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The Dutch National Anthem

BBS represented the year by representing the small, two island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

St. Kitts and Nevis

It was a major task represented such a minor country. However, BBS managed to be a factor at this event. Ambassador Mohammad Fakhraldeen (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book)addressed the General Assembly several times as did vice-ambassador, Nabil al Khaled. Nabil pointed out in replying to one ambassadors's speech (quoting a famous statesman regarding St. Kitt's principal crop):

"We're the sugar in your coffee."

Najwa is prepared for the cold.

While St. Kitts was not principal sponsor of any resolutions debated, they did play a key role in several, acting as principal second author on several resolutions. This included resolutions in the social committee, disarmament, and the colonial committee. Several of these resolutions passed.

In addition, the islanders play an important role in adding to the debates. Najwa al Bishir delivered a key speech in the Human Rights Sub-Commission, Shadi al Suwayeh spoke on Chernobyl (on which he has become something of a school expert), Nabil spoke on disarmament, and Mohammad Fakraldeen spoke for the rights of small islanders. Mohammad and Nabil also got a chance to address the entire General Assembly. All in all, BBS's St. Kitts probably spoke proportionally more than the UN representatives of the real island group.

Nabil addresses the Disarmament Sub-Commission

The finale always brings surprizes.

Najwa mans the podium.

Mohammad is pleased: St. Kitts finally has a flag.

The BBS 2000 Thimun Group:
front: Faye al Tukhaim, Mr. Dan, MS. Awadi, back: Mustafa Malaki, Nabil al Khaled, Shadi al Suwayeh, Najwa al Bishir, Mohammad Fakhraldeen

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