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AMMUN 2002

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The Jordanian National Anthem

AMMUN 2002

Bayan attended the first annual AMMAN, the Amman Model United Nations in Jordan hosted by the Amman Bacheloriate School. The event included two General Assemblies, school-organized trips, and social occasions.

Courtesy of Air Jordan.

This event featured one of the best performances by Bayan at a single event. Of a dozen resolutions selected for debate, Bayan students wrote half of them as well as co-authoring many others. The only resolution to pass, Sarah Al Dukair's for New Zealand, also boasted Bayan authorship, and Sarah also co-submitted the only other resolution that passed. Click here to read some of the resolutions. In addition, Bayan students contributed numerous comments to the debate and some of the more entertaining opening speeches.

Main submitters for Bayan included:
Algeria: Hamad Al Essa
Argentina: Amna Al Sager
China: Khaled Al Rubie
India: Saja Fakhral-Deen
Ireland: Faisal Al Ibrahim
New Zealand: Sarah Al Dukair

Ahmad and Faisal (front), Moh'd, Muneera, Talal, Sarah, Noufah, Fatema, and Amna

Students Attending

General Assembly A Deputy Chair: Yousef Dashti
General Assembly B Chairman: Talal Al Rashoud


Algeria: Noufah Al Sabah and Hamad Al Essa
Argentina: Amna Al Sager and Hessa Al Malallah
China: Khaled Al Rubei and Muneera Al Nibari
The European Union: Abdullah Bourhamah and Dalia Al Awaadi
India: Saja Fakhral-Deen and Ahmad Al Shammari
Ireland: Hamad Al Sager and Faisal Al Ibrahim
Kenya: Fatemah Boukhadour and Noura Al Khaled
New Zealand: Sarah Al Dukair and Mohammad Ben Essa
Nicaragua: Nasser Al Aujan and Mishal Al Rashoud
Slovenia: Zaineb Hassan and Sarah Al Dalali

As Printed in the Kuwait Times

Bayan Model United Nations Students Featured in New AMMUN event.

Daniel R. Fruit

This coming weekend, Al-Bayan Bilingual school will attend the first, AMMUN, the Amman Model United Nations in Jordan. Bayan will send a total of 22 students to this event. Once more, Bayan will proudly represent Kuwait as the only Kuwait school attending the event.

The Amman School, the event's sponsors, particularly honored BBS in its selection of student positions. AMMUN choose two its four outside officers, who report directly to the governor-general, from BBS.

Talal Al Rashoud will serve as General Assembly B president. This continues a three year long MUN career for Talal that included stints as ambassador of Nigeria, Security Council president, and Security Council representative at SAIMUN 2002, a major event, in which Talal earned a distinguished delegate award. Talal will represent Syria in the upcoming KFSAC MUN event in November.

Ammun selected senior Yousef Dashti as General Assembly A vice-president. His selection continues Yousef's MUN officer career. Yousef served as Security Council president at KFSAC 2002 as well as serving as Security Council vice-president at SAIMUN 2002. Yousef will represent Russia in the Security Council of KFSAC 2002, in November.

AMMUN organizers assigned both China and India to BBS. Tenth graders Khaled Al Rubei and Muneera Al Nibari will face the considerable challenge of representing rising nuclear power China. At Pearl-MUN 2002, Muneera received an outstanding delegate award while Khaled represented Russia in the Security Council of Pearl-MUN 2002. Both will serve as ambassadors at KFSAC 2002.

Saja Fakhral-Deen, another tenth grader, will continue a BBS tradition of representing India, a country with a long, historical association with Kuwait and another nuclear and economic power. Saja served as France in the Security Council in Pearl-MUN 2002 and looks forward to the opportunity to portray India well. Her partner, Ahmad Al Shammari, one of five freshmen in this young edition of BBS's MUN group, will look to distinguish himself in this challenging situation. Saja will serve as Russia ambassador at KFSAC 2002.

Mr. Jihad Saddedin, the school principal and a native Jordanian, will insure that the group gets to see the best of Jordan during the coming trip. Thus students will not only learn about the countries they represent, but the country of the event as well.

General Assembly A Highlights

GA "A" issues

1. The Question of reforming the current United Nations structure including; possible elimination of veto power, more regional representation and more diverse methods of funding amongst others

2. The Question of global cooperation to solve international water crises, including the role of multilateral agencies as well as UN sub-organs in providing and sustaining sufficient supplies of water to all nations.

A Statement from Yousef Dashti, Assembly A Vice-Chairman:

As Deputy Chair of Assembly "A", I realized that it takes a lot of work to control a session full of eager and willing delegates. Throughout the 3 days of work with the delegates, I found out that every delegateís voice and view was important in session, and to be fair with all delegates equally was the goal I tried to achieve. I consider the fact that no resolution passed in Assemble "A" not to be a failure, but a success. The topics put forth to the Assembly were not easy topics that could be resolved, but very delicate and vital topics that no one country can solve on its own.

The first topic, the reformation of the UN, was a topic of great concern to all the delegates. Numerous resolutions were put forth, a lot of debate filled the session, and many amendments were proposed, but, unfortunately, the resolutions failed. I would not consider this a loss, but actually the debating and the way the session was carried out, was very similar to that of the actual session of the General Assembly. I was very impressed that the delegates knew their countries by heart and were able to carry out its perspective of the issue.

The second topic, the Water Crisis, was also a very sensitive topic to most countries. The resolutions put forth for this topic also failed, but the way the delegates performed in representing their countries and the way the debate was carried out was strictly professional in all ways. The Water Crisis is a problem that connects many countries together that are already in conflict. Its sensitivity has to satisfy all countries equally, which is not an easy task to accomplish, but with that, the delegates tried to reach a compromise in every way possible, but unfortunately, failing in doing so.

I congratulate all the delegates that debated in Assembly "A", and Iím especially proud of our delegates that represented BBS and Kuwait, giving all the other delegates a positive view of our country and our school. Congratulations. Plus, I would like to thank my Co-Deputy Chair and my Chair that helped me throughout the 3 days organize the session and try to satisfy all the delegates in their debate, Thank you.

General Assembly B Highlights
GA "B" Issues

1. The Role of the United Nations in rebuilding countries recovering from conflicts.

2. The Role of the United Nations in placing a framework that clearly defines womenís rights and sets guidelines that ensure the implementations of these rights.

A Statement from Talal Al Rashoud, Assembly B Chairman:

In the 2002 AMMUN event I had the honor of serving in the position of Chairman of General Assembly B. Overall, it was a great conference, taking into account that it was the first annual AMMUN event, and a great trip. I worked directly with the Secretary General, Co-Secrectay General, event organizers, and my co-chairs, all of which were from the Jordanian ABS school. The issues discussed in General Assembly B were the role of the United Nations in rebuilding countries recovering from conflicts, and the role of the United Nations in placing a framework that clearly defines womenís rights and setting guidelines that ensure the implementation of these rights. My duties started in the approval panel in which the Secretary General, my co-chairs, and I revised resolutions presented to us after lobbying and merging and approved the ones that were to be debated.

Assembly B.

A number of high quality resolutions had BBS students as main submitters as well as main co-submitters. For the next two days I was chairing my General Assembly. Opening speeches were entertained and five resolutions were discussed, in addition to a brief crisis situation and a visit from a guest speaker. Two out of five resolutions were passed (the only ones passed in the whole event!) and both were from BBS. Of the resolutions debated, three were from BBS, in addition to a fourth one which we had to change so that the assembly would not be dominated by BBS's resolutions. Our GA was excellent, with a high level of debate, good morale, and satisfactory discipline. I was especially impressed by the high level of performance of BBS's delegates, all of which debated well and proved to be excellent delegates, ensuring that BBS was one of the top schools, if not THE top school, at the the event. Some of my time was also devoted to assistance in the organization of the event and meeting with my fellow officers.

At the end of debate we gave out unnoficial recognition to delegates that most clearly exhibited certain outstanding traits during the conference. Of the recognition awarded to BBS students, honorable recognition went to Sara Al-Dukair (New Zealand), who showed excellent debate skills and diplomacy. The award of most annoying delegate went to Ahmad Al-Shammari (India), who entertained us with his amusing speeches and pestered us with his constant accusation and condemnation of Pakistan. The award of best voice went to Hamad Al-Essa, whose deep voice was frequently heard thundering over the bustle of the GA. My duties ended when I presented a speech during the closing ceremonies in which I addressed his royal highness Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal, his excellency the President of the Jordanian Senate, other honored guests, and all those that participated in the event. This event was a great success, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we enjoyed ourselves a great deal and it was one of the best MUN trips so far. I would like to extend my deepest gratitued to all those who made the event possible over at ABS in Jordan, and also to Mr. Dan, Mr. Jihad, and Ms. Marylyn for making it an enjoyable experience.


Algeria: Noufah Al Sabah and Hamad Al Essa

As the ambassadors of Algeria (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book), The AMMUN event was a very delightful encounter on behalf of myself, as the Algerian delegate. It was a very educational and fun event. I, as the Algerian Delegate, accomplished a lot of things. Firstly I successfully merged with China on a resolution about the Veto power. This resolution gave Algeria and the North African states better representation in the Security Council and gave Algeria the right it lawfully deserves. I was the Main Co-Submitter and played a major role in this resolution. Secondly Algeria merged with Argentina in a resolution about the Water Crisis that was debated but unfortunately was not passed. Algeria also joined in the debates over the resolutions that were discussed in the assembly. Algeria also made a lot of foreign relationships with several other nations present in the Assembly like Portugal, Kuwait, Indonesia, etc. I had a lot of fun representing Algeria and I will always cherish the memories of the AMMUN (Noufah).

During the 2002 AMMUN conference, Algeria had an extremely productive and dynamic session. With extremely qualified competion, Algeria emerged as a main submitter, although the resolution infortunately failed due to the overall mood of the General Assembly. All in all the conference was extremely robust and powerful, and the trip was exceptionally planned and organized, and as I delegate of Algeria this year I would be glad to attend again. Many thanks go out to Hashem Dabbas and Louma Qadoomi for five of the most unforgettable days of this year (Hamad).

Algeria talks of countries recovering.

Argentina: Amna Al Sager and Hessa Al Malallah

During the ambassador of Argentina's (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book)stay in Amman, Argentina accomplished the following: Merged its resolution with various other delegates and got 20 other countries to co-sign its resolution. The resolution was then passed through the approval panel and debated in the general assembly "A". Unfortunately, the resolution did not pass due to the close vote of 30 votes against the resolution and 27 votes for the resolution. In conclusion, The Delegate of Argentina learned numerous things during the AMMUN event, and represented the citizens of Argentina in a admirable way (Amna).

Argentina talks of the water complex.

China: Khaled Al Rubei and Muneera Al Nibari

As the ambassadors of China (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book), In the Amman MUN (AMMUN) The Peoples Republic of China had a very productive and action filled conference. In Assembly A though all the resolutions were strongly against Chinaís policy. China had many nations in the Assembly attack it because they had hypocritical conflicting policies, however China prevailed. In fact China made a fool out of the United States by showing how much they contradicted themselves. China even attempted to fail three resolutions, which destroyed the U.N.s basic structure by eliminating the Veto power. China also showed the assembly how weak and ineffective the resolutions that were debated were weak. Even though none of the resolutions passed in the assembly, as a result of some countries ignorance, China believes that this Assembly brought the world one step closer to the aim of peace (Khaled).

China played an important role in Assembly B, we demonstrated how strong, demanding and in control China can be. China exposed the United States for the fraud and hypocritical country it is. Also, China didnít agree with some of the resolutions that were debated because they didnít agree with Chinas policies. For instance the one that was debated on Womenís rights had condemned China because of their acts against human rights therefore China shot the resolution down and pointed the many weakness of the resolution. The issue of countries recovering from conflict was also discussed, China didnít agree with the ones that were debated therefore pointed out the vagueness and so it was a very productive assembly (Muneera).

China in the flag parage.

The European Union: Abdullah Bourhamah and Dalia Al Awaadi

As representing the European Union (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) the European Union, Abdullah B and I have discovered many amazing things about the EU. In the begining I didn't quite knew what was an EU, but in the end I found out the power the EU can gain and have (Dalia).

During our trip to AMMAN the EU debated and talked several times and was always needed by other countries for help since the EU is a big and strong community. However the only problem of being the EU is that you cannot vote, but if you come to think of it, you would see a lot of advantage for not voting such as you won't hurt any countries feeling and you can enjoy people glaring and shouting at one another. In breaking things down, the EU enjoyed the whole trip and Dalia and I experienced a very strong big and trustful community like the EU (Abdullah).

India: Saja Fakhral-Deen and Ahmad Al Shammari

India (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) main submitted a resolution concerning the expansion of the veto power, however, it failed due to lack of debate time. India trashed Pakistan in vain, seeing as the Pakistani delegate was inactive, and would not reply to any of the speeches. The other issue discussed was concerning the internationals water crisis. India trashed every resolution debated with no mercy. Indiaís representative was declared the smartest delegate in the session by the delegation of the United Kingdom, Brazil, as well as a couple of other delegations (Sajah).

India was a very aggressive delegation in Amman MUN (AMMUN), for it always trashed Pakistanís speeches. India signed a few resolutions, one by the delegate of Ireland on the issue of womenís rights, and the other by France, on the issue of the role of the UN on rebuilding countries recovering form conflicts. India did build up popularity for over five countries nearly declared war on India. However, the delegatesí speeches were replied upon flawlessly. In every speech, India stated to the UN how it affected its country, always adding a good flavor of attacks on Pakistan. Indiaís representative was declared the most annoying delegate with the concurrence of Pakistan (Ahmad).

India talks about the veto.

Ireland: Hamad Al Sager and Faisal Al Ibrahim

Our country, Ireland (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) was considered to be one of the best countries in Assembly A. Ireland helped on solving the water crisis issue, although that issueís resolution failed, it was considered to be an effective resolution towards its issue. Ireland determined the true importance of countries by participating in the AMMUN event as much as it can. Sorry to say that itís resolution, was neither the Main submitter, nor the Co main submitter because the unwillingness of other countries to compromise on their resolutions (Hamad).

Faisal Al Ibrahim,Ireland was one of the most effective nations in the AMMUN. From the beginning Ireland stood and delivered its opening speech that warmed the crowd up. That was just the beginning Ireland became the main co-submitter in a resolution about recovering countries from conflicts that Ireland never wrote about but by the great skills and influence on other countries Ireland became the main co-submitter. On the resolution that Ireland wrote on about the woman right, Ireland proudly became the main submitter. Ireland didnít stop there, in fact Ireland increased its influence on the assembly (Faisal).

China, India, and Ireland.

Kenya: Fatemah Boukhadour and Noura Al Khaled

On November 1-3 2002 in Amman, Jordan, Kenya (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) was proudly represented by two students, Noura Al Khaled and Fatemah Boukhadour, from Al-Bayan Bilingual School. I, Fatemah, was in Assembly "A" and my attempt at representing the Kenya policy in lobbying and merging was greatly successful. My resolution revolved around the issue of the Security Council reformation. Although only four countries agreed to sign my resolution at first and I needed to get 15 signatures at least, luckily I signed another resolution submitted by another country that greatly agreed with the Kenyan policy and was on the same boundaries of mine. The lobbying and merging was full of cooperation, and the end result was something we all had worked hard on. Unfortunately, our resolution was not debated, but as the Kenyan assembly, in Assembly A, I questioned all aspects concerning the benefit of Kenya and the African region as a whole. To some up, I am sure that Kenya would be proud of our representation of it in the AMMUN event (Fatemah).

In Jordan, Kenya was represented in Assembly "B" by Noura. I mostly focused on the issue of women's rights since it is one of the most controversial issues existing in Kenya. During the lobbying and merging, I got to be the main submitter with 16 countries where we successfully and in a team spirit joined ideas to form a successful resolution that was agreed upon by all. It mainly targeted the problem of women's rights and the means of solving the problem through detailed steps that would hopefully end the problem (Nourah).

New Zealand: Sarah Al Dukair and Mohammad Ben Essa

As the ambassadors of New Zealand (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) I really had fun representing it, we arrived at Amman at the 29th of October and came back on the 3rd of November, it was a nice trip the first of the M.U.N we started lobbying and margining, and this is the hardest part, this is where we have to merge our written resolution together, and decide whoís going to be the "BOSS." Then the second and third day of M.U.N we started debating Resolutions, we debated a total of five resolutions and none of them has passed (Mohammad)..

Nicaragua: Nasser Al Aujan and Mishal Al Rashoud

In Jordan Nicaragua (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) did many things. In lobbying and merging Nicaragua got 5 signers but couldnít get any more so Nicaragua was forced to be a co-submitter on a resolution that was debated but failed. Nicaragua was also a main co-submitter on a resolution that passed. After that every resolution Nicaragua talked for passed. That is what Nicaragua did from the MUN work side. The resolutions that were passed helped because Nicaragua is a third world country and has problems with womenís rights. (Nasser)

In Jordan, Nicaragua, influenced the assembly quite much. First at the Lobbying and merging, Nicaragua tried for 2 hours to sign its resolution, but sadly enough Nicaragua didnít get enough signatures. At the assembly Nicaragua brought up to the floor very important issues and problems. Nicaragua represented the Central American view because it is the largest and the only country there. Nicaragua tried to talk and show its view whenever it could. None of the resolutions passed and none helped Nicaragua because the issues were irrelevant because Nicaragua has access to many fresh water sources, and it does not care about the UN reform. (Mishal)

Slovenia: Zaineb Hassan and Sarah Al Dalali

As the ambassadors of Slovenia (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book), in General Assembly B in an MUN conference held in Amman, Jordan for the first time, my performance along with all the delegates from BBS was great. I believe that we left Amman leaving a great impression about Kuwait. We were the best school in performance in which the majority of our delegates got to be main-submitters and main co-submitters. Slovenia did not get to be a main-submitter nor a main co-submitter, but was really close to becoming a main-submitter. However, Slovenia gave several speeches and I believe I represented Slovenia very well. In addition, Slovenia gave an opening speech that I think was memorable and different. After the event the delegates in my assembly kept on remembering me as the LUCKY delegate of Slovenia. Moreover, Slovenia had made many allies during those three days. Obviously, this Conference was a great experience for Slovenia and for all other countries for it was a very rewarding experience. ....

Mr Dan and Ms. Marylynn observe the action.

Talal is dressed for a ticket upgrade.

Guarding the Dojo
Meanwhile, Abdullah Al Asousi went on a mental journey to Asia. Click ASEAN (click here to read the ambassador's briefing book) to read about ASEAN, the Association of Eastern Asian Nations.

From the Dead to the Red, Pictures of Jordan
From the fabulous River Jordan to the Dead Sea, Jordan literally abounds with sights. You can see some of them at the webpage for Jordan. However, you can also observe them through the wonderful pictures below.

Talal and Faisal have their own means of appreciating Roman construction.

The Amman group. Front: Saja, Sarah, Hamad, Muneera, Nourah, Khaled, Talal, Sarah D. Back row: Amna, Fatemah, Zaineb, Mohammad, Faisal, Noufah, Mishal, Yousef, Ahmed (pointing), Hessa (turned), Mr. Jihad, Dalia, and Abdullah

Another view.

Sarah, Amna, Muneera, Fatema, Saja, Mohammad (back row), Khaled, Ahmad, Talal, Faisal, Swirley (front row)

Auditioning for a Roman drama

When do they sell the popcorn?

Mr. Jihad demonstrates the fast pace of life in Downtown Amman.

At Jaresh: Hamad and Mishal can't wait to eat.

Look. Here comes the food.

Those horses better be ready.

Are you sure this saddle isn't on backwards?

Home on the Range.

Enjoying Mr. Jihad's favorite restaurant.

Abdullah tries a new look.

Yousef has seen about enough for 1 day.

Meeting, Greeting, and Touring With Other Schools

Thanks to the finely planned social aspects of AMMUN, students from all schools got several chances to socialize. Students from BBS made new friends from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. Pre-planned events included a trip to the River Jordan, a party at the Dead Sea, and a grand dinner.

The joys of chaperoning.

the view to the Palestine border.

The River Jordan is obviously having its own water crisis.

The place of Christ's Baptism

The Dead Sea: Note student partying in the foreground.

Talal prepares the others to represent New Guinea

The OPEC President Arrives

Dance fever

This is the size of animal I could probably herd.

Noufah can't wait to start clapping.

Nourah, Sarah, Muneera, and Noufah

Goodbye Jordan.

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