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London Derry Aire

Aka London Derry Aire (O Danny Boy)

Fred E. Weatherley
O Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountainside
The summer's gone and all the roses falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
O Danny boy, O Danny boy, I love you so.

But if ye come and all the flowers are dying
If I am dead, as dead I well may be,
You'll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an Ave there for me.

And I shall hear, though soft, your tread above me
And all my grave shall warmer, sweeter be
For you will bend and tell me that you love me
And I will sleep in peace until you come to me.

(No one plays it like the late 27th Lancers!)

Some other funky Irish tunes (click on play to hear):

The Irish Washerwoman

The Wearing of the Green

When Irish Eyes are Smiling...

Al-Bayan At SAIMUN 2002

In the spring, the group attended KFSAC MUN with much the same alignment of countries and ambassadors. Latifa Ben Essa served as ambassador of the United Kingdom, a group composed of students from the former groups of Kenya and Ethiopia. The United Kingdom distinguished itself as the most effective country in the event as 25% of the resolutions passed came from that country. Student officers from Bayan included Nada Abduljader and Yousef Dashti as well as Nabil and Saad.

The group traveled to SAIMUN, the St. Andrews Model United Nations, held in Dublin, one of four of five greatest MUN's in the world. Bayan distinguished itself as one of only two non-English speaking schools not only to have a resolution debated on the floor of the General Assembly (Nouf Al Fraih's for Jamaica) but to also supply student officers to the event (Nada Al Abduljader, Security Council Co-President and Yousef Dashti, Environmental Committee president). The Solomon islands, ambassadored by Adel Al Omar, earned particular recognition as every one of its resolutions went through the approval panel. Committees debated resolutions by Ghazi Al Sharhan (Portugal), Fahad Sultan (Jamaica), and Saja Fakhral-Deen (Solomon Islands). Talal Al Rashoud, Jamaica, had his resolution pass the Security Council and also won an award as one of the best SC delegates.

The trip to Dublin left ample chances for students to enjoy Ireland. While students did not "kiss the Blarney Stone," they did manage to see Dublin Castle, tour St. Patrick's Cathedral, visit the historic General Post Office, learn about Oscar Wilde, and even play James Joyce's piano.

Feature Article Published in the Kuwait Times

Bayan Students Selected to Prestigious MUN Positions.
Daniel R. Fruit and Shaikah Al Sager

SAIMUN, the St. Andrew's Model United Nations, in Dublin ranks as one of the four of five most significant Model United Nations events.

The St. Andrews Model United Nations recently selected two students from Al-Bayan Bilingual School as student officers for SAIMUN 2002 March 25th-29th. Students in Model United Nations portray ambassadors and representatives of countries and try to come up with solutions to world problems. The four most prestigious MUN events include THIMUN (the Hague Model United Nations, the New York MUN, Geneva MUN, and SAIMUN.

The two students selected, Yousef Dashti, Environmental Deputy Chairman, and Nada Abdul Jader, Security Council Deputy President, will lead their committee sessions. Their selection marks a number of significant firsts for both Al-Bayan and Kuwait as a nation. The students will be (a) the first Kuwait students to chair at SAIMUN, and (b) the only Arab students selected as student officers.

Nada Al- Abdul Jader and Yousef Dashti, both juniors in BBS, have served long apprenticeships through the BBS program. Nada first started out debating with BBS JV squad, which led to her selection to MUN. Nada participated in the CACMUN in Cairo, TIMUN in Turkey, Pearl-MUN, and all KFSAC MUN tournaments since 1999. Nada has served as Bolivian ambassador, Armenian vice-ambassador, Syrian ambassador, Ecuadorian Security Council ambassador, as well as serving with the delegations of Sri Lanka and Nigeria at KFSAC MUN. Her previous officer experience includes a stint as International Court of Justice Co-Chief Judge and as KFSAC MUN 2002 Human Rights Chairman. When asked in what way would leading the Security Council would help her in her future, Nada replied:

"Itís making me understand world issues, and it's making me a good public speaker. MUN gave me an opportunity to make the right decisions on world issues. Itís making me look at it from all angles and not from a biased point of view." She added, "being Vice-President of the Security Council gives me a good leadership position. Itís an opportunity to discuss world-threatening issues, in a way it also strengthens my debate abilities."

Issues and Groups Attending

1. The question of land mines
2. The question of the production and trade of small arms and light weapons.
3. The question of the peaceful and safe use of outer space.
4. The question of the development, manufacture and proliferation of new types of weapons of mass destruction.

Ecology and Environment
1. The question of global warming.
2. The question of genetically-modified crops.
3. The question of desertification and drought.
4. The question of endangered marine species.

Economic Development
1. The question of rapid urbanization in the developing world.
2. The question of an international response to natural disasters.
3. The question of the elimination of the debt of lesser economically-developed nations.
4. The question of economic co-operation between nations.

Health and Youth
1. The question of the prevention and spread of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa.
2. The question of the legalization of voluntary euthanasia.
3. The question of the international illicit trafficking of human organs.
4. The question of the protection of children from all forms of sexual exploitation.

Human Rights:
1. The question of human rightsí violations in China.
2. The question of the death penalty.
3. The question of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Displaced Persons.
4. The question of child labor and child soldiers.

Political One
1. The question of a global commitment to combat terrorism.
2. The question of Palestine.
3. The question of the integration of the disabled into society.
4. TBA***

Political Two:
1. The question of organized crime.
2. The question of Tibet.
3. The question of the embargo on Cuba by the United States of America.
4. The question of Central Africa and The Congo.

Security Council:
1. The question of Afghanistan.
2. The question of UN military intervention.
3. The question of Sierra Leone.
4. TBA ***

SAIMUN and Country Highlights

An expensive hotel where we didn't stay.

Dressed for lobbying and merging.

Sheika has been interviewing this guy for hours.

Country: Jamaica
Ambassadores, Nouf Al Fraih (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book)

Khalid Shahroor: Disarmament
Fahed Al-Sultan: Ecology and Environment
Bader Al-Tukhaim: Economic Development.
Nouf Al-Fraih: Human Rights-Ambassador
Shadi Al-Suwaiyeh: Political 1
Yousef Dashti: Political 2-Vice-Ambassador
Talal Al-Rashoud: Security Council-Vice-Ambassador


Nouf compares notes with Somalia's Mohammad.

To merge or not to merge. That is the question.

Talal tries to penetrate the English and Irish accents.

Talal joins the speakers' list.

Khaled Shahroor listens to Portugal's position.

Fahed tries to convince them to sign.

Country: Portugal
Ambassadores, Nada Al-Abduljader (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book)

Abdullah Bourhamah: Economic Development
Mariam Al Hamad: Ecology and Environment
Sarah Al Dukair: Health
Nada Al-Abduljader: Human Rights-Ambassador
Abdullah Al Asousi: Political 1


Sarah addresses the General Assembly.

Nada discusses with Jamaica.

Abdullah shares a joke with Sarah.

Ghazi prepares to debate his resolution.

Abdullah sells his ideas.

Country: The Solomon Islands
Ambassador, Adel Al-Omar (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book)

Khaled Al Humaidi: Disarmament-Vice-Ambassador
Saja Fakhral-Deen: Ecolology and Environment
Adel Al Omar: Economic Development-Ambassador
Faisal Al Ibrahim: Health
Khaled Al Rubei: Political 1

The Solomon Islands

Adel addresses the General Assembly.

Ambassador and Vice-Ambassador discuss.

Literally a face in the crowd.

Faisal at a humorous moment.

Faisal sells his resolution.

Saja debates her resolution.

Country: Somalia
Ambassador, Hessah Al-Malallah (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book)

Hessa Al Malallah: Disarmament-Ambassador
Abdulrahman Al Shatti: Economic Development
Latifa Ben Essa: Health-Vice Ambassador
Mohammad Ben Essa: Human Rights
Zooman Al Mesbah: Political 1
Ghazi Al Sharhan: Political 2


The whole Somalia team.

Abdulrahman lobbies and merges.

Now Sheika has someone to interview.

Officers: Position
Nada Al Abduljader: SC Deputy-President
Yousef Dashti: Deputy Chair-Environment and Ecology
Sheika Al Sager: Reporter

Yousef leads a session.

Nada follows along.

Nada shares a laugh with the president.

A tense Security Council situation.

Setting a style statement.

Sheika relentlessly pursues the story.

On the Road Again...Scenes From Ireland
Text from a Kuwait Times Article *******************************************************

Last week 23 students from Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS) attended Saint Andrews Model United Nations (SAIMUN) in Dublin, Ireland

Waiting to get on the plane.

In an Irish museum.

The SAIMUN has been active for around 17 years and invites many schools from all around the world to participate. BBS is only the second school from the Arabian Gulf to participate in this event and the first from Kuwait.

We sucessfully filled the whole lobby.

Two students, Nada Al Abduljader and Talal Al Rashoud attended the Security Council. Nada led some sessions as deputy vice-president.

Bayan students with a complete stranger.

Wearing the Green.

Talal, the Jamaican representative, submitted a resolution that passed the Security Council. Talal received an award as one of the outstanding delegates in the Council. Yousef Dashti served as a chair in the Environment and Ecology committee.

Can we really afford this restaurant?

Let's order a pizza.

At Trinity, the Harvard of Ireland.

Students from BBS represented four different countries, Jamaica, the Solomons Islands, Somalia, and Portugal with groups ranging in size from 4 to 6 students. Ambassadors included Nouf Al Fraih, Jamaica, Hessa Al Malallah, Somalia, Adel Al Omar, the Solomon Islands, and Sarah Al Dukair.

Mr. Nehme, group sponsor

Yes, we bought it all.

Out of a total of 22 resolutions submitted by BBS students, 11 passed the approval panel for possible debate. Somalia stood out with four students, Adel Al Omar, Khaled Al Rubei, Saja Fakal-Deen, and Faisal Al Ibrahim all successfully guiding their resolutions to approval, 100% of the group. Of these, Saja's passed in her committee. Committees also debated the resolutions of Fahed Sultan (Jamaica), Ghazi Al Sharhan (Somalia), and Nouf Al Fraih (Jamaica).

Yet another airport.

Help, we're being skyjacked.

Nouf achieved a rare distinction. Her resolution not only passed in committee but made it to the floor of the General Assembly. While it ultimately failed, this represents the first time an Arab student's resolution made it to the floor of the General Assembly. Indeed, BBS distinguished itself as the most successful of th non-English speaking schools at the event.

Under Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle, once the Center of Imperial government.

The students were not surprised to see that a school from Sweden represented the state of Kuwait. All of the students who participated in this event represented different countries from all over the globe.

Nada, Nouf, Yousef, Maryam, and Sheikha.

Yet another bus ride.

A lot of peculiar situations happened during the trip to Ireland, including lost baggage, muggings, theft, loss, and viral infections. While students represented four different countries, they got a chance to see Ireland and Irish culture. There were a lot of laughs and cries on this trip.

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral

The group at Trinity College.

Fahad and Khaled play James Joyce's piano. Saja stands out of earshot.

Saja, Nouf, Sheikha, Maryam, Nada, Sarah, and Latifa (last two in front) in the Dublin Writer's Museum.

Fahad reacts when Latifa tells him we're not going to see the Blarney Stone.

Keeping Kuwait Safe

The following member did not take the trip, but contributed to the MUN website. Country: The Arab Fund For Economic Development
Researcher, Faisal Al Obeid (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book)

The Arab Fund for Economic Development.

Goodbye to Ireland

It's a soft day (whatever that means).

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