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KFSAC 1999

At KFSAC 1999 BBS represented three countries. First, BBS made its debut with the Security Council with France. BBS would like to express our thanks to ASK's MUN-Director, Leonard Fink, in showing this much faith in our abilities. BBS, I think, justified our presence.

This was one of the first time in Kuwait that BBS showed it current and future potential. France's "superstar" group exerted a powerful influence while Iran showed that BBS students could make trouble within the confines of an educational context.


The Republic of France

Ambassador and Human Rights: Huda al Mousa
SC representative: Mohammad Fakhraldeen
Disarmament-Saad al Ghawas
Social-Nabil al Khaled
Environment-Shadi al Suwayeh

Huda al Mousa, ambassador (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) supplied the following comments about France.

Presented by the distinguished Ambassador: Huda A. Al-Mousa

Saad al Ghawas, Disarmament,

Saad Al-Ghawas, distinguished representative of France in the Disarmament Commission. His seriousness was reflected in his attire. Not only was he a powerful speaker, but also was completely ruthless. Dubbed "the terminator," Saad took apart Cuba's resolution clause by clause. By the time he was through, the resolution was a sure failure. And so it was, that on November the 18'" 1999, the General Assembly voted against Cuba's resolution. Saad had upheld France's views on disarmament, and clearly voiced our opinions in the KFSAC Model United Nations.

Nabil al Khaled, Social

Nabil Al-Khaled, gentleman of the group. Formally dressed in his wonderfully tailored suit, he could have easily been mistaken for James Bond. Representing France in the Social Commission, Nabil handled everything like a pro. He fended off questions with complete ease and asked points of information that could trip up Koufi Anan. But as a gentleman, and a true representative of France, Nabil answered the prayers of a delegate in need. India's resolution was failing under fire, and no supporters were to be seen. Then, out of nowhere, our knight in shining armor appeared. He turned the General Assembly upside-down.

He stirred the delegates' hearts with moving speeches, and pointed out numerous excellencies in the resolution. Rallying all France's allies, and pulling some strings, Nabil was able to obtain a great deal of support for the resolution Unfortunately, by an extremely close vote, the resolution failed.

Shadi al Suwayeh, Environment

Shadi Al-Suwayeh, representative of France in the Environmental Commission, should have been placed in the War Commission, if such a thing were ever to be created. He was resilient and brutal, a natural born killer. France's own Rambo completely destroyed the U.S.'s resolution. With his versatility and brilliant use of words, Shadi was able to turn the tables on the United States. By the end of the day the resolution had failed, Shadi made sure of that. He had proven France's individuality and independence. He had made France proud.

Mohammed Fakhraldeen, Security Council

Mohammed Fakhraldeen, permanent Security Council member. What he accomplished in the few days at KFSAC would make anyone gasp. Writing resolutions on crises all over the world, Mohammed had to delve deep into his mind to understand France's view on the situations. He had to have a deep understanding of current events. Mohammed faced the crisis situation with serenity; he was extremely experienced with such matters. He immediately assessed the situation and formulated an ingenious plan. He withdrew French support to the United States in order to show that France would stand up for the right thing and was independent: it followed no country's lead. He also played a key role in the shaping of a treaty. Towards the end of the General assembly each Security Council member was asked to stand before the delegates and sign the treaty. After Mohammed signed the treaty, the applause began slow yet strong, and grew into a roar. He was the only delegate to receive such treatment.

Mohammad represents France in the Security Council.

Huda al Mousa, Ambassador and Human Rights

It was awe-inspiring, a truly memorable moment in time. Huda Al-Mousa, Ambassador of this band of rogues. She was also acting representative of France in the Human Rights Commission. There was a large responsibility placed on her shoulders: keeping the delegation together, and what work it was! But it all paid off in the end, each delegate had done her proud.

During one of the commission meetings, Huda watched as a fellow delegate was assailed with points information, her resolution was being crucified. Overcome by the feeling to do what was right, both for France and humanity in general, Huda stepped up to the podium. She presented a strong and brilliant case in support of the resolution. A lone ranger, she stood up for what was right. Unfortunately, it had as much use as pointing out the way to a blind man. The delegates had closed their minds; they had completely ignored their own foreign policies and would not listen to common sense. They had made up their minds the moment they entered the room, the resolution was doomed. However Huda stood her ground, fighting to the end, presenting France's view on the matter no matter what the costs; a truly unforgettable moment. [All Comments above by Huda, ambassadoress]

Additional Statement by Saad al Ghawas, Disarmament

Well I spoke about 20 times (speeches) and gave about 25 points of information which equals to about 325 points total. I spoke against all the resolutions except for one by Cuba on landmines which passed and I spoke against in the GA and another that was on the relationship between disarmament and development which also passed but was not debated in the GA. Every other resolution that I spoke against failed except for one by Jordan on landmines that passed despite my efforts to persuade the people to vote against. In the GA I spoke against Cuba’s resolution on landmines and bashed it. It failed. France’s explanation of why it kept on bashing resolutions and not amending them to help pass something useful was in the UN was "France is a strong believer in making the world a better place but France does not agree that any resolution should pass that clearly does not deserve to be passed in this committee because resolutions that are passed here should definitely solve more problems than they create, which is obviously not the case here." In another instance France was asked why it never presented amendments and the answer was "France believes that if this committee decided to resort to amendments then we would be here all day re-writing or "amending" resolutions and in this case no resolution has even one satisfactory clause that lives up to world standards."

Delegates from Morocco and France:In front, Najwa and Faye (Morocco);
In back, Saad, Mohammad, and Huda (France).

BBS also had the opportunity to represent a much-discussed country: Iran. As you'll read below, the delegates had quite an interesting experience.


The Islamic Republic of Iran

The Iranian Delgation
Ambassador and Human Rights: Mustafa Malaki
Social-Shahad Dashti
Disarmament-Adel al Omar
Environment-Faisal al Shatti Islamic Republic of Iran

Ambassador Mustafa Malaki's Report:

As the ambassador (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) of Iran to KFSAC at ASK, I was a successful leader. In my opening speech, I portrayed the current government of Iran. I spoke as the "new" Iran exacltly with the same diplomacy they have right now. Unfortunately, I was in the Human Right commission, and I only spoke three times. However, as the delegate of Iran, I was able to speak as much or more than the delegates of the US, Russia, Great Britain, and France. In my speeches, I attacked the human rights conditions in these and many other countries and was able to answer all questions.

In the GA, I and my group were able to make one speech, and give two points of information. I made the speech, and answered several questions. One thing that I liked was when I wrote a question for the US, and told my teammate, Adel, to say it which was:

"Why does the US interfere in all world issues and internal affairs of other countries, then apologizes for its interference?!!"

The delegate of the US, who was incidentally in the SC, was not able to answer. We beat them in this one!

Mustafa presents "the new Iran."

Individual Member Statements

Adel Al-Amar, Disarmament

I, Adel Al-Omar, played a great role in the disarmament committee of KFSAC. I represented Iran and helped to break down or defend a resolution. I destroyed a resolution which allowed the violation of some nations' national sovereignties including Iran. I said to Malaysia, "If the hear of this resolution fails to operate and do its job, then the whole resolution fails to operate and do its job."

Delegates from Iran in a less serious moment:
Adel, Mustafa, and Faisal (back)

Shahd Dashti, Human Rights

In my committee a resolution submitted by Cuba on the issue terrorism was debated. The delegate of the United States made a speech condemning Cuba for submitting the resolution and accusing Cuba of being a terrorist nation. I saw this as my opportunity to slam the US. I raised my placard and was allowed a point of information. I asked the delegate,

"Honorable Delegate of the US. How could you accuse Cuba of being a terrorist nation when the United States is the major source of terrorist activities?" My point information caught the delegate by surprise, and some delegates applauded me.

I also made a speech for a resolution on refunds to encourage capable countries to further assist countries like Iran who suffer from natural disasters. All the resolutions that were submitted were thoroughly debated, and at times they were completely tom apart. Truly, my experience in the committee was positive, and I was proud to represent the Islamic Republic of Iran in the social committee

Faisal Al-Shatti, Environment

In the environmental committee, Iran showed a great deal of enthusiasm and excellent point of views. The placard was raised several times, five of which Iran was called on for speeches. In each speech, Iran showed its point of view to the resolution being debated. Iran also attacked two resolutions, going point by point until they failed. Furthermore, Iran defended one resolution which was very beneficial to it, and it hopefully passed. In points of information, Iran strongly asked challenging questions. Overall, Iran was represented in the best way.

Faisal speaks out on the environment

Finally, BBS represented a Moslem country not afraid "go its own way" in international relations: Morocco.


The Kingdom of Morocco

The Moroccan Delegation
Ambassador and Human Rights-Reem Behbehani
Social-Najwa al Bishir
Disarmament-Fay al Tukhaim



Reem Behbehani: Ambassador and Human Rights

As a delegate and the ambassador of Morocco (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) at MUN-KFSAC, I believe that I have left the audience present there with a positive impression about the country that I have represented. I am very delighted by my accomplishments at the Human Rights Committee. Firstly, the resolution for which I was a co-submitter was debated in the committee and passed by the majority's vote. Secondly, after voting procedures, again, our resolution passed and was chosen to be debated at the GA. Thirdly, I was given the chance at the Human Rights Committee to make three speeches.. again, I believe that I have strongly stressed on Morocco's views, needs and significant issues, such as the Western Sahara. Unlike some delegates, I was open to points of information whenever possible. In addition, my opinions toward the issues discussed illustrated the friendly relations Morocco has with many countries.

Besides that, as a participant at the MUN-KFSAC, I was also affective in which I have submitted a resolution for the SC on the question of the Kuwaiti POW's.

Fortunately, the conferences were very productive. I have enjoyed the event and gained great experience.

Faye Al Tukhaim, Disarmament:

I represented Morocco in the disarmament committe. I supported the resolution represented by the delegate of Gambia about the issue on the relationship between disarmament and development. not to mention I was able to confuse one of the delegates speaking about landmines. Also I spoke in the GA speaking for the resolution represnted by Cuba talking about landmines.

Social: Najwa al Bishir

During the KFSAC that was held in the American School of Kuwait, I Najwa Al Bisher was a delegate representing Morocco in the social forum. During our social forum meeting, we as a forum discussed four issues. The four issues were:
Issue #1: Measures To eliminate international terrorism
Issue #2 Strengthening the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance, including special economic assistance
Issue #3 Review the implementation of the United Nations Program on Human Immuno-deficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS)
Issue #4 International Cooperation in Drug Abuse Control and Rehabilitation Programs.

I as a delegate of Morocco was able to say three speeches during the meeting. I had a speech on issue #1 that was submitted by Cuba. Basically, I emphasized in my speech that the resolution did not respect the national Sovereignty of a country because they ask for harsh penalties, such as economic sanctions on governments. This resolution failed. I also had another speech on issue#2 that was submitted by The Republic of Peru, Russia, Yugoslavia and Denmark.. In my speech I pointed strong clauses that was in the resolution and gave a brief summary on why this resolution was good and should pass. The resolution was detailed, had actions, effective for our next generation and most importantly respected a country's political sovereignty. Fortunately, this resolution passed !In addition to that, I had a speech against an amendment that was proposed to one of the resolution because it clearly didn't change anything. Luckily, this amendment failed! Unfortunately, I wasn't chosen to speak more, but I had other speeches ready on other issues. I asked a couple of points of information.

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