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KFSAC 1999


The BBS Model UN team had big plans for this year. These plans included attending, KFSAC, THIMUN, and (for the first time) CACUM in Cairo. Thiswas the first year that BBS made an impact on the local and international scene, a testimony to our MUN prep program which graduated well-prepare debaters, who made an immediate impact.

Team Membership
Adel al Omar
Faisal al Shatti
Faye al Tukhaim
Huda al Mousa
Mohammad Fakhraldeen
Mustafa Malaki
Nabil al Khalid
Najwa al Bishir
Reem Behbehani
Saad al Ghawas
Shahd Dashi
Shadi Suwayeh

BBS was one of the three top schools at this event (in this authors' humble opinion). This opinion comes from the quality of debate, amount of time speaking, and overall ability to influence events, and quality of resolutions.

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KFSAC 1999
At KFSAC BBS represented three countries. First, BBS made its debut with the Security Council with France. BBS would like to express our thanks to ASK's MUN-Director, Leonard Fink, in showing this much faith in our abilities. BBS, I think, justified our presence.

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BBS represented the year by representing the small, two island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

St. Kitts and Nevis

It was a major task represented such a minor country. However, BBS managed to be a factor at this event.

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On May 17-18, BBS hosted its second annual mini-MUN. Secretary-General Saad al Ghawas headed while Nabil al Khaled and Mustafa Malaki served as Security-Council co-presidents.

For the first time, BBS successfully hosted other schools. These include the British School in Kuwait (BSK), the English Academy in Jabriya, attending their first ever MUN event, and the American Creativity Academy (ACA). This event also gave BBS's new MUNers a chance to show their skills.

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In Conclusion

Congratulations BBS on the end of a sucessful, challenging year!

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