSJV3 (Ahmed/Abdullah)

Round 2
BBSV3 (Ala'a/Zeinab) defeats AAG2 (Dema/Fatima)
AAG3 (Matsouma/Sidra) defeats BBSV2 (Fatima/Deidan)
BBSV1 (Ahmed/Hamad) defeats BBSJV3 (Ahmed/Abdullah)
BBSV4 (Saja/Lulu) defeats BBSJV2 (Sara/Mays)

Round 1
FAIPS2 (Prenka/Robin) defeat BBSJV4 (Laila/Yasmeen)
FAIPS3 (Jalaj/Neha) defeat BBSV2 (Lulu/Saja)
BBSJV1 (Ahmad/Abdullah)defeats BBSV1 (Hamad/Ahmad)
BBSV3 (Fatema/Dheidan) defeat BBSJV2 (Sarah/Mais)

Round 2
BBSV1 (Hamad/Ahmed) defeat FAIPS1 (Shrudi/Hrishank)
FAIPS2 (Prenka/Robin) defeat BBSV3 (Deidan/Fatima)
BBSV2 (Saja/Lulu) defeat FAIPS3 (Nena/Jalaj)
BBSJV2 (Sara/Mays) win a forfeit over JV3 (Ahmed/Abdullah)
AAG1 (Sidra/Fatima) defeat BBSJV1 (Aziz/Reem)


BBS JV (6-7) (46%)
BBSJV1 (Aziz/Reem) 2-1
BBSJV2 (Sarah/Mays) 2-2 (3-2)
BBSJV3 (Ahmed/Abdullah) 2-2 (2-3)
BBSJV4 (Yasmeen/Laila) 0-2

BBSV (intramurals in parenthesis) 13-7 (65%)
BBSV1 (Ahmad/Hamad-subs) 5-1 (10-2)
BBSV3 (Lulu/Saja-subs) 3-2 (5-5)
BBSV2 (Dheidan/Fatima) 4-2 (5-4)
BBSV4 (Ala'a/Zeineb) 1-2 (2-5)

1. BBSV (13-7) 65%
2. FAIPS (3-3) 50%
2. BBSJV (6-7) 46%
3. AAG (5-10) 33%


The intramural tournament, held on a very long Friday in an extremely busy week, offered some clues of what might happen in the upcoming tournament. All squads unveiled new tournament plans. However, except in one case, the negatives continued to reign supreme.

Dr. Anthony and the JV Team

The squad of Khaled and Khaled emerged as a serious challenge to Ahmad/Hamad, the eventual winners of the tournament. Only one extremely close and disputed match divided the two, and the two only came .1 apart in total squad points. Fatima and Dheidan came in a strong third with Saja a more distant fourth. Saja had to debate with partners on ad hoc basis.

On an individual level, Hamad Al-Essa emerged as a clear first place. Dheidan and Khaled Shahroor emerged in second and third place, a predictor of things to come. Ahmad Al-Shammari came in fifth, his strongest showing of the season with Fatema close behind. Khaled came in fourth. Except Khaled, who concentrated on the negative research, the top six debators in this event debated in the BIT tournament.

Intramural Tournament Results

Round 1
Saja/Fatima defeat Alaa/Zeinab
Ahmed/Hamad defeat Khaled/Khaled

Round 2
Ahmad/Hamad defeat Fatima/Dhedian
Khaled/Khaled defeat Alaa/Zeinab

Round 3
Khaled/Khaled defeat Saja/Saja
Fatima/Dheidan defeat Alaa/Zeinab

Squad Rankings (W-L, percentage)
1 Ahmad and Hamad 3 0 57.8
2 Khaled and Khaled 2 1 57.7
3 Fatima and Dheidan 2 1 55.8

4 Saja and Partners 2 1 51
5 Alaa and Zeinab 0 3 36.6

Rankings by Speaker by pts
1 Hamad Al -Essa 30.3
2 Khaled Shahroor 29
2 Dheidan Al-Shammari 29
4 Khaled Al-Rubei 28.7
5 Ahmad Al-Shammari 27.5
6 Fatema Boukhadour 26.98
7 Saja Fakral-Deen 24.3
8 Zeinab Al-Mousa 21.5
9 Alaa Al-Farra 18.3
10 Lulu Al-Mishari 0

Ala'a listens intently.


BBS emerged as champions for the first time since 2001 after two sucessive second places. The affirmatives formed the heart of the BBS effort. In the first round, as affirmative against FAIPS, BBS won both the A (Hamad/Saja) and C (Ahmad/Fatema) matches and split its B match (Khaled/Dheidan). Thus, Hamad's Iraq disarmament plan, Fatema's madressor plan wracked up the point while the Algeria plan split.

Mahdi tries to help Dheidan with his tie.

In the second round, FAIPS rallied. BBS's A teamconcentrated its negative attack on a single aspect of the FAIPS plan which did not convince the judges, and they took both A ballots. However, BBS's B team and C team won their matches against essentially the same plan. Since the A ballots count for twice as much, in effect the two teams split the second round.

Dheidan and Khaled are happy with their efforts.

Meanwhile the JV team, lost both of its matches against AAG. The affirmative plan on Abu Sayef of Ahmad Al-Jouan and Abdullah Al-Mdaires came the closer. However, due to the withdrawal of AAG's B team, the JV claimed two forfeits. The better speaker points of the AAG team, put BBS JV in second place. Ahmad and Abdullah came in second among squads and placed, respectively, second and third among speakers.

Saja aggressively defends her Iraqi plan.

BBS's Varsity chose to go with the "A team" plan in the final round. Saja's greater familiarity with this plan led to her selection to debate with Hamad in the final round. Unlike the preliminary round, FAIPS managed a draw in the final round, but it would've needed a win to emerge as overall winner. Hence, BBS claimed its third national championship.

Saja questions Shruti's evidence.

The B team, by virtue of scoring more points, emerged as the top squad with the A team a close second. BBS accounted for five of the top six speakers (Khaled 1, Hamad 2, Saja 3, Dheidan 4, and Fatema tied for 5) and dominated the speaker awards.

See also the BIT 2004 page.

BBSV1 (Hamad/Saja) defeats FAIPSA (Shruti/Robin) (2 ballots-)
BBSV2 (Dheidan/Khaled S tie FAIPS B (Prena/Roshan) (split ballot)
BBSV3 (Ahmad/Fatema) defeat FAIPS C (Neha/Jalaj)
AAG1 (Fatima/Sidra) defeat BBSJV1 (Abdullah/Ahmad)

BBS 13
AAG 1-1
BBS JV 1-1

Ahmad talks about his inherency.

FAIPS A (Shruti Robin) defeat BBSV1 (Hamad/Saja) (2 ballots)
BBSV2 (Dheidan/Khaled) defeats FAIPS B (Prena/Roshan) (2 ballots)
BBSV3 (Ahmad/Fatema) defeat FAIPS C (Neha/Jalaj)

AAG 1-1
BBS JV 1-1


AAG win two (lose two forfeits), slightly higher scores
JV win two (forfeits); lose two

Total Points Varsity:
BBS 21

Final debate
Hamad/Saja split with FAIPS A (Shruti/Robin)

Yes, the microphone is on.

averages only

Award Winners = numbers 1-6
1 Khaled Shahroor 26.88
2 Hamad Al-Essa 25.13
2 Saja Fakral-Deen 24.88
4 Dheidan Al-Shammari 23.75
5 Shruti Senapati 22.25
5 Fatemah Boukhadour 22.25
7 Prerna Kaul 21
8 Robin George 20.63
9 Jalaj Joshi 20.5
10 Hrishank Jhidyal 19.38
11 Neha Sundaran 17.5
12 Ahmad Al-Shammari 16.0

(points and speaker average)
Award winners=1-4

1 BBS B: Dheidan/Khaled 9 49.13
2 BBS A: Saja FD/Hamad 8 50.13
3 FAIPS A: Shruti/Robin 8 44.63
4 FAIPS B: Prerna/Shruti 6 38.50
5 BBS C: Fatema/Ahmad 4 38.25
6 FAIPS C: Jalaj/Neha 0 38.00

The National Champions.


Thank you:

Sara, Nouf, Nada Hessa, for helping with judging all season.

Ms. Doreen and Ms. Carol for judging

The PTA for donating food to the tournament

Nasser for assisting at the tournament

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