Bebe's Own Story

I'm a small cat, so I keep trying to make myself bigger!

Bebe's Story

I am a cat. I came into this world, well, it seems like a long time ago to me, but I don't always remember things so well.

I lived with a master whose face I can only imagine on very good days. One day, he simply took me outside and left me there. I never saw him again. It really shocked me. I couldn't believe he would simply go. I didn't accept it. In fact, I stayed outside that building, and I kept waiting for my masters' return.

Well, you can probably imagine my life as a homeless cat and a young one at that. Every day, I tried to attach myself to a new person. I purred, I meowed, and even bit them, but it didn't seem to make any difference. They fed me, they petted me, and a few smaller ones even played with me, but no one took me inside. I became very lonely.

My master just scratched my ears. I love that!

Now, really, you might think I had nothing to feel lonely about, especially with so many other cats living on the street in Kuwait. Ho! Ho! Ho! I never did particularly like other cats. Something about them just makes me act like, well, an animal. I got in many, many catfights. It got so that no cat would come near the building if they saw me coming, not a bad reputation for a young, small female! Sure, I did have a boyfriend or two, but no litters at least as far as I can remember.

Now some people did spend more time on me than others. A lot of them fed me. In fact, I couldn't possibly eat all the food given to me, but I wouldn't let other cats get a share of anything left near "my" building. One man in particular, though, used to spend time petting me and letting me sit in his lap (which I love to do) even though a lot of other people kicked me and acted as though I had diseases (which I probably had). He would pass by my building, and I would cry my most dramatic cry. He would then say:

"Come here Bebe," and I would come running to him as fast as four feet can run.

People often say "What a pretty cat,"
Whatsoever does that mean?

One cold day, a very bad accident happened to me, so bad that I can't really remember it. I can recall pain, really bad pain. Before the accident, I used to sleep on top of buildings near mine; now I couldn't climb. In fact, every step sent a terrible pain into my side and leg. In a way, I liked this because a lot more people stopped by to feed me and pet me. On the other hand, I had this feeling, this feline intuition that I would die soon if someone didn't help me. I became very defensive, and I wondered then, if another cat wouldn't simply kill me to take over my area.

Then, one day, the man who used to spend time with me simply picked me up. I like to be touched. I always purr even though I don't like to be taken far from the ground. He took me inside an apartment just like the one in which I lived long ago. He fed me, but he wouldn't let me go outside any more. I didn't like that part very much.

For a month, I simply slept on his bed a lot. It felt good to have somewhere to stay peacefully after those hard months living outside the building. Further, I felt so much pain that I didn't have any energy to do anything other than rest. The man took me outside a couple of times to go strange places. I don't really understand how we traveled, but I could smell when we arrived in different places.

I like a lot of space even on a couch.

One day another man came to my new little home, a man who smelled like many other animals. This made me want to run and hide, but my new master held me, and this other man shoved something with a big point right into my side! That scared me more than hurt me. That night, my master started shut me up in a very small room.

Oh, how I hated that room! Here, I finally had a new master, but I couldn't see him. He wouldn't touch me, but kept me locked up. Even living on the street seemed better than this. Thankfully, he didn't realize my intelligence. The very first night I leaped up and opened the weird wall in front of me. I ran into the other room pleased to be with him!

Unfortunately, he seemed displeased to see me. He put me right back in that room! He also did something to the weird, moving wall so that I could not get out. Night after night, he locked me up. I did what I always did when in pain: I cried and cried. Only this time, I didn't cry for physical pain but from the pain of abandonment and imprisonment. If a cat could understand irony, I certainly would've understood it, then, locked up feet away from someone to touch me and pet me.

Finally, a great day came. The sun set, and my master did NOT lock me up any more. I felt so excited that I ran around the room. In fact, I noticed, then, something really exciting: the pain in my leg had disappeared. I wanted to run around and play all night, but the man insisted on going to bed. Well, I have various ways to make people play with me....

Now, I live a much better life than before. One of my legs still doesn't work correctly, so when I jump on the cupboard (which I always do when I'm about to be fed to express my interest), I always hit my back leg on the side. I don't care. I love to look down or across at my master. Then I can watch what he does and get his attention faster.

See how I favor that right back foot.

My master treats me well, usually. Sometimes he sits in a chair and won't give me his attention. I hate that. I yowl, I bite, and I try to get him to play with me. I don't bite hard, just hard enough to get the message across. Sometimes, he yells out in pain, so maybe I bite a bit harder than I intend. Other times, he lets me sit and sleep in his lap while he works.

Here I am about to play with the phone chord.
I love to help out with the hardware.

I really regret that my current owner sleeps so much at night. He doesn't seem to realize, as all cats know, that everyone sleeps in the day to rest up for the night. I think if I yawl loud enough, run around in my cutest fashion, and sleep during the day, he'll eventually learn.

See! Sleep during the day!

He does, though, scare me sometimes. He's gone a lot of the day, which gives me a chance to rest so that I can play all night. However, twice he went away and didn't return. This gave me a really bad feeling. Strangers came over to feed me and even pet me, but it's NOT the same. I thought he might leave me and never come back! When he finally came back, both times, I went back to sleeping on the end of his bed or on the floor nearby (which means getting kicked sometimes) to make sure he didn't get away. Now I feel a bit more secure, but I still worry a lot: I don't want to get abandoned again!

Come back and see me again.

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