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An Approriate Song for this trip

Kuwait School Wins Multiple Awards
at American MUN Event!

The following article appeared in The Kuwait Times

On February 1st, Al-Bayan Bilingual School punctuated the first American Model United Nations competition appearance for a Kuwaiti school by bringing home an impressive haul of awards and securing a place among the very top schools attending an event at Yale University.

In Model United Nations events students portray diplomats from foreign countries; they try to advance the aims of their countries through making speeches and writing and passing international laws, i.e., MUN "resolutions." Contrary to the practice at international school events, American term their MUN events competitions, since they give individual and group awards. BBS's attended YaleMUN XXX, which assembled over 800 students from prestigious American private, gifted, and parochial students from 60 American and Canadian schools portraying 80 different countries.

BBS's delegation, portraying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, received nine awards, including verbal commendations for Altaf Al-Dukair, Bader Al-Mailem, Besma Behbehani, Hamad Al-Sager, and Khaled Al-Rubei. In their commissions, Muneera Al-Nibari and Saud Al-Subaie received honorable mention for outstanding delegate awards, and the team of Hamad Al-Essa and Amna Al-Sager received an outstanding delegation award. Saja Fakhral-Deen also received an outstanding delegate award for her performance as US Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge.

BBS delegates presented no less than twelve resolutions for debate, passing seven of them. In fact, the event ended with an additional three more BBS resolutions under debate and another two ready for immanent submission. Amna Al-Sager, Fahed Al-Rushaid, Khaled Al-Rubei, and Saud Al-Subaie all passed resolutions while energetic Muneera Al-Nibari submitted and passed three resolutions.

While not receiving the first or second place award, BBS placed among the top half dozen schools in terms of number and quality of speaking awards. Its award total actually tripled that of the next best international school and equaled that of the top two schools. In both submitting and passing resolutions BBS surpassed all schools, nearly doubling the total of both the first and second place schools.

Amna Al-Sager, ambassador, assisted by vice-ambassadors Saud Al-Subaie and Muneera Al-Nibari, led BBS's Saudi Arabian delegation. Ms. Katherine Phillips assisted with BBS tour planning; Dr. Daniel R. Fruit coaches BBS's varsity MUN program.

Yale-MUN 2004

The Governor-General's Invitation

Welcome from YMUN 2004
Secretary General, Sadiq Abdulla

Dear Delegates and Advisors,

It is my honor and privilege to invite you all to the thirtieth annual Yale Model United Nations to be held from January 29th to February 1st, 2004.

Yale Model United Nations is an awesome experience for any student. The conference offers a medium sized environment of around 900 participants, and it is run by a diverse staff of undergradu ate students with interests ranging from international relations to molecular biology. With such a diverse staff, YMUN is able to offer both typical simulations of the United Nations as well as to provide unique situations that model specialized agencies and non-governmental organizations. In all of our committees, delegates will be able to speak in front of their peers and learn the benefits of cooperation and compromise in everyday interactions.

YMUN is much more than just a collection of com mittee sessions. We are proud to offer a set of guest lectures from prominent international figures open to delegates and advisors. On the Saturday of the conference, we are also pleased to host a delegate dance and movie night in order to allow student s to relax and get to know one another outside of a committee session. YMUN encourages delegates of all experience levels to participate in our conference, and we offer training for new delegates in order to allow everyone to fully be able to participate .

Our conference is held entirely on Yale’s beautiful campus, and we encourage all participants to fully take advantage of the tours and classes that the university provides. Hotel accommodation has been arranged at four hotels situated very close to campus.

I hope that you all plan to join us for next year's conference. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you my have about the conference, and I am looking forward to meeting with you in the upcoming year. Cheers,

Sadiq Abdulla

A Whole slew of Yale Bulldog Fight songs.

The Bulldog Song

Bulldog! Bulldog!
Bow, wow, wow
Eli Yale
Bulldog! Bulldog!
Bow, wow, wow
Our team can never fail

When the sons of Eli
Break through the line
That is the sign we hail
Bulldog! Bulldog!
Bow, wow, wow
Eli Yale!

"Down the [American Football] Field"

March, march on down the field
Fighting for Eli
Break through that crimson line
Their strength to defy
We'll give a long cheer for Eli's men
We're here to win again
hahvahd's team may fight to the end

"Bright College Years"

Bright college years with pleasure rife
The shortest, gladdest years of life
How swiftly are ye gliding by
O why does time so quickly fly
The seasons come, the seasons go
The earth is green or white with snow
But time and change shall not avail
To break the friendships formed at Yale
In after years should trouble rise
To cloud the blue of sunny skies
How bright will seem through mem'ry's haze
Those happy golden bygone days
O let us strive that ever we
May let these words our watch cry be
Where e'er upon life's sea we sail:
"For God, for country, and for Yale!"
Words by H. S. Durand, 1881
Music by Carl Wilhelm

"Boola Boola*"

Boola boola, boola boola
Boola boola, boola boola
When we rough house poor old hahvahd
They will holler, "Boola boo"
Oh Yale, Eli Yale! Oh Yale, Eli Yale!
Oh Yale, Eli Yale! Oh Yale, Eli Yale!
Words and music by Alan Hirsch, 1901
*Translation available upon request.


Bingo! Bingo!
Bingo, bingo, bingo! That's the lingo.
Eli is bound to win,
There's to be a victory,
So watch the team begin.
Bingo! Bingo!
hahvahd's team cannot prevail.
Fight! Fight!
Fight with all your might,
For Bingo, Bingo, Eli Yale!
Words and music by Cole Porter, '13*
*Despite this he became one of America's best-loved songwriters.

The Committees and General Assembly Issues: Yale-MUN 2004


Committee One: Disarmament and International Security
1. Trafficking in Small Arms
2. Light Weapons Missile Proliferation

Commitee Two: Special Political and Decolonization
1. Trafficking in Persons
2. The Role of Women in Development

Committee Three: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
1. Right of Peoples to Self-Determination
2. International Drug Control

Committee Four: Economic and Financial
1. International Financial Institutions: What Should Be Done?
2 Agriculture and the Rural Economy in the 21st Century

United Nations Commission on Human Rights [UNHCR]
1. Human Rights concerns in Liberia
2. The Gujarat riots in India

World Bank
1. Loan Proposal for Israel
2. Loan Proposal for Afghanistan

Commission on the Status of Women [CSW]
1. Women's Rights in Conflict Zones
2. Women's Sexual Health (reproductive health, FGM, AIDS, sex trafficking)

BBS Students Prepare for
Historic Appearance

The following should've appeared in the Arab Times:

While most private school MUN programs in Kuwait prepare for their annual overseas MUN trips to Europe and other countries in the region, BBS will soon undertake a considerably longer journey, to the United States to attend the prestigious Yale-MUN. While over 800 students will attend this large event January 28-February 2nd, only a small handful will come from the Middle East. Indeed BBS students will number among a handful of ESL students the event.

Muneera and Ala'a prepare to travel first class

In Model United Nations, students portray the part of international diplomats from a country other than their own. At Yale-MUN, each country delegation numbers between five and eleven students, another indication of the sheer size of the Yale event.

Comments MUN Director, Dr. Daniel Richard Fruit:

"We always like to compete against the best. In an all-American environment run by students from one of the most highly regarded universities in the world, we'll certainly have our chance."

BBS students will fill two challenging assignment. Eleven students, headed by Ambassador "Amira" Amna Al-Sager, Vice-Ambassador and cultural advisor Muneera Al-Nibari, and vice-ambassador and cheif economist Saud Al-Subaie, BBS will represent neighboring Saudi Arabia. Junior Saja Fakral-Deen, another experience BBS student, has drawn a tougher assignment still. In the American National Security Council, she will serve as "Tom Ridgway," head of the Homeland Security Office, the office responsible for the new visa fingerprints and for issuing the famous terrorist national alerts. BBS students prepared for this trip by participating in Kuwait's KSAA MUN and the AMMAN event in Jordan.

Commented Saud Al-Subaie, "I'm very excited about this trip, and it will be a unique experience, the first MUN trip to the United States by a Kuwaiti school."

Al-Bayan students at ground zero.

Besides attending Yale-MUN, BBS students will also spend a day on campus attending classes, tour historic New Haven, and spend a day seeing the sites in New York City.

Student Assignments, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al-Bayan has the extreme honor of representing our brother Arab nation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The assignments for students are as follows.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Click to hear the Saudi National Anthem

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The King's Diwaniyyah: The Royal Prince, the Mullah and the Sheikh: Amira Amna, Mullah Muneera, and Prince Saud
The Consultative Counsel: All ministers of the Kingdom

Ambassador and Political Leader: Royal Prince, Amna Al-Sager
1. In charge of and present in GA One
2. In charge of GA Three
CP sections: Political (Bader), Defense (Hamad E) and View on World Problems (Amna)
Special section: The War on Terror in S. Arabia (Khaled)

Vice-Ambassador 1: Social/Cultural: Mullah, Muneera Al-Nibari
1. In charge of GA Two
2. In charge of UNHCR
3. In charge of and present in Commission on the Status of Women
CP sections: Geography (Besma), Cultural (Altaf), and History (Hamad S),
Special section: Wahhabi Religious Ideology (Muneera)

Vice-Ambassador 2: Financial: Saudi Family Member: Saud Al-Subaie
1. In charge of GA Four
2. In charge of and present in the WB
CP sections: Natural Resources (Fahad), Economy (Nasser Aujan),
Special section: the Saudi Rentier State (Saud)


GA One. Disarmament and International Security: Amna Al-Sager and Hamad Al-Essa
GA Two. Special Political and Decolonization: Besma Behbehani and Altaf Al-Dukair
GA Three. Social, Humanitarian and Cultural: Khaled Al-Rubei and Bader Al-Mailem
GA Four. Economic and Financial: Nasser Al-Aujan and Fahed Al-Rushaie
E. UNHRC. Hamad Al-Sager
F. World Bank. Saud Al Subaie
G. Commission on the Status of Women. Muneera Al-Nibari
Press Corps: Ala’a Al-Sayer


Committee One: Disarmament and International Security Amna Al-Sager
1. Tracing Illegal Small Arms-----Amna Al-Sager
2. Light Weapons Missile Proliferation--Hamad Al-Essa

Commitee Two: Special Political and Decolonization Muneera Al-Nibari
1. Trafficking in Persons----Altaf Al Dukair
2. The Role of Women in Development-----Besma Behbehani

Committee Three: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Amna Al-Sager
1. Right of Peoples to Self-Determination------Bader Al-Mailem
2. International Drug Control-----Khaled Al-Rubei

Committee Four: Economic and Financial Saud Al-Subaie
1. International Financial Institutions: What Should Be Done?----Nasser Al-Aujan
2 Agriculture and the Rural Economy in the 21st Century----Fahad Al-Rushaid

United Nations Commission on Human Rights Muneera Al-Nibari
1. Afghan refugees in Pakistan-----------------Hamad Al-Sager
2. Internally displaced persons in Colombia [blank]

World Bank Saud Al-Subaie
1. Loan Proposal for Israel--------------Saud Al-Subaie
2. Loan Proposal for Afghanistan

Commission on the Status of Women Muneera Al-Nibari
1. Women's Rights in Conflict Zones------Ala’a AL-Sayer(no committee)
2. Women's Sexual Health (reproductive health, FGM, AIDS, sex trafficking)--Muneera

Student Assignments, The National Security Council

Al-Bayan has also had the opportunity to join the United States National Security Council filling the seat of Homeland Security.

The United States of America

Click to hear the American National Anthem

The United States

National Security Council of the United States of America Issues

1.The Doctrine of Preemption: case studies of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the campaign against Al Qaeda. Should the United States remove foreign governments that support terrorism and try to acquire weapons of mass destruction? What are the military, diplomatic, and economic effects of such a policy on the future of U.S. involvement in the United Nations?

2. The War on Terrorism: the future of civil liberties at home and abroad. Has the United States properly balanced security concerns with its commitment to individual rights in the War on Terrorism? How much power should the U.S. have to monitor its own citizens and detain suspected terrorists? Is torture ever permissible?

Guarding the Dojo

Some students did not travel to Yale. They completed organizational briefing books below. Click on the same of the student to read the completed work.

The AU Ahmad Al-Shammari (Yale04-04)

The African Union

The British Commonwealth of Nations Dheidan Al-Shammari (Yale04-04)

The British Commonwealth

The GCC Noufah Al-Sabah (Yale04-04)


OIC Abdullah Behbehhani (Yale04-04)


UNDCP Mohammad Ben Essa (Yale04-04)


Unicef Nasser Al-Qatami (Yale04-04)


The UNWRA Mishal Al-Rashoud (Yale04-04)


Statement by Saudia Delegates

Clickhere to read the Ambassador's briefing book.

Committee One: Disarmament and International Security

Amna Al-Sager:

As the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia much effort was put into the preparation for this event from my side. Nevertheless, this event was a fairly successfull one for Saudi Arabia in the disarmament committee. Despite the many obstacles, Saudi Arabia successfully passed a resolution regarding the tracing of illicit small arms and light weapons, and debated a another resolution regarding missile proliferation, but wasn't voted on as a result of lack of time. In the Disarmament committe the delegates of Saudi Arabia performed amazingly and received an award for outstanding delegates. This is the first American style MUN confrence BBS has paticipated in, but still, as usual, the delegates presented theirselves, their school, and their country in the best way possible.

Amna and Hamad hard at work in Commission # 1.

Hamad Al-Essa:

Unfortunately, Yale-MUN was not exactly what I'd imagined. I entered the event with a good resolution, but the chairs spent a lot of time on the first resolution and resisted all of my attempts to try to get him to close debate. Therefore, I spent most of my time making speeches and packing notes to assist Amna on her resolution. The event ended with our assembly still making preparatory speeches despite the fact Saudi Arabia already had a finished resolution on the topic of small missile-launched weapons. While Saudia Arabia acquitted itself well, since we won an award, the pace of the event was frustrating. Though we put in an excellent performance, had we had a chance to debate our resolution, I think we could've won the best delegation award.

Committee Two: Special Political and Decolonization:

Altaf Al- Dukair:

Altaf: I chosen in the top 12 students to go to Yale University where I was the delegate of Saudi Arabia, I was the main submitter for my resolution that got debated and I was also a main co- submitter for another resolution that got debated and passedI was recognized at Yale and received a verbal commendation for my performance in YMUN and received and award at school. As a delegate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I enjoyed this Yale event, where my commission was Special political / Decolonization (SPECPOL) and Basma Bebehani was my partner. It was an unusual experience. I was the main submitter for my resolution, which was about Trafficking in Persons (TIP) that was debated. Yale was a wonderful experience, even though it was slightly disorganized. I met many unusual and friendly people that were easy to get along with even though they did not know much about Kuwait. I was recognized in Yale for verbal commendation, and received an award at school. After Yale we went to New York where we saw the magnificent and breath taking Empire State Building.

Altaf is all smiles after her resolution passed.

Besma Behbehani:

In our assembly, I came prepared to do my utmost to pass a resolution on the subject of the role of women in development. In Saudi Arabia, as I emphasized, women have a very strong role in development. In fact, though these roles are separate, women in Saudi Arabia are an important part of the economy. Since our topic was second, unfortunately, I spent a lot of my time waiting. I also missed most of one day. However, on the second day, I made several speeches on the issue of women in development. My chair congratulated me on the quality and forcefulness of my speech. Eventually, we did get the signatures necessary for my resolution to be debated, but by this time, the event was over. End the end, Altaf and I together received an honorable mention for the best delegate awards in our assembly.

Besma experiences the sleet.

Committee Three: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

Bader Al-Mailem:

I came to this event with an excellent resolution on the issue of national sovereignty. It would've helped nations deal with a problem that could lead to widespread civil disorder and death. Unfortunately, no one ever debated it, and the event ended with the chairs telling me that I didn't give it to them on time. In the event, though, I did make several speeches and I faithfully assisted Khaled in his lobbying and merging efforts which, eventually, led to his passing a resolution.

Bader endures the cold.

Khaled and Bader hard at work in Commission three.

Khaled Al-Rubei:

It took me almost two days to really adjust to the manner in which Yale ran this event. I entered this event with a very good resolution, but I met with all kinds of resistance in trying to get the chairs to debate it. Eventually, though, I managed to pass my resolution after persuading many delegates of the importance of drug control. The resolution easily passed as I had secured most of the delegates of its importance. Eventually, along with my partner Bader, I received an outstanding delegation honorable mention.

Saudi Arabia introduces his resolution.

Committee Four: Economic and Financial

Nasser Al-Aujan:

As the senior member in committee number four, I played a decisive role in the affairs of the commission. Most importantly, I introduced the resolution on Islamic finance which, had it passed, would have led to a resolution in finance for the IMF and WB, allowing these bodies not only to reach out to millions of Moslems, but also to engage in financial activities of mutual benefit. Unfortunately, I could not convince enough delegates. Some seemed not to understand that "change" could mean not just solving one problem but a whole host of problems including some not imagined. Our resolution failed by five votes. Still, Saudi Arabia made many speeches.

Fahad Al-Rushaid:

The Yale MUN event was agreat experience for me personaly and for my fellow calssmates. First of all we got a feeling of one of the best American universities and secondly and more importantly I got to experience an MUN event and compete with American students. The event unfortunately lacked two very important factors diplomacy and order. In addition there were many students that did not study nor represent their country in the best ways and took the event as a chance to make friend or skip school. On the other hand there were some students that studied their issues very thourouly and did a good job in representing their countries. This event was fourtanately a great success for myself and Nasser in the Ecofin because we passed my resolution and and strongly influeced the delegate's thoughts and even their personal thoughts quoting the American student representing Egypt "I will surely consider investing my money in islamic finance."

Fahed reads his resolution.

United Nations Commission on Human Rights

Hamad Al-Sager:

It was a great honor for me to be participating in YMUN XXX. Truly, it was one of my most challenging events in my entire MUN career. It was not only challenging because of the new set of rules, or being in committee all by myself, but for being with other first English speaking students, and very good ones too. I did not give up and ended up with having debated a resolution and getting a verbal commendation. I would like to thank all of those who made this experience possible. I would especially like to thank Dr. Dan. Thank You

Hamad enlists supporters.

Hamad's groups presents his modified resolution.

Hamad absorbs some caffeine

World Bank:

Saud Al-Subaie:

Saudi Arabia turned in an outstanding performance in the World Bank Committee. I feel I was one of only 3-4 really strong delegates and, sure enough, I received an honorable mention for the outstanding delegation award. I was personally responsible for failing a couple of loan proposals that would have wasted the World Bank's money. As for my loan proposal, it passed with almost unanimous approval by the body. I believe that my own AP economics knowledge made a very important contribution to this session.

Saud pays rapt attention to the session.

Saud talks about AS and AD.

Commission on the Status of Women


It was a considerable challenge representing Saudi Arabia in a committee on the status of women. I was forced to defend not only the role of women in Islam, but specifically that in my own country. I found myself actually saying that women should stay at home and were unsuited to certain roles in society. I was in the very center of debate in all respects and in a circle of women, I was one of the bright lights. I passed my resolution, which will help women in trouble. Two other resolutions passed our commission, and, in each case, the other women turned to me for my opinions and, due to my SC experience, I was able to write resolutions as I went. Passing three resolutions is significant, and probably why I was awarded with honorable mention for the outstanding delegate award.

Muneera lobbies and merges.

Muneera and Dr. Dan.

Hamad and Muneera learn about snow.

Department of Homeland Security Highlights

Clickhere to read the Secretary's briefing book.

While attending the Yale Model United Nations XXX conference held in New Haven, Connecticut, I was a member of the United States National Security Council (NSC). The NSC consists of 13 members including the president of the United States, the attorney general, the secretary of state, the national security advisor, etc… I represented the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Mr. Tom Ridge. In this session of the NSC, we debated two issues: the doctrine of preemption and civil liberties in the wake of the war on terrorism. Being a representative of the DHS, I naturally wrote a resolution about the second issue seeing as it affects homeland security more directly than the doctrine of preemption does. While setting the agenda, the delegates voted on the doctrine of preemption as the first topic to be discussed. We successfully passed a resolution concerning this topic on the fourth of five sessions. The resolution was proposed by the senate majority leader and the attorney general.

Saja listens intently to the President.

During the event, we had at least four emergency situations that occurred during the sessions themselves, and another major emergency situation that occurred at 1:30 a.m., at which time members of the NSC were called in to solve the problem. It concerned the Indian/Pakistani issue (mainly focusing on Pakistan, though), and the Chinese elections. We had been given six hours to reach a solution. We successfully wrote out a resolution, at 6:00 a.m. We arrived back at our hotels at 6:30 a.m. At the fifth and last session, I had time to submit my resolution, which already had been signed on by three people, and had been verbally commended by three others (therefore guaranteeing passing). We did not however have time to debate it. At the awards ceremony held on the last day of the event, I received a certificate for honorable mention. Overall, the event was somewhat disorganized, but rather enjoyable.

Saja continues during the emergency situation.

Saja introduces her resolution.

BBS Recognized by the Local Pess

The following story appeared in The Arab Times

This time of year often finds Kuwait's MUN (Model United Nations) groups getting off a plane in a European airport. Though some programs end their season in November, most journey either to the Hague or to Geneva to participate in international MUN events. In the case of one MUN program, however, students left their plane in London only to reboard two hours later and fly another seven hours. Their destination: New York City.

From January 28th to February 1st, Al-Bayan Bilingual School's MUN program set a Kuwait first by becoming the first Kuwaiti school to attend a prestigious American Model United Nations event, Yale-MUN, at famed Yale University, an event which assembled nearly 800 top students from 60 top private and public schools throughout the United States and Canada.

In MUN, students portray diplomats from different nations who, through speeches and passing of laws, "resolutions," attempt to advance the aims of their countries. American MUNs differ from international ones in two respects: nearly every student speaks English fluently; and Americans consider the event as competitions offering awards to speakers and countries, "delegations." At Yale-MUN, eleven BBS students, led by Ambassador Amna Al-Sager and vice-ambassadors, Muneera Al-Nibari and Saud Al-Subaie, portrayed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The high quality of Saudi delegation became readily evident at the final awards ceremony. Students Altaf Al-Dukair, Bader Al-Mailem, Besma Behbehani, Hamad Al-Sager, Khaled Al-Rubei all received verbal commendations for their performances in their respective commissions. Muneera Al-Nibari and Saud Al-Subaie each won honorable mention in the contests for the best delegates in their commissions. Finally, the team of Amna Al-Sager and Hamad Al-Essa earned an outstanding delegation award. Saja Fakhral-Deen, who worked independently, portraying Secretary of Homeland Security, also received an honorable mention for a best delegate award.

BBS students dominated much of the debate through submission and discussion of resolutions. Those introducing resolutions included Altaf Al-Dukair, Amna Al-Sager, Fahed Al-Rushaid, Hamad Al-Essa, Hamad Al-Sager, Khaled Al-Rubei, Muneera Al-Nibari, Nasser Al-Aujan, Saja Fakhral-Deen, and Saud Al-Subaie. The resolutions of Al-Rushaid, Al-Rubei, Al-Nibari, and Al-Subaie all passed, and the event ended with an additional three BBS resolutions still under debate and two more awaiting discussion.

While BBS won neither the overall first nor second place award, it figured very prominently among attending schools. BBS received the fourth highest total of awards, triple that of the next highest international school. It also introduced (12) and passed (7) more resolutions than any other school, nearly twice as many as schools receiving the first and second place awards. Among over sixty schools, BBS easily placed among the top half dozen

In addition to attending Yale-MUN, BBS students also took the opportunity to tour both Yale University and New York City. Students went to UN building, the Empire State Building, and Soho before enduring two more long flights. Dr. Daniel R. Fruit coaches the BBS MUN group while English HOD Katherine Phillips assisted with tour planning and execution.

Traveling around New York

This trip left ample time for fun and shopping.

Besma, Muneera, Bader, Altaf, and Saud in Time Square

Hamad calls home.

Saud and Hamad relaxing at the hotel.

A clear agenda: drop until you drop.

The group at the Empire State Building

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